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Paramount Investigative Services With over 20 years of experience working exclusively as a private investigator in Los Angeles, Ken Childs and his team of private detectives offer an unparalleled level of experience, professionalism, and a commitment to providing results for our clients.

Whether you're a private party looking for an investigation into a cheating girlfriend or cheating husband, an attorney looking for assistance in an insurance defense case or with a difficult service of process, Paramount Investigative Services stands ready to provide all your private investigative needs at any time!Our array of available Services ensure that we're capable of tackling nearly every case type for any client.

We've testified as expert witnesses in numerous high-profile cases across LA County, performed discreet cheating spouse surveillance for celebrities in Beverly Hills, and assisted small businesses in defending against fraudulent workers' compensation claims throughout Pasadena and beyond. Unsure if we're capable of performing the work you need done?

read more › Whether coming from Ventura County, Orange County, Pasadena or elsewhere, Paramount Investigative Services provides residents, attorneys and business throughout California with the services they require. Specializing in everything from surveillance to attorney services, our expert team of private investigators outperform the competition. Conveniently located in Downtown Los Angeles and Newport Beach, Paramount Investigative Services strives to serve the entirety of southern California with the exemplary service and the attentive professionalism our clients deserve.

read more › Throughout Los Angeles, businesses frequently face the dreaded scenario of a hostile employee termination. A disgruntled employee facing the prospect of termination could pose a risk to more than just the peace and quiet of the office - potentially creating an unsafe environment for you other employees, threatening the damage or destruction of your company's assets, or even returning days later to exact revenge during or after-hours. Paramount Investigative Services offers professional hostile termination security and surveillance services to ensure your termination goes safely and smoothly.

read more › Fraudulent personal injury claims are running rampant across Los Angeles in numerous industries. With numerous claims successfully fetching "victims" tens of millions and above, everyone from restaurant staff to warehouse workers, construction contractors to city employees are eager to cash in on a potentially lucrative personal injury case. Paramount Investigative Services boasts extensive experience working alongside businesses and attorneys on suspected fraudulent personal injury claims - swiftly and effectively obtaining definitive evidence to catch any individual attempting to coax tens of millions from small and large businesses throughout Los Angeles.

read more › Whether you're a small business owner, a hiring manager at a corporation or an attorney looking for additional information on an individual, Paramount Investigative Services provides one of the most commonly sought-after services from Los Angeles private investigators: a background check and record retrieval. Utilizing everything from databases, online sources, to court records, private investigators can furnish nearly all obtainable information on an individual. If you're looking to learn everything about a prospective employee, defendant or resident of California, Paramount Investigative Services gets you the information you need.

read more › From tracking down hard-to-find witnesses and exposing potential personal injury fraud to uncovering suspected infidelity, having a skilled surveillance expert in your corner can go a long way toward reducing your workload, protecting your financial well-being, and providing peace of mind. Led by founder and CEO, Ken Childs, the Paramount Investigative Services team of licensed and insured professional detectives brings to the table more than two decades of surveillance experience assisting attorneys, businesses, and private parties alike save valuable time and money.

read more › While renowned throughout Los Angeles as the city's preferred private investigators, we offer additional services beyond the typical scope of most other PIs. Our extensive network of connections from Beverly Hills to Newport Beach allows us to swiftly locate any vehicle that needs to be repossessed, then reacquire that vehicle quickly and efficiently. When looking for a repo specialist in Los Angeles, careful consideration of everything from the repo rates to the experience and knowledge of the specialist is essential.

read more › If you're an attorney, the countless hours required to prepare a case leaves little time to pound the pavement to obtain crucial witness statements. Moreover, the method in which you choose to obtain a witness' statement can often prompt an untruthful response if they're set on edge or already stressed from being under investigation. With over twenty years as dedicated private investigators in Los Angeles, we at Paramount Investigative Services offer expertise unparalleled by any other PI to ensure you get a truthful statement that actually benefits your case instead of wasting your time and money.

read more › With over twenty years of experience on fraudulent workers' compensation cases, Paramount Investigative Services confidently acquires and presents the evidence employers require to exonerate themselves and their businesses in the court of law. Our extensive experience on cases of this nature, reflected by our testimonials and court records, reveals Paramount Investigative Services as the team of private investigators near you best-equipped to deliver the results you require. From Ventura County to Downtown Los Angeles, fraudulent workers' compensation claims run rampant.

read more › From harassment claims to asset theft, breaches of compliance to violations of company protocol, businesses throughout Los Angeles may find themselves facing the necessity of hiring a workplace investigator to swiftly obtain all relevant information for their case. Having performed numerous workplace investigations, Paramount Investigative Services proudly assists businesses throughout Los Angeles in conducting interviews, producing a written report, and following a timely, structured plan to deliver the objective and conclusive results your business needs.

read more › Service of process consistently remains one of the most common tasks we perform for our clients. With countless individuals attempting to evade court by going into hiding, evading service of process through the help of friends and family, or even assuming false identities to escape the blundering attempts of sheriff's department process servers and lesser-equipped investigators, hiring an experienced and professional private investigator in Los Angeles to perform service of process is crucial to the favorable outcome of your case.

read more › Los Angeles offers a massive number of private investigators specializing in intellectual property or IP theft investigations; making the process of selecting the right investigator difficult and confusing. While many boast experience in law enforcement, the private investigatory field requires specialized experience founded upon discretion and a tireless commitment to an expeditious outcome. Working around the clock to provide our clients with the evidence they require, Paramount Investigative Services offers Los Angeles residents, attorneys and businesses alike the various services they seek.

read more › Whether seeking the location of a witness, family member or otherwise, Paramount Investigative Services proudly offers multiple tiers of locate services for residents throughout the Los Angeles region seeking the swift acquisition of any individual's whereabouts. Through the appropriate culmination of technology and field work, Paramount Investigative Services' team of surveillance experts work tirelessly and around the clock to ensure you receive the results you require. Different cases require different approaches - each varying greatly in complexity, and, consequently, cost.

read more › An emergent field within the private investigation landscape, medical canvassing has quickly become a common request of clients across the nation. Attorneys often search for any additional information that could assist in a targeted subpoena to aid in a personal injury or fraudulent workers' compensation case. Through leveraging our medical canvassing services from qualified, licensed and insured private investigators from the claims side, we're capable of providing medical canvassing services for a flat rate of $1,199!

read more › Have you noticed some odd changes in the behavior of your partner or spouse? Do they appear to purposefully position their screen away from you when on their phone? Have they become emotionally distant or developed new habits or interests (a new gym/club membership, different clothing styles, etc.)? While changes like these don't automatically signal that they're being unfaithful, they are common indicators that something is amiss - they can certainly cause doubts to surface and begin weighing on your conscious and emotional well-being.

read more › From Poor Parenting to Abuse of Child Support Payments, Child Custody Investigations Expose All. From Huntington Beach to Glendale and beyond, family law cases are on the rise. With countless families strained by the misuse of child support payments, improperly determined child custody rulings and possibly unsafe conditions for a child at the hands of an ex-partner, joining forces with an experienced private investigator can help you to regain control over your family's life. Don't suffer the continuous emotional and financial strain of your former partner's ineptitude, and ensure a happy, healthy future for your child - let the surveillance experts at Paramount Investigative Services gather the evidence needed for you to make an indisputable case in court.

read more › Similar in nature to our "Locates" service, Paramount Investigative Services draws upon decades of experience scouring the Los Angeles area to find a missing person. Utilizing everything from police database records to skip-trace experts and field surveillance, our in-depth approach to finding missing persons far exceeds the scope of any law enforcement's approach. We get boots on the ground fast, and communicate in-depth with the homeless population throughout LA to pinpoint the location of anyone off the beaten path.

read more › Retainer fee's vary from case to case. Please make sure that the retainer fee you pay correlates with the amount that we discussed via email or phone call. At Paramount Investigative Services Inc. offers a wide variety of services; surveillance, background checks, asset investigations, and more. With that said, we work just like attorneys do. We come up with and agree to a scope of services, take a retainer to cover the amount of hours and or costs, then get started. If your still undecided let our testimonials page or visit our yelp reviews page yourself.

read more › Paramount Investigative Services continually seeks motivated individuals throughout the Los Angeles area seeking a job within the private investigatory field. From positions as a private investigator assistant to becoming a member of the Paramount Investigative Services marketing team, Paramount Investigative Services proudly offers training for any aspiring private detective. While comparable private investigative firms near you may offer alluring career prospects, Paramount Investigative Services boasts an ever-expanding team receiving competitive rates unmatched by our competitors.

read more › With over twenty years of field experience as a licensed and insured private investigator in Los Angeles, Ken Childs and his team of expert private detectives continually provide residents throughout Orange and Ventura counties with the precise, attentive and professional service they require. While competing LA-based private investigators undertake cases as a hobby, or employ suboptimal techniques to draw out investigations to line their pockets, Paramount Investigative Services immediately sets forth with the utmost attention to detail and around-the-clock attention to ensure your case receives precisely the resolution or evidence you require.

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