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Hudson Investigations Get a free case review and quote by phone 24 hours a day. Our founder & owner, Rick Hudson, is a licensed Irvine private investigator with over 25 years of experience who oversees all investigations.

Cheating Spouse Investigator, Witness Statements/Interviews, AOE/COE, Background Checks, Records Research, Subrogation, Social Media Investigations, Missing Persons Investigator, Fraud Investigator, Polygraph Tests, Unusual Problems/Circumstances Resolved, Activity Checks, SIU, Accident & Crime Scene Investigation, Workers' Comp Fraud Investigator, Hidden Asset Investigations, and more.

Our experienced Irvine private investigators specialize in working with each client individually through personal type cases pertaining to divorce, infidelity, child custody, missing persons, background checks, asset locating, cheating spouse, and all discreet and confidential issues.

Hudson Investigations, Inc. can handle all of your needs in Irvine & Orange County including cheating spouse investigations, asset investigations, worker's comp, employee theft, background investigations, pre-employment background screening, divorce, locating and interviewing witnesses, process serving, and fraud.

read more › A workers' compensation investigation can ensure workers who file claims are entitled to the compensation they receive. This allows more money to be available to workers with legitimate claims by mitigating losses to employers and insurance companies. If you are concerned with workers' compensation fraud, a workers' compensation investigation can help you. Surveillance - Our workers' comp private investigators use high definition video and covert cameras to capture footage of claimants engaging in activities contradicting their alleged injuries and physical restrictions.

read more › Are you trying to locate someone in Orange County or in California? Do you need a nationwide or international search done on a missing person? Our California private investigators are experienced in locating people who you've lost touch with and people who are intentionally hiding because they owe you and others money. Our people locates and skip tracing services are done using computer based research, phone work and private investigators in the field. We utilize the best professional databases in the country and if you are looking for someone who owes you money we can also assist with locating hidden assets and judgment enforcement.

read more › All background checks conducted by our California private investigators are strictly confidential, the person being investigated does not find out about the background check being done on them. Depending on the situation, not knowing someone's pas history can have dire financial, emotional and legal. Whether you need a background check done for pre-employment, legal or personal reasons, we can provide you with a comprehensive background report on an individual or a company. A nationwide background check can include: identity and address verification, employment history, credit and financial information, past bankruptcies filed and/or approved, criminal records, marriage records, properties owned, business relationships, character references, and more.

read more › We can handle your process service and investigation needs in Orange County and across the United States and in other countries such as Canada. Hudson Investigations, Inc. is owned by a licensed California Private Investigator who understands how vital service of process and qualified process servers are to your cases, We use skilled and experienced process servers and Private Investigators to ensure that your documents are served on time and the right way every time. We coordinate service of process to your exact requirements, and can even serve multiple locations simultaneously.

read more › Whether it's tracking a loved one, spouse, teens, vehicle, vessel or company asset in Orange County or anywhere in California, our G.P.S. Tracking Device will provide you with data 24 hours a day for whatever you have being tracked. Data recorded onto the G.P.S. Tracking Device includes: direction/orientation, route traveled, speed, active driving time, arrival addresses, and duration of stops. The information recorded by the G.P.S. Tracking device can be read in a daily text log, route display over a street map, and/or satellite imagery through Google Earth.

read more › Our social media investigators are able to use social media searches as a resource when investigating online social media activity. We research to find both private and public information within the content of the subject's individualized profile on social networks. Investigating and monitoring a person's activity on social networking sites can help you make informed decisions on who you are bringing into your school, office or home. Social media is a valuable investigative tool when seeking evidence or information about individuals or cases including missing persons, workers compensation fraud claims, wanted persons, gang participation, recruitment and crimes perpetrated online such as cyberbullying or identity theft.

read more › Our California private investigators conduct in-person and telephonic recorded statements and then produce high quality written reports. Our bilingual team of investigators can obtain any information you need for your case. We understand how important recorded statements are for litigation. Great care must be taken to properly interview and document the testimony of the individuals. How they are approached can be a determining factor in how cooperative and useful the statements are in the long run.

read more › A private investigator is a person who for hire investigates and provides information. Only authorized, licensed investigators are able to conduct surveillance operations or engage in undercover work. Investigators are also permitted to search for individuals including missing persons, witnesses or criminal offenders, and have the ability to search for physical items such as property or assets. In most situations, an investigator can start your case upon receipt of your signed retainer agreement and the agreed upon retainer payment.

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