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New World Investigations Hiring a private investigator that is local, licensed, and low cost that you can trust can be difficult. Our reasonable private investigation rates, cost-effective solutions, and discreet, professional service utilizing only highly experienced prior law enforcement and legal staff has earned us trust and referrals for over 28 years.

read more › For over 28 years, New World Investigations has been conducting casualty investigations for insurance companies, self-insured entities, and governmental agencies. Our investigators have many years of experience in investigating and adjusting general liability claims. Our reports are tailored to clients' requirements. Our investigations are conducted to protect the interests of our clients, examine client liability, and maintain claimant control with a focus to a negotiated settlement. Deciding whether to accept an Arising Out of Employment (AOE) or Course of Employment (COE) Workers' Compensation claim may not always be a clear decision.

read more › The professionals at New World Investigations regularly conduct Financial Asset Investigations to assist several types of clients. The purpose of a Financial Asset Investigation is to determine the assets of an individual or a business entity. The client can discover if a spouse has hidden assets they are attempting to protect from the IRS or a potential divorce judgement. New World Investigations is a bilingual licensed private investigator company based in Orange County and Los Angeles California providing low cost private investigation service.

read more › The surveillance experts at New World Investigations have trained at the highest levels of local and federal law enforcement with surveillance and intelligence task forces, specifically focused on obtaining video and photographic evidence that stands up in court. When needed, we conduct covert surveillance operations as part of a cheating spouse investigation, workers comp or other insurance fraud investigation, as well as employee theft, misuse of company materials or resources, policy violations, and much more.

read more › Whether it is assistance with an investigation or a consultation on corporate security, New World Investigations offers the corporate services you need to stop and prevent loss. The hiring of new employees is among the most important decisions that a company makes. New World Investigations can at least make sure that the candidates you are considering are who they say they are. Our expertise and investigative eye allow us to find details that other background checks miss. Learn more about our reputable Background Check service here.

read more › New World Investigations specializes in probate research, locating heirs and verifying relationships of heirs to decedents by researching their genealogy and proving heir-ship. In addition to locating missing heirs and missing persons for probate research, we also conduct probate estate investigation and settlement of unclaimed assets and properties. Our network of global investigators, genealogy experts and location specialists has proudly assisted with dozens of hard-to-find heirs in several countries, including the Philippines, Mexico, Central Africa and Russia.

read more › Contact New World Investigations today for immediate help collecting your debt. Our experience with law enforcement means we can help you exhaust every legal means to collect. If you are in business, then your ability to collect your accounts receivable is crucial to your existence. If you are a private citizen, then making ends meet can be tough enough without having a debtor who just refuses to pay up. In either situation, being patient unfortunately just costs you money. Enough is enough. New World Investigations is a bilingual licensed private investigator company based in Orange County and Los Angeles California providing low cost private investigation service.

read more › Contact New World Investigation for the peace of mind that comes from being free from electronic surveillance today. Elder abuse cases are becoming more common as baby boomers age and prices for care facilities soar. Having worked on many elder abuse cases puts New World Investigations in a unique position with both experience from an insurance adjuster's point of view as well as plaintiff's attorneys. There are many reasons why elder abuse occurs and investigating them requires a special team and plan.

read more › Here are some case studies showing how New World Investigations has helped some recent clients. A major Insurance carrier retained New World Investigations to follow up on a possible fraud investigation. Through covert surveillance, New World Investigations found several vehicles with all four corners damaged inside of a treatment facility considered a "treatment mill". Further investigation revealed a large insurance fraud ring with hundreds of patients being treated by unlicensed therapists post-claim for fraudulent auto accident injuries.

read more › A: New World Investigation considers each case carefully with an eye towards results for the least amount of money. We have made millions of dollars for law firms and saved millions of dollars for insurance companies. With over 28 years of experience investigating everything from insurance claims to family issues and criminal cases, New World Investigations receives regular recommendations and referrals from existing clients. Attention to detail, communication and the constant thought to saving the client's money are our priorities.

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