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Abrite Services We are also member's of Professional Investigators's of California, Inc. known as The State's Premier Association for Professional Investigator's. Our investigative team is comprised of Licensed Private Investigators. All of which have comprehensive experience including surveillance and covert undercover investigations to name a few. While we would love to show case our investigators here, due to the nature of the assignments we feel it is best not to disclose investigators identities.

This protects their status and offers a greater level of security and confidentiality for our clients. Many of our team members are compromised of a wide variety of professions including both Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds. Abrite Services is owned and operated by Julia Meddock Kirkpatrick. She is a licensed Private Investigator based out of Huntington Beach California.

She is an Alumni of the University of Las Vegas Nevada. She received a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and CITI certified as well.

read more › What is Process Service? Any time that you need to serve a person or business with any legal paperwork, you will need to have a third party deliver that paperwork for you. We also go the extra step and take documented photos and or video upon request as well. We utilize only Orange County registered and bonded professional process servers. This ensures that your work is done professionally and is done right the first time. We use only the most reputable process servers in the industry that have the knowledge, experience and training to handle any assignment imaginable.

read more › There are a number of times where surveillance can be a key asset to have in your legal case or even for personal manner's. Whether it be to catch your cheating spouse or checking in on a what your child may doing with another parent, we are here to help. When hiring surveillance each case will be different. We pay high attention to detail and provide our clients with extremely detailed reporting and updates. All surveillance is booked in a minimum amount of time and will depend on the details of your case.

read more › It is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen to you. Not knowing if your spouse is cheating on you or not is equally as painful. Even the prospect of a loved one being unfaithful is painful and extremely disruptive. We help clients like you with this issue every day. We understand that you need a private investigator to work hard and get you the information and or proof that you need to move forward with your life. We can help you get that proof and piece of mind you need to move forward with your life.

read more › There is a huge variety of different reason's when you may decide to have a cyber investigation take place for your persons or your business. Social Media Investigations are a proven way to obtain information on people. Nearly everyone these days has one form of Social Media or another they can be a valuable tool for finding out information. It is amazing the amount and types of content criminals post online about themselves and the crimes that they have committed. According to the Proceedings of the "National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America" a study they produced in 2017 concluded to find that 39 Percent of Adults in the US use online dating.

read more › In a criminal defense case you need the help of a highly trained and experienced Investigator, one who knows the criminal justice system. At Abrite Services Private Investigator our investigators have the background, knowledge, training and experience needed to handle all types of criminal cases. Don't trust your life and freedom to just anyone, we know that having an investigator with our skills and experience on your side can make the difference. Criminal defense investigators can save you thousands of dollars of attorney fees.

read more › There are different levels of background checks that can be performed. We use both private and public data base searches. This is a great tool that can get you information on your new possible employee, dating partner, or nanny. When is it the best time to run a background check on someone? The best answer is anytime you have new people coming into your life or work place you should know a little about their background. Knowing if someone has a criminal background could make a huge difference in your hiring process.

read more › An Asset Search is a Search that shows all possessions that a person may own. That does not mean it will tell us how many pairs of shoes they have, but any larger things like vehicles, homes, and other types of things like properties or possessions. Many persons use this service after losing a loved one or during a divorce or your old buddy owes you money but keeps telling you he's too broke to pay up. Many legal professionals use this service as well as financial institutions and businesses. We provide investigations through public records data bases and secure data bases to get the most up to date information.

read more › TSCM stands for Technical Security Counter Measure operations. Our trained Investigator's use equipment that allows for us to go through a number of different types of areas and sweep through to find any hidden recording devices. These devices can be anything from a hidden camera or hidden audio recording devices. Some devices may also be live streaming. This means that someone outside of your home or business may have the ability to watch and or listen to you or your family. When do you need an area to have a TSCM done?

read more › Our dogs are trained to the highest degree of Narcotic's Detection. All k-9's are trained daily to insure quality and consistent work. Both animals and handlers have worked in a wide variety of environments. Each animal is meticulously trained to detect a range of illegal drugs and commonly abused medications. We provide a wide range of services to those concerned about Narcotic's being used or stored on their property. We can offer a K9 property sweep. Buildings, warehouses and event venues. Any size facility can be searched.

read more › Abrite Services specialize in child custody investigations and child custody manner's throughout Southern California and the State of California. We offer provide a variety of different technique's when it comes to getting information on what a co-parent may be doing with your child during their visitation time. We can discreetly follow and document the encounter between the child and the person caring for the child to determine unlawful or improper activity while your child is in your spouse's care.

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