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Our Private Investigator High Point are Certified in Digital Forensics (CDFE) and utilize an array of specialized software and equipment to recover and analyze logical and deleted data from cell phones, iPods, and tablets. We support thousands of devices and have lent our expertise to attorneys, corporations, educational institutions, and the general public.

If you believe you've lost precious family photos or video, it can cause tremendous stress. Let's face it, none of us backs up our data like we're supposed to. However, if you find yourself in the possible position of losing your most treasured pictures and videos, our trained technicians can help you in your time of need. Many of the devices in use today are setup or can be setup to back up certain data to the "cloud".

Just like an iTunes backup can be analyzed for data so can these cloud backups. With the proper tools and information, our technicians can retrieve the the backups and examine them with specialized software to recover call logs, text messaging, email, and much more.

read more › Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices. We use the latest equipment and software to recover text messages and any other data that may exist on the target device or cell phone. Data can exist in many places on the device. There are even applications dedicated to hiding, text messages (SMS, MMS), chat messages, phone calls, pictures, and videos. This information is stored for a limited amount of time and is subject to how the user has the device set up and how much the device is actually used. There is also vital information stored on the device's SD card (if applicable) and SIM card.

read more › A tremendous amount of data and information is retained on a computer - more than most people realize. It is also more difficult to completely remove such data or information than generally believed. Our High Point Private Investigators and Certified Digital Forensic Examiners (CDFE) can recover deleted computer data and help you prove your case. Computer forensic experts can often discover evidence of, or completely recover lost or deleted data and information, even if it has been intentionally deleted.

read more › Do you think someone might be spying on your cell phone or computer activity? To the left are some common issues that may indicate that there is spyware or monitoring software surreptitiously installed on your device. If you're experiencing any of these issues, your device may have been compromised. So how does one find out for sure? Most of the time, No. Spy software programs for cell phones and computers are becoming more and more popular and there literally hundreds available to the public. They have the ability to transmit your call history, text messages, emails, chat conversations, pictures, and GPS location.

read more › We at US Cell Phone Detective understand how important your data is to you and your business. Data loss can be devastating to you and/ or your business and our expert technicians take the matter very seriously. To recover deleted data from a computer or a cell phone, you must ensure you are using someone with the equipment, software and know how. To not do so, could put your data at risk for permanent loss. Often the data you seek remains on the media you have it on, but is either no longer accessible or temporarily deleted.

read more › Are you faced with the possible loss of family photos? If so, you're not alone. Most of us do not backup our most treasured pictures, video and audio like we're supposed to. It's low on our priority list. The fact of the matter is that the data you seek most likely remains on the device or storage media and you can no longer access it for various reasons. If the data is recoverable, we can obtain it for you and provide it to you on new and easily accessible media. We have recovered millions of photos, videos, and audio files for our clients over the years and the gratitude from those clients is proof to us that we provide a vital service.

read more › No one ever wants to have to hire Private Investigators High Point NC, but sometimes a Private Investigator or Detective can be the best solution to your dilemma. Victory Investigations specializes in matrimonial, infidelity/adultery cases and provide our clients with the best obtainable evidence. Our Professional Private Investigators in Greensboro NC have the latest technology at their finger tips and, more importantly, they have the experience to increase justice in your life. AND. Although we specialize in infidelity/adultery cases, we also have expertise in various other investigative services.

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