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Private Investigator services serving Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem NC. Hire the Investigations company you can trust, Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is your Private Investigator of choice in Greensboro NC. eDiscovery, Cheating Spouse, Corporate Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Digital Forensics to Cyber Investigations and TSCM, We are Your "Go To" Private Investigation Agency of Choice.

Cheating Spouse Statistics show social interaction has taken cheating to another level. If you feel your Spouse is up to no good which threatens your family's stability and well being, our Investigators in Greensboro NC are here to help you discover the truth that you deserve. We implement technology using eDiscovery into your Investigation to get you the best evidence possible.

Don't wait until its too late, Call Today! [Learn More.] Our experienced Investigators work closely with Corporate Client's to assist in areas of eDiscovery and evidence preservation, Fraud, Theft, Executive Protection, Cyber Attack Incident Response, and Electronic Countermeasures.

read more › About - Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is dedicated to providing Expert Private Investigations, Digital Forensics Services, and Cyber Investigation tasks to Corporations, Individuals, and Attorneys for civil and criminal cases. Each Investigation is reviewed by our Chief Private investigator, David Shelton during your Free Consultation meeting. Mr. Shelton brings 32 years of experience in various IT-related jobs. Mr. Shelton is a seasoned Certified Digital Forensics Examiner and highly trained in the area of forensics, cyber Investigations, cell site, and cell tower analysis, and many other areas involving the use of technology that may produce valuable electronic evidence in the court of law.

read more › Private Investigation Services can differ depending on your case circumstance and the results you are trying to accomplish. Below you will find a list of Private Investigation solutions that our Agency provides. If there is a service not listed below that you would like to know more of, don't hesitate to call us anytime. Thank you for considering our Company to aid you with your circumstance.

read more › Bug Detection services by Advanced Technology Investigations an Expert Digital Countermeasures (TSCM) Bug Diagnosis and Wire Tap Detection Firm centrally found in Greensboro, NC. A Specialist TSCM sweep supplies effective bug detection solutions and wire tap detection for technological sound interception, online hacking, and data eavesdropping devices such as radio transmitters (analog, electronic, infinity jumping, burst, and spread spectrum), provider current transmitters, light transmitters, laser device strategies, hidden cameras, fiber optics, telephone system taps, line instrument taps, regional and large location networks and unapproved intercept points, facsimile intercepts, wired microphones, and numerous other digital security intrusion techniques.

read more › Cell Phone Forensics - With today's technology in Investigations like cell phone forensics recovers deleted text messages. Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is Certified in Cell Phone Forensics for recovery of deleted text messages and other critical data. Cell phone Forensics is the science of recovering digital evidence from a mobile phone under forensically sound conditions using accepted and tested Forensic methods. Cell phones, especially those with advanced capabilities, are constantly changing and can be quite different than in classic computer forensics.

read more › Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is highly trained in cell tower analysis from the very best leaders in this specialized field of investigations. The methods utilized by Advanced Technology Investigation has been tried, tested, and accepted in the Court of law throughout the United States. Cell Tower analysis has evolved into a reliable and valuable task for investigations. All of our Cell Tower analysis cases are peer reviewed for accuracy, the towers of subject are manually mapped and verified, and a professional animated report will be prepared to display the investigation evidence so the Judge, Jurors, and other Court observers will understand how our conclusion was obtained and verified.

read more › Private Detectives and Private investigators Greensboro NC Provide Services for Attorneys. Attorney Services - Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC Private Detectives and Private Investigators Greensboro, NC., understands exactly how challenging and time consuming a legal action could be. Our Company has positioned ourselves to assist Attorney's to utilize their time to do exactly what they do best, while we look after special Investigation task and conduct the foot work. Building strong relationships with Attorneys has proven to be useful for the Client's, the Lawyer and Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC.

read more › Background Screening - Background Investigation services in Greensboro NC. Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is Greensboro's Top Private Investigation Company located in Greensboro and serving the triad area, all of North Carolina, and Nationwide for background screening. Below are situations where you need to take into consideration a professional Background Screening Investigation. Below are a few of the background Investigation Services Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC can verify for your situation.

read more › Executive Protection - Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is licensed and approved for Armed Executive Protection for individuals, Executives, Personalities, Dignitaries, Escort Details, and all various other situations in which you will need security. Our Agents are well trained in Executive Protection, Firearms, Multiple Martial Arts, Verbal diffusion, Defense disarmament, Tactical control, threat assessments, and event Prevention to keep you secure in unknown and known harmful circumstances.

read more › Information Intelligence is the revelation and event of discovering evidence that could not be readily offered in public documents. Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC provides services for uncovering information intelligence in non-traditional methods utilizing numerous special resources we have built up particularly for our Clients in order to make sure you are as informed as possible. Below are some areas where you may require Information Intelligence in your scenario.

read more › Cyber Investigations with Incidence response planning has come to be an usual plan with business worldwide we reside in today. A Cyber accident experienced by a business can cause reduction of sales, make disagreements in your job flow, loose reliability of your business credibility, lose of company to rivals, cause bad customer assurance, and could come to be quite costly to any type of company. If your business has actually not produced a Cyber Examination and Computer Event Feedback Plan, you are behind the curve and can be leaving your business broad open for a vulnerable attack.

read more › Video Surveillance - Covert video is a really specific service that takes years of practical training in design, wiring, video cameras and lenses, recorders, transmitters and recipients, systems assimilation and the potential to create and tweak a hidden video technology to function in lots of various circumstances. At Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC we are the professionals in this specialty complicated area of covert online video investigations. We also hold the correct State certification to make sure electrical wiring wellness.

read more › Cheating Spouse - Family law stats are on the rise, evidence is being discovered by Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC your one source Private Investigator with situations involving cheating spouses in Family law Investigations in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem North Carolina areas. Our team is experienced in discovering evidence of a Cheating Spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend. Our Agency is here for you, to discover the truth. Below are a list of services that our Firm can apply to your case.

read more › FAQs: Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is your Personal Private investigator. Life could deliver us unexpected challenges that can be damaging to our well being. Overcoming these difficulties can take a team of people at times. Having a Private Investigator that you can trust is one facet of that team, and it could be an extremely important facet of your team. When you think dishonesty, theft, a missing individual, require individual protection, or you are doing your due carefulness in considering someone's background, you require somebody with the expertise, training and Investigatory tools to be on your side.

read more › Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC teaches classes involving High Technology services for PI Continuing Education. Our company is an approved continuing education instructor by the NC Private Protective Services Board. Whether you need continuing education credits for license renewal or you just wish to learn about a specific area of Investigations making use of technology, we are here to share our PI training classes and experience with you. Listed below you will find a list of courses we currently teach at Conferences only at this time.

read more › Greensboro Investigations conducted by Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC for individuals, corporations, and Attorneys. Our Agency has been conducting high tech services for clients needing Greensboro Investigations since 2001. Greensboro Investigations conducted by our Investigators require state licensing through the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board. Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is licensed in Private Investigations and electronic countermeasures to take on any challenge in you Greensboro Investigation.

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