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Aubor Group Aubor Group is a full-service private investigations firm trusted by clients throughout North Carolina to solve their toughest cases. Aubor Group is a private investigations company based in High Point, North Carolina. Our private investigations firm is licensed by the Private Protective Services Board of the State of North Carolina (license #: 199418).

We have private investigators in North Carolina's Piedmont Triad (Greensboro / High Point / Winston-Salem and surrounding areas) and strategic partnerships with private investigators nationwide. Our team is highly skilled at understanding each client's unique investigative needs and providing customized plans of action to meet those needs. We are committed to our clients and work diligently to provide investigative services in an ethical manner.

We serve insurance companies, corporations, attorneys, government bodies, and individuals. We had the pleasure of working with Aubor Group on a fairly complex legal case with numerous entities. They were always responsive and went above and beyond the normal course of service.

read more › Aubor Group holds itself and its investigators to the highest ethical and professional standards. For transparency, we feel you should understand our philosophy. We will adhere to these ethical and moral standards and follow the laws and regulatory requirements of the jurisdictions in which we work. We expect our employees and subcontractors to follow these same ethical and legal guidelines. We will maintain a license and/or business registration with the appropriate agencies where we are located.

read more › Aubor Group helps you protect your business from potential employees and vendors who may be untrustworthy. Our licensed private investigators retrieve records from various databases, including courts across the country, so that you can learn what you need to know. Not all background checks are the same. Please use caution if you select an online system for obtaining background data, as you have no way of vetting the data to ensure its accuracy. Aubor Group's private investigators have experience researching the backgrounds of others, both in law enforcement and civilian capacities.

read more › A bodyguard is a person (or group of persons) who are tasked with the physical protection of an individual (or group of individuals). Our bodyguards help to reduce risk for those whose reputations, wealth, occupations or other circumstances require elevated precautions. We build our bodyguard services around a clear understanding of the threats and risks facing you. Our protection specialists hold licenses issued by the State of North Carolina and are former law enforcement officers with extensive training in defensive tactics.

read more › You take your marriage vows seriously, and you expect the same from your spouse. Unfortunately, infidelity is common in our society and can cause unimaginable pain to the wronged partner. If you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful, you want answers. You also want to protect yourself for the possibility of divorce and/or child custody proceedings. Our licensed private investigators can gather the evidence you need to protect yourself and your children. Using a combination of surveillance and other investigative techniques, our team gathers the facts you need.

read more › A child custody investigator provides valuable services for parents going through child custody disputes. Your family law attorney would likely recommend speaking with a child custody investigator to determine what options you have to help your case. A child custody investigator benefits you by providing an unbiased observation of your child's well-being when in the care of the other parent. A child custody investigation most often involves using surveillance to see how your child is being treated, who is around your child, and the behavior of the other parent in the presence of your child.

read more › Aubor Group is a North Carolina-based firm with couriers on staff to ensure safe delivery of your valuable items and documents. We work hard to maintain our positive reputation. Whether you need a document rushed across town or a package delivered to your plant, Aubor Group offers delivery options that will meet any budget. When you need a courier, you need Aubor Group.

read more › A criminal defense investigator is a person who conducts criminal investigations on your behalf, most often when you have been charged with (or accused of) a crime. In a perfect world, law enforcement investigators would conduct thorough, unbiased investigations. After all, their job is to arrest criminals. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect and innocent people are charged with crimes every day. What would you do if you were undeservedly charged with a serious crime? After all, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

read more › Aubor Group is a North Carolina-based firm with document retrievers and couriers on staff to ensure effective retrieval of court documents. We work hard to maintain our positive reputation. Why choose us over the competition? No hidden fees and we give every job the "rush treatment." When you need a document retriever, you need Aubor Group. While other companies add your job to the stack where it will sit for days/weeks, we aim to begin your job within three business days. We offer affordable pricing for court document retrieval within our service areas.

read more › While social media has made it much easier for the average person to locate someone, not everyone can be found with just a quick search. When you need to find a person, hiring a private investigator to conduct a "skip trace" is the most effective method. A skip trace is the process of locating a person's whereabouts. Whether you wish to find a missing person, reconnect with a former romantic interest, find a long-lost relative, locate a debtor, or serve someone with legal papers, there are many different reasons you may need to find a person.

read more › At some point as a business owner, you will participate in a hostile termination. A disgruntled employee poses a risk to your company. The safety of yourself, other employees and property may require the presence of a trained professional to ensure the troubled employee leaves without causing harm. Aubor Group knows how to handle a hostile termination. We work with your human resources representative or other chosen staff member(s) to establish a firm presence during a hostile terminations, with the goal of safely and securely escorting an unwanted person from your property while preventing harm to others and damage to property.

read more › The primary reason for hiring a private investigator to protect your intellectual property rights is to obtain covert evidence of theft. This most often takes place via surveillance and controlled buys of counterfeit goods on your behalf. Through careful planning, a private investigator can obtain the trust of the thief, purchase counterfeit goods and document the entire process. Please understand the importance of hiring someone with experience dealing with these types of situations. Aubor Group knows how to handle a hostile termination.

read more › According to Rocket Lawyer, a non-compete agreement or clause is "a legally binding contract whereby the employee agrees not to work with a rival company or start a similar trade or profession for a specified period of time after leaving his current employer." This helps a business protect intellectual property and other valuable trade secrets. Occasionally, a business may place geographical limitations in addition to the specified time period. Hiring a private investigator can provide your company with valuable evidence for use in a civil suit against a former employee who violates a non-compete agreement.

read more › An unfortunate truth in life is that some people are dishonest and untrustworthy. Hiring a private investigator or private detective can help you protect yourself. You may be surprised by what a licensed North Carolina private investigator can do for you. Did you know a private investigator can help you with everything from finding a missing person to protecting you from fraud? Whatever investigative need you have, Aubor Group can help you with it. If you want to hire a private investigator but aren't sure where to start, we can help you through the process.

read more › With process servers located in High Point and Greensboro, North Carolina, Aubor Group delivers your legal documents quickly and efficiently. We understand the rules of civil procedure and will handle your process service correctly. When you choose Aubor Group, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Aubor Group is an investigative and legal support services firm based in High Point, North Carolina Our team of process servers works diligently to ensure effective service of civil papers. We have a positive reputation within the legal community.

read more › A registered agent is a person or entity designated to accept legal documents and other official correspondence on behalf of a business. Every business must have a registered agent in each state where they conduct business. While the registered agent is often an employee or board member of the business, you can specify a third party to fulfill these obligations. Aubor Group provides registered-agent services for $120 annually per business entity. By hiring us to function as your registered agent, you can rest assured you are in capable hands.

read more › Merriam-Webster defines surveillance as "close watch kept over someone or something (as by a detective)." Aubor Group does provide such services- and to a surprisingly wide range of client types. Everyone from attorneys and spouses to parents and business owners. Whether you suspect your significant other is cheating or an employee is stealing, our team of private investigators can observe the behavior of others on your behalf. You should be aware that you run the risk of being charged criminally if you perform surveillance yourself.

read more › Aubor Group is part of a statewide network of private investigators (North Carolina Association of Private Investigators). If you prefer to work with us, we can coordinate your investigation and ensure only competent, trustworthy investigators are assigned to your case. Once you have a list of potential investigators, be sure to follow our guide for vetting a private investigator. We are often asked "how much is a private investigator going to charge?" The short answer is that every private investigations firm charges different rates for their services.

read more › I am the founder and chief investigator at Aubor Group, a firm licensed by the Private Protective Services Board of the State of North Carolina to provide investigative, protective and courier services to clients across the entire state. We also provide legal support services. For example, we have a team of professionals that assist you with retrieving / filing court documents and serving civil process. We also provide a registered agent service, which designates us to function as your legal correspondence liaison.

read more › In North Carolina, the Private Protective Services Board (PPSB) issues licenses and investigates complaints related to the actions of private investigators. You can easily verify if the person you are speaking with is licensed by visiting the PPSB's Active Licensees and Trainers page. You may search by licensee name, company name, licensee ID or city. You should also consider checking to see if the investigator you are considering has a history of substantiated complaints. You may do that by reading the PPSB's Grievance Committee reports.

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