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Signal Zero Holdings Signal Zero is a leader in the Private Investigation and Executive Protection industry. From getting the answers you deserve to providing security for your business, your family or yourself, Signal Zero offers a one stop shop for all maters relating to Private Investigations and Professional Security. Our services offer professional insight, deliver assurance and instill confidence.

We are always committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards of integrity, character, trust and confidence. Because of this, we are honored to call ourselves trusted advisers. We take your problems and make them ours. Helping you find an integrated and well defined solution to your concerns, gives us a purpose. It's who we are. It's why our clients trust us.

read more › Signal Zero Holdings is a company founded on strong principals of ethics, respect, personal and corporate safety, and integrity. In a world with more violence than ever seen before, we strive hard to help our clients make decisions that protect their interest and security. Helping others is a concept that is strongly seeded in our team. Most of our staff have backgrounds including long careers in public service and military service. Our team has a strong urge to help others solve problems, and we have many tools at our disposal to assist us in accomplishing that goal.

read more › There are many different reasons people chose to hire a Private Investigator. Some are personal and emotional while others are business related and serve the best interest of a company. At Signal Zero, we know that the basic principals of all investigations are the same; the need to uncover information. We consider ourselves consultants first. Taking years of experience in investigations and evaluating our clients needs first, while simultaneously advising our clients on the best and most appropriate course of action.

read more › Business big and small, young and old, executives and entrepreneurs all benefit from ensuring that security is at a forefront. Knowing how to apply a fact based strategy, and a risk based approach are key. Critical alignment of the operations and functions of your security program are a must. Signal Zero's team of security risk and management professionals are hear to help. We want you to have the most accurate and up to date data from leading sources in the domestic and international security industry.

read more › Personal Protection, also known as Executive Protection is is act of protecting a person or group of persons against body harm or death. Most people know Executive Protection Specialist by their more common name "Bodyguards." Signal Zero has specializing in providing Personal Protection services since its existence. Our protection staff have a wide variety of backgrounds in Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, and attend regular training specifically designed for private sector security professionals.

read more › Moving a court case forward can sometimes be very tricky, specially if a party in the case is avoiding being served. People are more cautious these days. We don't answer the phone for numbers we don't know, and we don't open the door for people we don't recognize. That is why hiring a professional process server is critical in progressing your legal case forward. We have years of experience in locating and legally serving individuals and specialize in persons who are hard to find and who may be purposefully avoiding the process.

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