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Individuals or private parties come to us for all sorts of cases such as child custody, infidelity, missing persons, hidden assets and more in which we discreetly gather evidence. Businesses of all sorts come to us to gather information about potential new hires or evidence on any employee who may be involved in misconduct or fraudulent activity.

We help law firms and lawyers with surveillance, interviews, photography and any other items needed to help them prepare for court and offer their clients the best possible outcome.Javan Investigations is owned and led by Peyman Javidan. Our private investigation team offers a wide range of services and emphasizes a strong focus on our customers' needs in the most confidential manner.

We maintain a full range of technical and surveillance equipment, including specialized cameras, audio equipment, GPS tracking devices and counter-surveillance detection equipment. Our detectives are dependable, honest and forthcoming with all information as we understand the profound impact an infidelity, custody or fraud case has on you or your business.

read more › Answering any questions the client may have with the utmost respect and clarity is essential to what we do as private investigators. We will always go the extra distance to establish a safe and compassionate relationship with our clients. We are committed to providing results on all our cases. Peyman is a motivated, well-seasoned and reliable licensed private investigator. He graduated from the University of California (UCSB) in 2009. In 2014, Peyman entered the realm of detective work. He has conducted an extensive range of general investigations covering cases which include background screenings, infidelity, child custody, stalking, missing persons, and fraud.

read more › We understand that you need answers to your questions and problems fast, but you also want the work to be thorough and most importantly, legal. Are the indiscretions of your spouse leading you to be more suspicious by the day? Do you find yourself in constant angst suspecting your partner of infidelity? Javan Investigations detectives are standing by to do the research, to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Our experienced operatives utilize the most cutting edge technology to practice covert surveillance techniques, computer and scientific forensics, and GPS tracking techniques to give you the answers to your suspicions and concerns.

read more › If you're looking for PI services, do not look any further! Excellent service! We had trouble finding someone to serve them papers for a restraining order. Many PI's seemed kind of shady, but Peter gave us upfront information and walked us through the process from the beginning with clarity and explained the payment options. He is very trustworthy. Peter's persistence and professionalism is exactly what you want. He found and served the person we needed to find which was a huge relief. I cannot recommend him and his services enough.

read more › Javan Investigations serves the Sacramento area and is experienced in handling private investigations. Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions by those interested in hiring a private investigator. People hire Private Investigators for a vast array of reasoning. Although, reasoning's may be different the client is seeking specific information that they would be unable to acquire on their own. A PI is able to fill in the missing links. Call for a free consultation and gather all information and sources you believe may be beneficial to supplement your case including photos, emails, letters, bills or court papers.

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