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X2 Investigations X2 Investigations is an innovative firm that exclusively specializes in various forms of surveillance. Utilizing a product-based approach, X2 conducts surveillance operations at a level unmatched by the competition. Dedicating years of research into the various inconsistent surveillance techniques used by many competitors, X2 is deviating from the traditional surveillance methods by fusing the "X2 Effect" into every claim.

As such, X2 is continuing to pioneer new industry standards by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, up-to-date equipment, and current databases, along with continuous investigator training. As a result, X2 is further revolutionizing the surveillance world one claim at a time. Choosing the right investigative firm will be the most important decision you will make.

With a passion for the industry, X2 Investigations utilizes company owned and modified vehicles, equipped with live GPS tracking. Integrated with our experienced investigative employees, you finally have a company that you can rely on knowing that your case is in the right hands.

read more › At X2 Investigations, we believe in keeping our clients two steps ahead of their claims. Utilizing a product-based approach, company equipment, state-of-the-art technology, up-to-date equipment, current database while fusing the "X2 Effect" into every claim, X2 is continuing to pioneer new industry standards and revolutionizing the surveillance world one claim at a time. Serving our communities as a non-biased third party observer, X2 Investigations is comprised of highly trained, field proven, and credentialed investigators who have a knack for discovering new information pertaining to every case, exceeding client goals, while providing video evidence to either prove or disprove a claims authenticity.

read more › The X2 Effect allocates two different investigators and vehicles during certain surveillance operations. In addition, the X2 Effect increases the difficulty of the subject becoming aware of any surveillance presence and gives us the upper hand when working wise claimants previously worked by our competitors. Nationally, workers' compensation is a multi-billion dollar industry averaging approximately three billion dollars in California alone. Although on the job injuries do occur, when the claims are paid as the result of fraud, it becomes a costly expense for both the employer and insurance companies.

read more › No matter what your investigative concerns may be, you can trust X2 to get you the information you are looking for. Our team of investigators are trained in-house to provide a level of service and expertise unmatched by our competitors. Utilizing company vehicles and employees, rather than subcontractors, X2 Investigations is able to take on a product-based approach to your investigative needs by having a constant collaborative effort while investigating your concerns. By having X2 Investigations on your side, you can be assured that your case is in the right hands.

read more › Whether you are an Insurance Adjuster, TPA, legal professional, or a private party, it is important to have a reliable private investigations firm to verify your claims. Established in the heart of Sacramento, X2 Investigations has served businesses and private party's for many years with investigators who have worked hundreds of cases. X2 Investigations specializes in various forms of surveillance, ranging from; workers' compensation, liability, abuse, and more.

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