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Premier Intel Premier Intel Corporation provides clients with quality investigative and security solutions. Backed by years of law enforcement experience-including DEA narcotics investigations, interviews and interrogations, surveillance and countersurveillance measures, and undercover operations-Premier Intel has the right professional for any job.

With private investigative services ranging from surveillance and GPS monitoring to undercover operations and background checks, Premier Intel can match you with the perfect private investigator in Naperville for any job you have.Our team of investigators consists of current and retired law enforcement officers with diverse skill sets and experience, and each is committed to supplying clients with the successful results they need.

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read more › Premier Intel Co-Founder Tammy Spencer combines her private sector expertise in customer service and project management with her law enforcement experience to ensure thorough investigations are completed on time and within budget. Tammy is certified in the Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation, DEA Narcotics investigations, Surveillance and Countersurveillance Measures and Undercover Operations. She is also a certified Juvenile Officer and Crisis Intervention Team member which contribute to her success in leading family and spousal investigations.

read more › Premier Intel is a licensed and insured full service investigative and security solutions company, with a tenured background in law enforcement and diverse investigative expertise. Serving private and public clients nationwide, Premier Intel excels in two specific areas - active listening and problem solving. We listen to our clients and provide a custom solution with results, guaranteed.

read more › Our private surveillance investigators at Premier Intel Corporation have years of law enforcement and investigative operations experience and can handle each case a client comes forward with. We utilize multiple techniques and methods to gather the most important information to help your case. Through photography and videos, we provide you with the hard evidence you need to find closure for any investigation. Do you have a feeling an employee is misusing their benefits or they aren't where they say they are at a given time?

read more › Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? Although it may be a painful thought, you know your spouse very well and your suspicions just might be true. Premier Intel Corporation provides experienced infidelity investigators to clients who suspect cheating within their relationship. We can supply you with the evidence you need to make an informed decision about the future of your relationship. Changes in Intimacy: If you feel your partner is increasingly detached from you and makes less of an effort to show affection, this may indicate infidelity.

read more › The experienced and professionally trained investigators at Premier Intel Corporation are the perfect solution for proving your ex-spouse is currently living with someone else. Our cohabitation investigations in Chicago can help reduce or even terminate maintenance payments you would otherwise have to pay. Cohabitation is the act of two people living together in a spousal-type relationship without actually being married. In dissolution of marriage settlement agreements, the maintenance payments are terminated if the recipient meets one of three conditions: cohabitation, remarriage or death of either party.

read more › Premier Intel Corporation has experienced and trained specialists to provide you with executive protection services in the Chicago area. Our services lessen the risk of threats to prominent, wealthy individuals who travel or tour different locations and require a heightened security presence. These protection services can be personalized depending on the nature of the person we will protect or escort. Travel Protection: Whether it's security drivers, secure vehicles, planning routes, or tracking, we have specialists available to keep you protected during your travels.

read more › Premier Intel Corporation provides private investigative services to residents of the Chicagoland area. With our history of law enforcement in crime and terrorism operations in Chicago, we can assist in your legal case, provide personal protection, or even prove a partner's infidelity. Our variety of services available will be sure to provide you the perfect options for any investigative services you require. Surveillance and GPS Tracking: We are experts in collecting important evidence to prove your case.

read more › To assist you with finding and identifying the specific information you need to build or prove a case, the professional forensic examiners at Premier Intel Corporation are here for you. Whether you need to get specific information off of a computer or cell phone, we perform data recovery services in Chicago that can help you prove your case. From these mobile devices and computers, we can recover vital information regarding messages, photos, videos, passcodes, and even previously deleted data. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the forensic examiners at Premier Intel Corporation-we can find, analyze, and recover data that could be crucial to proving your innocence in a court of law.

read more › An essential part of many investigations, and even becoming a common requirement for many employment processes, background investigations help you ensure a person of interest is, in fact, who they say they are. To handle all your background investigations in Chicago, call now to speak with a private investigator at Premier Intel Corporation. We have years of experience in law enforcement, DEA narcotics investigations, and surveillance and countersurveillance measures, making Premier Intel Corporation a great option for your background investigations.

read more › The law requires private investigations to be completed by a licensed investigator. We have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to complete thorough, court ready investigations. For the convenience and discretion of our clients, we routinely communicate via email, text and phone calls. The total cost depends on length, location and complexity of the assignment and expertise required. After our initial free consultation, we will provide you with a detailed estimate and an agreement of terms.

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