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Blue 22, LLC formerly known as VTS Investigations is a Chicago based private detective, security and process serving agency. Our experienced private detectives and associates utilize the latest technology to complete each investigation with accuracy, clarity and discretion. Blue 22 provides a wide range of services including background checks, asset searches, criminal and civil litigation inquiries, fraud, witness/defendant location, counterfeit product protection, and surveillance.

Blue 22 commits to our client's needs and we work to provide the information necessary to make effective decisions. Each case is examined individually and our investigators gather evidence, provide documented reports and conduct an inquiry to meet your specifications. Our agency was established in 1980 and has handled all types of investigations for both our legal and professional clientele.

In addition to Investigations and Security, Blue 22, LLC. The experience and backgrounds of our investigators and associates set us apart.

read more › Blue 22, LLC formerly known as VTS Investigations has been providing investigative, security, process serving and document retrieval services in the Chicago-metropolitan area since 1980. We are a fully licensed and insured private detective agency, owned and operated by professionals with prior law enforcement, security and paralegal expertise. Our private investigators are proficient in handling all forms of criminal and civil investigations. Blue 22, LLC has more than 30 years of investigative experience and primarily serves the legal, insurance and corporate community.

read more › All mileage billed at $.75 per mile. Additional fees may be assessed for public record and database search fees, tolls, copies, advances and other necessary expenses. Prices are based on a volume of investigative work received from the requester over the course of the year. Clients must be able to provide identifiers for the subject of the search. Extra fees will be assessed for searches without certain identifiers such as DOB or SSN.

read more › Inquiry made by Social Security number. Generally shows the name and address of the owner of the number. The inquiry will usually show counties of residence for the last ten (10) years and is utilized to conduct criminal and civil searches in these counties. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this search always be conducted to determine venues. This search is conducted on a county-by-county basis and is the most comprehensive criminal searching method for state offenses. The search provides a criminal history index using the subject's full name and date of birth as the search criteria.

read more › You can order an Investigation, Employment Background Check or a Document Copy Request in one of several ways. You can complete the appropriate PDF form and send to us, as an attachment, via our Secured Web Portal or fax to us at 847-628-1666. You can also call our office during regular business hours at 312-553-4464 and speak with a manager or an investigator. After accepting your request we will confirm receipt, assignment and anticipated completion date with you via email or telephone. If you should have any questions please contact our office at 312-553-4464 or email us at blue22@pichicago.com.

read more › Blue 22 Investigations provides specialized investigative and research services to the consulting industry. Our research and technological services are utilized consultants especially those in the financial, computer, security and accounting areas. Our investigative personnel includes individuals with backgrounds in several specialized areas including electronics, computers forensics and access control.

read more › Blue 22 Investigations has extensive experience in dealing with problems or unusual situations within the corporate environment. Our investigators routinely work with executives, managers, corporate counsel, and internal security to resolve problematic corporate issues. Blue 22 is owned and operated by professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, law firms, insurance claims, and internal security.

read more › Blue 22 has been providing research and supplemental assistance in the Chicago Metro area to other licensed private detective agencies since 1980. We have extensive experience in working with other private investigators and assist many agencies in specialized niche areas. We provide a daily index and retrieval of public records that is very beneficial to the overall investigative process. Our expertise in this area frees our investigative clients from these tasks, providing more profitability to your agency.

read more › Blue 22 Investigations has been assisting Government Agencies with our wide array of investigative, research and legal document services since 1980. We work with legal counsel, human resources, law enforcement and risk departments within a variety of governmental agencies from local to federal. Our experienced field investigators and researchers, with backgrounds in law enforcement, law firms and insurance claims, know what is needed to provide the information necessary for you to make an effective decision.

read more › Blue 22 Investigations has worked with Human Resource Departments, Temp Agencies and Personnel Departments providing an array of services. Our investigators and researchers provide the types of information frequently needed by these departments to facilitate hiring and placement objectives. In addition to applicant background checks, our investigative division assists Human Resource Departments when unusual or unique problems occur in the work environment.

read more › Blue 22 Investigations has been providing investigative services to the insurance industry since 1980. Our experienced investigators and researchers can respond quickly to minimize potential losses and provide information regarding responsible parties. We also supply comprehensive and detailed reports to assist in resolving the claim. Our experienced surveillance teams will verify and document injury allegations, utilizing state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Our investigators conduct activity and background checks to assist in verifying the legitimacy of the claim.

read more › Blue 22 Investigations works closely with Third Party Administrators and self-insured organizations by investigating potential losses and claims. Our field investigators can respond quickly to minimize these potential losses and provide information regarding responsible parties. An expedient and thorough investigation helps to control costs and provides information to reduce unsafe conditions.

read more › Effective hiring practices are critical to the success of your business. Verification of applicant/employee data is crucial when making your hiring decisions. A poor decision can have expensive consequences for your company. Theft, fraud, liability claims, absenteeism, and turnover strain both morale and profitability. Failure to conduct a background inquiry could also subject your company to future liability. Employment related searches are conducted according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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