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MSI Detective Services' investigators are experts at video surveillance - using state of the art hidden and long range cameras. MSI Detective Services specializes in discreet, professional & confidential investigative services for our clients in Chicagoland area and anywhere in the world. MSI Detective Services conducts theft investigations, computer forensic examinations and cellular forensics - recovering deleted data.

MSI Detective Services is dedicated to solving crime and wrong doing by tackling and solving all types of cases by using creative and ingenious methods. For over 50 years, MSI Detective Services has faithfully served individuals, business and government agencies with our professional investigator services. MSI Detective Services' investigators are trained experts locating eavesdropping by Electronic Countermeasures and Debugging Sweeps.

MSI Detective Services specializes in discreet, professional and confidential investigative services for our clients. Specializing in video surveillance, electronic countermeasures, cellular forensics and all lines of investigations.

read more › MSI Detective Services asset investigations provide you with significant financial asset details regarding individuals or companies you are investigating or considering doing business with. Our confidential and discreet investigation assures you are receiving accurate information. MSI Detective Services offers a complete list of services for all of your investigative needs. Payment practices, financial stability, and undisclosed assets will be provided to you in a detailed written and/or verbal report.

read more › MSI Detective Services is a proven investigative resource for divorce attorneys and their clients. Cheating spouses, substance abuse by drug addict parents or alcoholic parents, child endangerment, and other matters where the child safety is a vital concern. MSI is relied upon for their knowledge, expertise and abilities at documenting child custody matters through surveillance investigations, background checks, and asset investigations. As a large part of the difficult process of divorce cases, MSI is sensitive and understands what is needed and how to accomplish the for obtaining child custody for a husband or wife.

read more › MSI Detective Services offer expert and creative hidden video camera solutions to resolve questions and solve your problems. It is legal in the US and most other countries to videotape in areas of your own home and work place without employee consent. Exceptions include wherever a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy such as wash rooms, bathing or changing areas and locker rooms. MSI Detective Services installs video equipment in your business or home for the temporary or permanent monitoring of your property.

read more › MSI Detective Services is the final stop for locating and skip tracing services. Since 1959 MSI has provided clients with the most accurate locate information. MSI skip trace services locate missing persons, objects, friends, relatives, debtors, and even pets. MSI is the locate specialist that can work with minimal information to initiate an investigation. Clients are continuously amazed at the results produced. Myers expansive network of resources enables Myers to assist you in locating persons missing for several days to a number of years.

read more › Since 1959, MSI Detective Services has been providing its clients with the highest quality surveillance services. Our specially trained and highly resourceful investigators are equipped for all situations. MSI operatives utilize long range, hidden and night vision cameras to facilitate the best results in all situations. MSI Detective Services handles all cases and situations from single operative assignments to multiple team investigations. MSI's superior results have earned us a superb reputation throughout our extensive client base.

read more › MSI Detective Services conducts background investigations that fill the void with vital factual information. MSI provides fast and accurate information, critical to your decisions. MSI Detective Services provides complete information that reveals vital information allowing you to make your decision with confidence. MSI Detective Services offers a complete list of services for all of your investigative needs. Please feel free to call us at (888) 338-4545 to personally speak with one of our expert investigators regarding your investigation.

read more › Computer technology keeps advancing and we are now faced with new and complex issues that affect our business and personal life. Individuals with bad intent use the computer as a tool of crime or deceit. MSI Detective Services technology investigators have responded by implementing tools and methods to combat these individuals. Time, Information and Material theft are common these days. MSI Detective Services offers a complete list of services for all of your investigative needs.

read more › MSI Detective Services was founded in 1959 by former British Intelligence Investigator Stan Myers. The agency is now headed by Perry Myers, Certified Fraud Examiner. MSI Detective Services sets itself apart from other investigative agencies utilizing their high quality Inside Intelligence Gathering Department on any case requiring internal investigation. Our Intelligence Department has the ability and talent to identify information that you may not realize is obtainable. Our Intelligence Investigators are accomplished and able in locating subjects and witnesses quickly and efficiently, uncovering fraud through research and verifying facts that allow a more timely and professional investigative work product.

read more › Theft investigations and other criminal investigations require experience and creativity to solve and resolve these situations. Whether its employee theft, family theft, neighbor theft or any other matter involving this crime, MSI Detective Services offers a variety of ways to detect and uncover theft suspects as well as provide solutions. MSI investigators are skilled at documenting and providing court room quality evidence to help convict the thief. MSI Detective Services uncovers theft and provides solutions.

read more › MSI Detective Services provides the highest quality private investigation services to serve the distinct needs of business. Since 1959, MSI has been handling sensitive business matters and investigations including employee theft, employee sabotage, embezzlement, employee contracts and no-compete matters, business intelligence gathering and fact finding, patent and trademark matters, eavesdropping protection through debugging and electronic countermeasures as well as other business investigation matters.

read more › MSI Detective Services realizes that as an employer or Human Resources professional you are sometimes faced with the difficult problems such as employee theft, drug use, vandalism and other acts of misconduct. MSI experienced and trained investigators will help by gathering facts through the interview and interrogation process. Through many communication skills and tools including lie detection or polygraph testing, Selective Interview and Direct Interrogation, MSI will screen the suspects and filter out the innocent, in order to focus in on the legitimate suspects.

read more › MSI Detective Services provides the highest quality investigative services to serve the distinct needs of business including the investigation of non-compete contracts. Since 1959, MSI has been handling sensitive business matters and investigations. Our efforts in this regard has saved companies millions of dollars in lost business revenue. MSI Detective Services investigators provide courtroom quality evidence and documentation of their investigations to provide seamless evidence. MSI Detective Services investigators are extensively trained and updated as to emerging trends and advances in investigative technology to better serve your business.

read more › The growing reliance on cellular phones, particularly smart phones has presented a new frontier for investigators who have become trained in cellular forensics including recovering deleted text messages, past GPS locations and other data that may have been deleted. Various applications are available to download to a smart phone making them easy targets for bugging. An application can turn your phone into a GPS tracker as well as sending out all of your text messages, surfing history as well as your own cell phone conversations.

read more › MSI Detective Services Electronic Countermeasure Sweep, also referred to as TCMS (Technical Countermeasure Sweeps) Debugging Services, Countermeasures Services or Bug Sweeps, investigates all types of electronic eavesdropping operations. We detect both cell phone and hard line tap operations, radio frequency (RF) bug detection, room testing for RF (also known as Radio Signals broadcasting), hidden microphones, and tape recorders. Our technically trained team inspects telephone instruments, telephone systems, all hard wiring, (including cable lines), phone lines, electrical lines and Cat5 or Cat6 wiring.

read more › MSI Detective Services experienced staff successfully assist attorneys with your essential private investigator needs. MSI Detective Services investigators are extensively trained and constantly updated as to emerging trends and advances in their industry as well as the ever-changing laws and precedents. MSI Detective Services specializes in customized investigations to meet your specific needs.

read more › Theft, drug use, vandalism and other acts of misconduct are obstacles businesses often encounter. MSI Detective Services versatile Private investigators covertly work with your employees gain their trust and obtain the vital information you need. Myers undercover investigators inform you of wrongdoing. MSI private investigators testify in court to supply details and motives of observed and reported activities. Extensive training for undercover investigators, preparing them for all the potentials of the assignment.

read more › MSI Detective Services conducts confidential and discreet relationship investigations often referred to as infidelity or cheating. Our investigators work closely with you to discover, uncover and verify the facts pertaining to your particular situation. MSI cannot answer the question as to why people cheat. Cheaters are defined as partners who lie to their significant others concerning their relationship. Most often, lies pertain to cheating on a partner with another person, but can also mean gambling, alcohol or drug addiction.

read more › MSI Detective Services experienced team of highly trained professionals offer insight to you on the most effective lie detection choices available. Our specially trained private investigators have the ability to detect lies during simple interviews. And through a variety of methods. Our best advice if you are an employer who suspects your employee of theft, do not terminate them. You have tremendous rights that evaporate quickly if you terminate a suspected thief. Call us for a quick, easy and confidential consultation to discuss the methods that we can extract the truth and obtain a written confession without a huge confrontation.

read more › MSI Detective Services' Investigators are specially trained to obtain all types of witness and case party statements. MSI provides courtroom quality statements that have stood up as evidence whenever challenged by opposing council. MSI obtains, tape-recorded, written and court reporter statements with full transcription services. They are also adept at obtaining confessional statements in criminal investigations. Multicultural and bilingual investigators give them the flexibility to obtain statements in all areas of the world and in most languages.

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