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SCS & Associates, Inc. founded in 1984 and located in the Chicago Illinois area, is a private investigation, asset protection and consulting firm providing high-quality, high-tech informational and investigative services. With unparalleled professionalism, discretion, and confidentiality, SCS provides its services to corporations, law firms, financial institutions, government agencies, insurance companies, small businesses and private clients.

read more › One of the most unique and integral aspects of SCS & Associates, Inc. is that its team of expert investigators and consultants is comprised almost entirely of former law enforcement professionals, each with more than 20 years' investigative experience in local, state or federal law enforcement. Each former law enforcement professional serves in a consulting area of investigative expertise, creating in SCS, a comprehensive offering of forensic consulting and business intelligence services. Other specialists perform additional consulting, surveillance, technical, computer forensics and research services in support of SCS's team of experts.

read more › Business Intelligence / Corporate Fraud - SCS's Business Intelligence, financial and fraud detection, along with prevention strategies, help businesses maintain continuity and reputation. Investigators assess the specific fraud and develop a tailored investigation strategy to uncover it and prevent similar fraud in the future. SCS's experts in corporate fraud provide direction for investigation and prosecution of cases. Allegations of employee misconduct are disruptive to the work place, increase tension between management and labor and lead to increased liability for your business.

read more › SCS's Business Intelligence assists businesses maintain their competitive edge by becoming aware of unfair competition or corporate espionage and develop financial and fraud detection. An employee planted in your company by a competitor, an engineer, maintenance man, a cleaner, insurance salesman or an inspector, basically anyone who has legitimate access to the premises could prove devastating to your client lists, pricing, marketing or corporate secrets. Our strategies help businesses maintain continuity and reputation.

read more › Allegations of employee misconduct are disruptive to the work place, increase tension between management and labor and lead to increased liability for your business. When an employee is suspected or accused of wrongdoing, a timely and objective investigation is necessary to determine the facts. Using independent investigators who are not part of your organization eliminates the appearance of impropriety and minimizes the likelihood for accusations of a pre-determined outcome. SCS & Associates, Inc. are experienced in conducting workplace investigations and have a thorough understanding of employment laws governing workplace impropriety investigations.

read more › SCS's in-depth background investigations find pertinent and specific information on an individual, company, or organization. Each of our background investigations are individually customized to our client's needs and requests. There are numerous and wide-ranging types of information that can be obtained on an individual, or business via a background check. The type of information typically requested are criminal history and civil litigation records, current, and past employment status, vital statistic and education verification, drivers license status, UCC judgments, address and real property ownership along with social networking and associate searches.

read more › Corporate reputation and good will, along with brand name equity, are earned over many years. These are among a company's most valuable and most delicate assets. In today's "mass media" environment, a single transaction or bad association can create frenzy for scandal, causing irreparable damage to a company's good name. Thorough corporate due diligence of potential partners, clients, and employees is necessary to reduce these risks and minimize exposure to protracted and harmful litigation. Due Diligence is the systematic and specific acquisition of information on an individual or corporation before they are engaged.

read more › Litigation Support - SCS & Associates, Inc. provides law firms and corporate legal counsel with professional comprehensive litigation support services. With years of experience providing litigation support to state and federal prosecutors, our private investigators are uniquely qualified to conduct discreet inquiries and investigations in support of all types of civil litigation. SCS brings you a wide variety of litigation support services, from on-the-scene and pre-trial investigation research to concluding analysis and expert testimony.

read more › Infringement, dilution and piracy, or misadministration and theft erode the value of an organization's Intellectual Property and can result in consumer danger, loss of market share, and harm to a firm's reputation. SCS provides guidance on strategic issues concerning the protection and enforcement or the expansion of a company's Intellectual Property portfolio.

read more › The foundation of any civil or criminal investigation is the ability to communicate with the witnesses. SCS investigators take pride in their ability to obtain complete, detailed and factual information from these witnesses. With over 35 years of obtaining statements from victims, plaintiffs and defendants, our investigators are extremely experienced in determining the method of documenting the observations of these witnesses as it pertains to the event.

read more › SCS provides asset searches to corporations, law firms, financial institutions, and governmental agencies. Our ability to work quickly and with the utmost concern for your privacy has earned us the distinction as a top asset search firm. SCS has a network of affiliates that provide us with information typically beyond your reach. In addition, we subscribe to proprietary databases that most individuals and companies find cost-prohibitive, but which we use regularly to access a wide variety of financial information.

read more › Skip Tracing, Missing Persons and Locating Witnesses is a specialty of our research experts. Our investigators are called upon by law enforcement and law firms along with other investigative companies to find individuals that do not want to be found. Do to our unprecedented resources, we have one of the best locate rates in the industry.

read more › SCS has developed a reputation of being able to serve people when others have failed. Unlike process servers who simply knock on the door and leave if there is no answer, we will investigate to determine if the person still lives or works at the location, or if they have multiple addresses. Our private investigators have years of experience in this area. We are creative and aggressive in our tactics while ensuring we remain within legal boundaries. We are conversant in the nuances of personal service versus substitute service to make sure the service we obtain for our clients is good the first time.

read more › SCS utilizes state of the art technology to provide professional high-quality photographic, video documentation and monitoring with our surveillance services. Specialized vehicles, covert cameras, and night vision capabilities allow our investigators to effectively perform this assignment. Creativity and perseverance define our surveillance services.

read more › SCS's investigators conduct "sub rosa" surveillance at virtually any time and in any type of environment. Using the latest technologies, we can overcome even the most challenging of conditions in order to capture video and/or still photography. SCS pays special attention to all state and federal statutory restrictions, honoring the claimant's reasonable expectation of privacy. Assigned investigators will record the claimant in a non-intrusive manner while still gathering the necessary evidence that may provide evidence for civil and/or criminal action.

read more › SCS & Associates, Inc. is a highly recognized security consulting firm which provides security management with sound, proven and cost effective solutions to business crime problems. Our business oriented approach to loss prevention ensures recommendations made to our clients directly support the goals of other key corporate functions including Operations, Human Resources, Legal, and Internal Audit. Our security consultant services include security surveys, audits, development and evaluation of security programs, recomendations and implementation.

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