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Paladin Jordan Detective Agency The Paladin Jordan Detective Agency, Inc is a general investigations and training firm which assists clients with compelling situations. Ever since I was 5 years old my dream was to be an astronaut, play for the Chicago Cubs, or become a police officer who would inspire, support, and advocate for others---against bullies. In other words, my work stands out because it's not work.

It's my passion! My desire is to have a destiny that allows me to use my experience, skills, personality, and creativity to assist others. For example, I love teaching and I love investigations. So, I have created and offer investigations-related prep classes, murder mystery events and junior detective workshops to teach others what it's like to be a real detective.

My goal is to use these opportunities to teach others in a fun and entertaining way what it's like to be a detective. What specific services do you need? Sometimes the prospective client does not know what they need (i.e., surveillance, evidence to support a gut feeling, locate a child support violator, etc.)

read more › How to use an Infidelity-focused PI Investigation; In other words, don't pay for information you already have. Regularly, the Paladin Jordan Detective Agency (PJDA, Inc), receives inquiries regarding infidelity investigations. Callers and clients have ranged in age up to 75. Issues related to cheating, infidelity, and trust are always a source of frustration and heartache for clients. Over the years I've seen some common threads and elements among these cases. The Requester has observed behavior they believe is consistent with being unfaithful: increased time away from family, secrecy, coveting cell phone and activity, change in intimacy, lies and denials, etc.

read more › The most challenging aspect in obtaining private detective and private security contractor licenses in Illinois is passing the pre-licensing, subject matter examinations. Many folks who have dreamed of becoming licensed, security and investigation professionals have become frustrated after their plans are postponed because they failed the licensing test. You've got a top-notch business plan, have arranged financing, and networked with some potential clients. Now, because you failed the licensing exam, you have to wait another six months to take the test again.

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