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R.A. Nosek Investigations is a licensed private detective agency, highly skilled and specializing in insurance, civil and criminal investigations. We assist corporations, law offices and private individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area and provide consultation services nationwide. Our skills and experience allow us to handle your investigative needs in a professional and discreet manner for all involved.

Let us help you investigate your potential employees, personal injury victims, workers compensation claims and any other investigative needs.

read more › R.A. Nosek Employment Screening Services will help you cost-effectively reduce risks associated in several areas. In today's tough economy, increase your bottom line by reducing fraud, employee wrongdoing, unverified employment information, and theft. Reduce your employee turnover rate through our professional expertise, by identifying a more focused and stable applicant. It is my belief that a firm's most valuable assets are the personnel that are employed, contracted with or utilized as vendors.

read more › We understand that the safety of your family and your business are critical. This means that hiring and entrusting your valuables and loved ones needs to be a carefully chosen task. This is why we take providing background checks services very seriously and will often go the extra mile to be thorough. Our experience has shown that thorough and complete background checks can prevent a crisis and allow you to feel more secure. We handle each and every confidential matter with care, consideration and professionalism.

read more › R.A. Nosek Investigations is highly experienced in marital fidelity cases. We understand that clients need confirmation when it comes to the behavior of the spouse or domestic partner. We are sensitive to our client's needs and all investigations are discreet and confidential. You have the right to know the truth and we can help. We use the most current state of the art equipment, techniques and data bases used in the industry today. Your peace of mind and the truth is our number #1 goal. Unusual irritability - A cheating spouse may become irritable over small issues and be difficult to be around.

read more › Need to find someone? Disappointed by those "consumer databases" that offer old data but no interpretation or results? We conduct in person and telephone interviews in order to support data we acquire through our databases. Our databases are not available to the general public. Missing heirs and beneficiaries are generally more difficult for the average person to locate, especially after a significant period of time has elapsed. You will need the services of a professional investigator to complete this task.

read more › We offer 37 years of surveillance and subrosa experience. Worker's compensation defense, business intelligence, domestic and family issues are but a few areas in which these skills are applied. Let our video and camera experience support our findings and make those results work for you. Our surveillance clients range from insurance companies, law firms, private companies and individuals who count on professional results and specific information in both civil and criminal matters. Photographic and video evidence is a valuable asset in any investigation whether it is a worker's compensation investigation, liability, insurance, or cheating spouse matter.

read more › With 37 years working as a Private Investigator, R. A. Nosek Investigations offers expertise in Worker's Compensation Defense by utilizing such key techniques as subrosa, surveillance, (Video and Camera) interviews, witness locating and AOE/COE Investigations (Actions of employee/Course of Employment). Worker's Compensation Defense Investigation Techniques have changed significantly during the previous decades and have created a challenging environment for even the most seasoned Private Investigator.

read more › Child custody, parental fitness and welfare investigations are very significant and emotionally charged issues in any family law proceeding. In order to determine the best interests of the child, the court must consider all the facts presented. This means that regardless of the nature of the situation whether marital or cohabitation, we seek to surface any possible areas of concern. Sound investigative techniques and our experience in these matters will assist you, your attorney and the court through records, testimony and a visual record of the facts.

read more › Good people and companies everywhere do their best to conduct their business in an honest fashion. Commerce and transactions between these parties tends to be smooth and free from criminal proceedings or litigation. However, when someone acts without thought, with recklessness, or with intent to harm someone else, a lawsuit can be a way to make sure that those who are responsible pay the cost for damages or change their practices to prevent negligence or criminal mischief from happening again. If you feel that you have grounds for a lawsuit, we can help you gather the necessary information for your trial and assist in pre-trial discovery.

read more › If the world were a fair place, you would never have to worry about people hiding things from you. Unfortunately, the world isn't always a fair place. While most people are usually good, sometime greed, anger, or bitterness can lead someone to willfully deceive another person. Some deceptions, such as fibbing a bit about your age, may be harmless, but when the stakes are big, rooting out the truth may be essential. Asset searches are one way to ensure that others aren't hiding important facts. Here are three common reasons why we receive requests for investigations of this kind.

read more › As technology has advanced, more and more cases of identity theft have popped up throughout the entire country. This crime is not only detrimental in terms of your credit score but can also affect your psyche and cause hours of heartache and stress. When someone steals your identity, you may feel as though you have lost complete control over your own life. Identity theft investigation can help you find the thief and bring him or her to justice, restoring your sense of well-being and allowing you to move on with your life.

read more › R.A. Nosek Investigations, located near the main Redwood City County Government Center, specializes in court record and document record retrieval. As a licensed California Private Investigator we specialize in locating those hard to discover records which require time, dedication and a professional approach to retrieval. We are not a high-volume unlicensed public record checker. Our standards are higher as we spend the time needed to produce results. In view of the court closures, limited hours of their operation and smaller staff throughout the state, a thorough review of all available records is required in order that you are apprised of the facts.

read more › Though it may be more sophisticated than other forms of stealing, fraud is still a crime. Every year, fraud investigation uncovers thousands of dollars in ill-gotten money and affects consumers everywhere. It is often connected to other crimes, such as identity theft, and can leave you down and out for no other reason than that you trusted what seemed like an honest business proposal or a good deal. Knowing what fraud is and how its investigation is conducted can help you decide when initiating an investigation is the right choice for you.

read more › In an effort to understand why my nephew was having difficulty obtaining a job, I recently employed Mr. Ralph Nosek to conduct a background check to surface any issues that might be undermining my nephew's employment efforts. Not only did Mr. Nosek use multitudinous sources to provide comprehensive background information, but based on his firm understanding of the law, he also analyzed the information to pinpoint the issues that were contributing to my nephew's unemployment. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Nosek persistently demonstrated outstanding professional expertise, strong interpersonal skills, and unimpeachable integrity.

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