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Batza & Associates We are consistently impressed with the very high caliber of work by the investigators at Batza & Associates, Inc. From a small, discrete assignment to a large, volatile, multi-witness investigation, . In the field of high-end litigation, a reliable and professional investigator is an indispensable asset. It could be the difference between finding a key witness or document that can determine the.

Batza and Associates, Inc. distinguishes itself from every other investigation firm I have worked with over the last two decades. They gather useful information, not just interesting information that. I have used the investigative services of Batza & Associates, Inc. for many years and they have always done amazing work for me and my clients. They have worked on many types of matters from the.

Our firm has used Batza & Associates, Inc. as our investigative arm for a number of years. They are professional, reliable, and top rate, with an ability to get the job done, no matter how. I've had to opportunity to use the legal investigative services of Batza & Associates, Inc. since 2009, and I have always found them to be reliable, efficient and they work well within any budget, .

read more › As an attorney, you recognize the need for substantial and pertinent evidence in each case that you handle; however, you may not possess the time or resources to obtain such evidence. Our team is always available to provide investigative services and to work to obtain the evidence for your client's case. At Batza & Associates, Inc. we work to provide attorneys with the evidence that they need, whether it is through witness statements, surveillance footage, a background check, or a juror investigation after an unfavorable verdict is returned.

read more › Batza & Associates, Inc. was formed by the late David Batza, after he left a fifteen-year career as a managing principal with an international consulting firm, which provided investigative and intelligence services to attorneys, prominent people, media figures, law enforcement and government agencies. During his many years of conducting and managing thousands of intricate, sensitive investigations, including those in support of complex litigation, employee misconduct, white-collar crime, corporate espionage, serious criminal cases, and other complicated matters, David Batza developed a passion for legal investigation and litigation support.

read more › Our firm has been dedicated to serving attorney clients exclusively since we were established in 2001, and you can rely on our experience in obtaining the evidence and information that our clients need. Our firm has used Batza & Associates, Inc. as our investigative arm for a number of years. They are professional, reliable, and top rate, with an ability to get the job done, no matter how challenging. We know that if we turn to them, our needs will be met, and our clients are in good hands. We have experience conducting complete field investigative services, including court records research and document retrieval, surveillance, scene investigation and photography, and canvassing areas to locate previously unknown witnesses and surveillance video footage.

read more › Our firm works exclusively for attorneys, law firms, and government entities, as we gather evidence, information, testimonies, and other elements that will aid their cases. One common issue in many civil matters is the necessity for an asset investigation. Whether you are seeking to determine asset location or to determine the total value of assets held by either party, we can work to help you obtain the information that you need. At Batza & Associates, Inc., we can work to discover hidden assets, the true value of certain items that may have been misrepresented, and many other details concerning a subject's assets.

read more › Many different legal proceedings, in both civil and criminal matters, call for background investigations of certain individuals; including defendants, witnesses, your own client, or others who are relevant to your case. At Batza & Associates, Inc., we understand the issues that can arise when a witness is discredited in court in the middle of a trial, or when opposing counsel enlightens you to your client's criminal background during deposition. Such a surprise can be devastating to your case, and for this reason, we offer background investigation services so that you may be sure of your witness' character and version of events so that you will not be put in a difficult position in the middle of a trial.

read more › Criminal defense attorneys are often faced with the daunting task of gathering and investigating excessive amounts of information and evidence in order to sift through it all to obtain evidence that is credible and relevant to a case. At Batza & Associates, Inc., we believe that your time can be better spent focusing on the litigation portion of the case rather than the legwork. We can provide you with the services that you need in order to gather the evidence and information that you are seeking.

read more › One investigative service that we offer is field investigation, such as surveillance, area canvassing, and court records research. At Batza & Associates, Inc., we offer a wide range of investigative services. We can retrieve and evaluate court records, as well as records from local, state, and federal agencies. We can conduct surveillance in order to obtain footage that is vital to your client's case. We can canvass a neighborhood, or business area, to identify and locate witnesses, and also to locate, and obtain copies of, any footage captured by surveillance cameras in the area.

read more › As an attorney, it is your duty to ensure that you have as much information and evidence as possible. The opposition's evidence and witness testimonies can pose a significant threat if you are unprepared. In addition, your witnesses could have information that would be essential to know before the court date in order to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. At Batza & Associates, Inc., we can provide you with the services that you need to obtain information regarding witnesses. We know how to locate witnesses who were previously unknown, or who were evading investigators or police to avoid becoming involved in the case.

read more › If you are an attorney and have received an undesirable verdict, then it is important for you to seek skilled assistance to help uncover any evidence as to jury misconduct. There are various options that may be available to you to pursue a more favorable outcome in your case, the most obvious of which is to file an appeal. Depending on the circumstances of the case, you may be able to pursue legal action to have the verdict retracted through proof of juror misconduct. There are many ways that jurors act unscrupulously, including the following examples of juror misconduct:.

read more › There is a reason that year after year our associates are the most sought after in the legal field, and receive the highest accolades from clients-they earn it. We recruit only the best and the brightest, the most creative and inquisitive; those with relentless energy, and with a passion to develop evidence and testimony that win cases. We demand strong interpersonal skills and the ability to quickly develop solid relationships with others. We hire only aggressive, yet never careless, investigators.

read more › At Batza & Associates, Inc., we charge based on an hourly rate, as well as for costs associated with travel expenses and/or mileage. We also offer a reduced rate for surveillance services. Our clients come to us due to our history of successful cases. They do not seek us out because we offer discounts or cheap rates. This does not mean, however, that we are not efficient with the resources available to us. Before taking on any new case, we always prefer to look at our client's goals and anticipated results.

read more › Since Batza & Associates, Inc. was founded in 2001, we have focused on providing investigative services to attorneys and law firms. Our service is built off of nearly two decades of experience, numerous multi-million-dollar verdicts, and more than 20,000 cases to date. We understand the difficulty that distance can pose for busy lawyers, as well as the need for investigative services near and far; therefore, we have office locations in the following areas:. Whether your case is based in San Diego County, or you have witnesses located in the San Francisco Bay area, or beyond, you can be sure that we have accessible offices throughout California.

read more › Legal investigators Tracy J. Hasper and Cody A. Simms discuss overcoming witness objections to testifying through skillful interviewing. This article by legal investigator and attorney Jennifer Conta of our Orange County office provides guidance to attorneys in how to effectively use investigation to evaluate expert witnesses. Legal investigator and attorney Tracy J. Hasper warns attorneys about proposed legislation that could negatively impact their practice, including dramatic increases in the costs of investigation, greater delays in locating witnesses and accessing public records, and decisive advantages to prosecutors and insurance defendants in litigation.

read more › Are you seeking a dedicated investigative firm to assist you with case work? You need to work with the team at Batza & Associates, Inc. Our California private investigators have successfully handled more than 20,000 cases that provided clients with many multi-million-dollar settlements. We are a team of legal investigators and investigators who are also licensed attorneys who work specifically for law firms and lawyers. If you have questions or concerns about your particular case, we encourage you to contact our professional team today and schedule a case evaluation as soon as possible.

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