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Walshin Investigations is a specialized private investigation firm that values client assurance and trust: Confidentiality is our first priority. Our firm and private investigators have numerous years of experience working with local and national law firms, individuals and corporations. Walshin Investigations expertise focuses on comprehensive research and quality report writing.

Our private investigators achieve all-inclusive results by conducting due diligence investigations, asset searches, background checks, witness interviews, service of process and several other investigative services.

read more › Our private investigators are fully licensed through the State of California and are experienced professionals who are sensitive to your private investigation needs. Each investigation is conducted discreetly and efficiently and our clients are assured that their confidentiality is our first priority. With awareness that each case is unique our professional team works diligently to achieve your success. Linda Walshin is the founder and director of Walshin Investigations. With many years of experience in the field Ms. Walshin is a dedicated Licensed Private Investigator and Registered Process Server who leads her professional team of private investigators in working with law firms, corporations and individuals in need for specialized services include due diligence reports, background checks, asset recovery investigations and process serving.

read more › Asset Searches are conducted for a number of reasons; judgment recovery, fraud detection, uncovering hidden assets for the purpose of child or alimony support or case value. At Walshin Investigations our private investigators are trained to conduct a comprehensive financial investigation of an individual's or entity's assets. All Asset Searches are performed by licensed private investigators who are compliant with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our professional team researches state-wide and nation-wide to the extent that all possibilities of locating assets have been exhausted.

read more › Employment screening -- Do you know if the candidate you are considering to hire is the right person for the job? Employment Screening background checks are vital to ensure a safe and secure workplace. Walshin Investigations conducts a complete background check for any possible criminal convictions or any other adverse records. The screening also includes a complete credit check (with a signed authorization). Character reference interviews are conducted at clients request. Tenant Screening -- Find out about the prospective tenant's background; credit history, previous tenant history and criminal history check.

read more › We begin with investigative databases for addresses, telephone numbers, family members, associates and neighbors. Followed by, discreet telephone inquiries, interviews and surveillance when needed. Walshin Investigations specializes in those "Hard to Find" locates, Expediently, Professionally and Confidentially! To find a missing person our private investigators will need you to provide them with as much information as possible. If obtainable, we would like to have the missing person's identifiers such as, full name and nicknames, date of birth, social security number, age, last known address, the date you last saw the individual and if applicable, what the missing person was wearing when last seen.

read more › It has been said that interviewing is an art and It Is! Interviews are conducted for a number of reasons; interviewing witnesses for an upcoming trial, interviewing family members and friends to locate a missing person, or a plaintiff or a defendant to obtain additional information about the case. Our private investigators conduct their interviews thoroughly and professionally. Before commencing the interview, we have knowledge about the interviewee and can detect when the individual is providing information honestly as opposed to being deceitful.

read more › Walshin Investigations is an invaluable resource. They pursue the interests of their clients with a high degree of integrity and it shows in the quality of the investigation. I recommend them without reservation. I have retained Walshin Investigations and have found their work to be exceptional. Ms. Walshin and her professional team of investigators provide us with quality and prompt reports allowing us to act quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them. I have used Walshin Investigations on 2 separate occasions and was stunned at the speed and the accurate results both times.

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