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Our core philosophy is simple: we don't succeed until you do. It is what drives us to be the best and most professional private investigative firm. Our technology, experience, diversity, imagination - and above all, our passion - is what distinguishes us from other firms. O&O Investigations offers a wide-range of research based investigations to obtain information with respect to locating and uncovering hidden assets - both individual and corporate.

We utilize multiple forms of investigation from Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to extensive records research. Moreover, our firm maintains a team of superior surveillance investigators, each of whom have a minimum of 8 years of full-time experience, to conduct extensive field-based investigations. There are risks involved in acquiring a new business or merging companies.

Our firm conducts extensive corporate research including examining a company's marketability and competition to provide an accurate picture of a company's productivity and profitability.

read more › There is no substitute for visual evidence! We have the experience and we get the results. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in personal injury & workers compensation cases. We strive to have the best and most professional private investigation firm. We invest thousands of dollars each year into researching technology and developing in-house technology that no one else has. Each case is unique and is treated as such. Our focus is to aggressively gather evidence to prove fraud. We maintain a small team of superior private investigators each of which has a minimum of 8 years of full time surveillance experience.

read more › Did you find an awesome photo online of your subject lifting 100 pounds with an injured back? Or perhaps a photo of your subject vacationing in Maui when he claimed to only be making $300 a month? Imagine that you took a screenshot of this key evidence only to show it to a judge and find out that your subject has removed this photograph from his/her account and is claiming that you MANIPULATED it! Or imagine that your subject has now brought a witness to testify that this photograph was never posted to his/her account.

read more › O&OInvestigations recommends conducting an in-depth background and social media forensics on any individual with whom you plan to go into business, establish a partnership, pursue in court and/or entrust you family or loved ones. Our backgrounds are not your average background report. Registered vehicles (especially important if the subject resides in a complex and gated apartment). Photos of the subject from deep web research (often photos will contain hidden dates proving when the subject was able to perform a given activity).

read more › O&OInvestigations recommends conducting an in-depth background & asset investigation on any individual you with whom you are planning to go into business, establish a partnership, pursue in court and/or entrust your family and love ones. Our in-house researchers will locate and confirm all aspects of an individual's assets - including, but not limited to, any civil records pertaining to those assets and all properties owned. At times, our firm will contact former associates, family members, employees and neighbors to uncover additional information that is not available on our databases or by way of computer research.

read more › An attorney can do everything in his or her power to develop the best case for the client, but ultimately, it is the attorney's ability to persuade the jury that truly matters. As such, the individuals an attorney selects to serve on the jury is of the utmost importance. It is vital that when making these decisions, an attorney is provided with a comprehensive picture of a potential juror's mindset. Understanding a juror's background and current beliefs can be unbelievably informative as to how that juror may approach an attorney's case.

read more › There are many risks involved in acquiring a new business or merging one's already existing business with another company. As a result, it is important from a business owner's perspective, to thoroughly vet any possible new business venture prior to taking any such action. This means not only looking into the person with whom you are looking to go into business, but also the company itself. While it is useful and necessary to look into a company's litigation history - that alone is not enough. Rather, to ensure that you are conducting comprehensive due diligence, we offer the ability to not only review a business' history, but also verify the accuracy of a business' claims concerning its productivity.

read more › Recently we were hired to conduct an extensive asset investigation into a Subject who was refusing to pay his minimal child support payments. The client believed that the Subject was earning significant income and could afford to not only pay the arrears he owed, but also pay more than $450/month. Like most of our investigations, . O&O Investigations, Inc. was hired to work a divorce case in Beverly Hills, CA. Our client believed that her husband was committing fraud. Our objective was to conduct surveillance for five days to document the subject's lifestyle.

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