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Complete Legal Investigations Do you suspect a caretaker, a family member or a guardian of fraud or exploitation? Probate and guardianship cases require sensitivity and strong interviewing skills to uncover signs of physical or mental deterioration. If your client has been charged with a criminal violation you need a trained investigator to help you uncover reasonable doubt or provide you with information to mitigate the charges.

From forensic accounting to surveillance, the staff at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. can help you find the answers to the challenging questions your family clients may be facing. For your clients, there are complex issues affecting their families, their wealth, and their freedom. Acrimonious divorce, serious injury, or criminal charges can dramatically alter a person's life and business.

At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we offer attorneys complete confidence through information. We understand the issues facing your clients. We work closely with you to navigate the turbulent waters of litigation.

read more › We are a preeminent provider of investigative, research, and litigation support to trial lawyers, criminal, family and probate attorneys. In contrast to the media image of the "private eye" single-handedly tackling every assignment no matter how complex or routine, Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. was founded to provide our clients with a complete range of services performed by a team of dedicated staff members, each proficient in his or her own field. The investigative profession has been dramatically impacted by the exponential growth of technology and information in the past two decades.

read more › Your schedule is filled with deadlines: status conferences, depositions, calendar calls and trial dates. You don't have time to wonder whether your witness has been interviewed or documents have been obtained. At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we understand your time constraints, and your time constraints become our time constraints. Witnesses must be identified and contacted, records have to be located and gathered, evidence has to be secured and maintained, and all of these things usually have to be done simultaneously!

read more › Is your investigator licensed? Unlicensed activity is a crime in Florida. Licensed investigators in Florida are required to submit an application to the state Division of Licensing. The application documents the applicant's qualifications and his or her experience, and each applicant must also pass an examination on the statute governing licensed investigators (Chapter 493). This examination tests the applicant's knowledge of privacy restrictions, records retention, and confidentiality. Failure to pass the examination or having insufficient work experience to qualify will bar an applicant from licensure.

read more › State v. Gomez. Client charged with First Degree Murder in brutal homicide of drug informant. The defendant, an undocumented worker, was misidentified by a cooperating witness. Numerous co-workers and employers confirmed the client was in another part of the state and had never been to Palm Beach County. Our investigation was presented to the prosecutor, who dismissed charges against the client and ordered his release. State v. Heartsong. Client charged with first degree murder in "cold case" homicide involving the violent death of his wife.

read more › At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we help lawyers eliminate uncertainty in their litigation by understanding the disputed facts and issues. We interview witnesses and gather information that clarifies those facts and issues and prepare clear, concise reports that document what witnesses said and what information was gathered. We provide CONFIDENCE-that all available information is provided in a timely and exemplary fashion to effectively litigate your cases and achieve just and favorable results for your clients.

read more › Your client has been charged with a criminal violation that could mean a long prison sentence or probation and loss of civil rights. The government or the state, with all of its resources, is ready to convict. You need a trained investigator to help you level the playing field and uncover reasonable doubt or provide you with information to mitigate the charges. Discovery Process: Once the case has been assigned, our staff will begin a process of requesting all discovery materials. These materials include taped or written statements from the defendant and witnesses; videotapes or other media which contain statements or video related to the case; crime scene photographs or diagrams; or any of the other materials not included in the discovery provided by the prosecutor.

read more › Child support, alimony, custody, and distribution of marital assets: these are the issues at the heart of divorce litigation. A thorough and impartial investigation can resolve many of the acrimonious charges brought by an embittered spouse. From forensic accounting to surveillance, the staff at Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. can help you find the answers to the challenging questions your client faces. Asset investigations: Does your client have an accurate picture of the spouse's assets? Are there unaccounted tangible assets, such as buildings, equipment, inventory, or vehicles to be found?

read more › Do you suspect a caretaker, a family member or a guardian of fraud or exploitation? Do you need interviews from friends or business associates to document the mental capacity of a client? Probate and guardianship cases require sensitivity and strong interviewing skills to uncover signs of physical or mental deterioration. It takes a deft touch to maneuver witnesses through difficult interviews, and determination to obtain medical documentation from health care facilities. Elder and Guardianship abuse/exploitation: As more of us become responsible for our aging parents while we continue our careers, we rely more frequently on outsiders to care for our loved ones.

read more › Our Foundation was carefully established and consists of our Purpose, our Vision, and our Mission. Our Values are the bedrock that supports our Foundation. Decision makers confidently make decisions by receiving accurate, reliable, and timely information, empowering them to best serve their clients, co-workers, and customers. At Complete Legal Investigations, Inc., we help our clients eliminate uncertainty by understanding the issues confronting them. We conduct interviews, research and forensic analysis to clarify disputed facts and identify potential solutions.

read more › People ask us what we enjoy most about our work, and we tell them two things: the people and the drama. Even after many years as professional investigators, we still love the drama of working with the clients, the police, the witnesses, and the victims; the hearings, the trials, the research, and the interviews. Most of all, we love the constant interaction with the committed, tireless lawyers who defend the accused, protect the injured, and represent families every day. Thank you for your interest in Complete Legal Investigations, Inc.

read more › Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. is comprised of talented and experienced investigators and researchers with over 80 years combined experience in the legal system. Our staff is bi-lingual and comprised of former federal and state investigators, board certified criminal defense investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), a Certified Legal Investigator (CLI), and a Certified Paralegal (CP). Working as a team, we provide our clients with an adjunct staff that works cooperatively with your law firm, ensuring that your case is properly prepared to advance your client's representation.

read more › The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential denotes proven expertise in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence. CFEs are trained to identify the warning signs and red flags that indicate evidence of fraud and fraud risk. CFEs around the world help protect the global economy by uncovering fraud and implementing processes to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place. CFEs have a unique set of skills that are not found in any other career field or discipline; they combine knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of methods, law, and how to resolve allegations of fraud.

read more › I have hired Mark Murnan and Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. to assist my clients in a variety of cases spanning several years. I have always been pleased with their professional, ethical work. Their unparalleled work product has enabled me to achieve many favorable results and outcomes for my clients. They have served my clients well. I cannot say enough about the quality of service Complete Legal Investigations, Inc. has provided to my law firm, and our clients, over the years. They are incredibly tenacious and consistently get the job done without delay or excuses.

read more › The client was charged with First Degree Murder in the brutal homicide of a young drug informant. Our investigation identified numerous co-workers and employers who confirmed that the client was in another part of the state and had never been to Palm Beach County. These co-workers traveled across the state to our offices one evening to meet with us, after working all day in the fields in central Florida. They each provided sworn affidavits through our bilingual investigator. Employers who remembered the client as a hard and consistent worker faxed his work records to our offices.

read more › The Client was a partner in a thriving import business, and her husband was gradually turning over operations to his son, the client's step-son. Investigation disclosed that the father and son, in anticipation of the divorce, began transferring the assets of the import business to several other companies they set up in the immediate vicinity. Research verified the establishment of the new corporations. A forensic accountant conducted a visit to the company and began tracking the inventory and expenses.

read more › A caretaker was embezzling money from an elderly client. The client had been diagnosed with dementia and onset of Alzheimer's, and she also suffered from a host of other physical ailments. Family members hired an attorney, who retained us to conduct an investigation. We identified thousands of dollars in cashed checks and ATM withdrawals made while the client was confined to the hospital for weeks at a time. We also obtained medical records documenting the woman's diminished capacity from her physicians and a local hospital.

read more › The legal investigator functions most often in personal injury cases, where his job is to determine the responsibility for what happened, and in the defense of criminal cases, where his presence affords the accused defendant the constitutional rights and guarantees to which he is entitled. Since it is possible for any conceivable field of human endeavor to become the subject of a lawsuit, the legal investigator may surface in any type of litigation where the collecting of facts is important. The legal investigator differs from a 'private eye' in that he works not for the private parties directly, but for the attorneys who represent the private parties.

read more › What services does your agency provide to plaintiff personal injury attorneys? See "Civil Attorney Investigation Services" What experience does your agency have with civil cases? Our co-founder, Wendy Murnan, is a Certified Paralegal and was employed many years in a prominent civil litigation firm. Our agency has conducted hundreds of interviews in auto liability, slip and fall, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and negligent security cases. We have assisted counsel in commercial litigation cases and located witnesses locally and in other states.

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