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The Millennium Group The Millennium Group's professional team is uniquely qualified to provide clients with an astounding array of investigative services, including some services that you may not have even realized exist in the private sector! It is an axiom that no one, absolutely no one, develops keener investigative skills and better information sources than CIA Operatives and FBI Special Agents in the field.

At the core of The Millennium Group are a number of carefully selected former Career Intelligence Officers -- specialists in securing hard-to-obtain information. All received extensive training in the craft of intelligence while with the U.S. Government and are now employing these same valuable skills on behalf of The Millennium Group's clients. They are unquestionably among the world's best at conducting investigations, gathering intelligence (i.e., information), and troubleshooting difficult and sensitive problems.

You can put their unique talents to work for you. In other words, you ask the questions and The Millennium Group provides the answers.

read more › Is the classic tool of the private investigator. It is often the best and sometimes the only viable option when knowledge of an individual's movements, habits, and personal contacts are in question. Our highly-trained surveillance teams are comprised of former government operatives and are unmatched when it comes to the efficient and discreet "tailing" of a suspect. Be it vehicular or foot, static or mobile surveillance, we have the equipment and the personnel to get the job done right. Whether that individual is an unfaithful spouse, an employee or business partner selling proprietary information to a competitor, or an insurance scam artist faking a personal injury, with our team unobtrusively observing from the shadows you are provided with not only a credible eye witness and a detailed, written report, but also with photo/video evidence if desired.

read more › The terms "domestic investigation" and "divorce investigation" are often used interchangeably and, indeed, a large percentage of our practice is devoted to this type of case. If you suspect that a spouse is cheating or is trying to avoid responsibilities in divorce proceedings, a domestic investigation by The Millennium Group can get you the proof that you need in court.

read more › Bug Sweeps is known by the handful of qualified experts who perform this very specialized service as, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM). It is, quite simply, the "sweeping" of a room in search of electronic eavesdropping devices which can range from a simple and easily-placed "tap" on your home telephone to an elaborate system of audio and video "bugs" that spy on every movement and conversation in each room of a business or residence. Computers, fax machines and vehicles are also targets of illegal bugs, which can be virtually impossible for the layman to ferret out.

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