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Five Points Private Investigations Five Points Private Investigations is an experienced, licensed and insured private detective agency dedicated to providing the confidential facts. Five Points Private Investigations and its professional team of private investigators, polygraphers and latent fingerprint experts are qualified in assisting and serving clients with precision, dedication and compassion.

Five Points Private Investigations is a full service private detective agency with the experience, diligence, tenacity and confidentiality needed to find the real answers to your case. Five Points Private Investigations conducts interviews and interrogations leading to the facts that can save corporations, employers and individuals time, money and lengthy court battles.

We have 75 years of combined experience with civil, criminal and personal private investigations with positive results. It is our mission to provide the best private investigation services in the St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Dade counties and throughout Florida.

read more › Most people want to believe and trust in their significant other. The cheating spouse takes advantage of this trust to engage in their activities. Cheating spouses know that you would prefer to maintain your sense of security and comfort. Many cheaters know that most spouses will work very hard to overlook warning signs of a spouse's infidelity so they can maintain their current lifestyle. This is why the spouse is typically the last to know in many cases. If you are prepared to face the truth, follow your instincts.

read more › Do you need to verify that your child is in safe hands when you drop them off for visitation over the weekend? Is someone other than the non-custodial parent caring for the child while the child is supposed to be under the care and supervision of the non-custodial parent? At Five Points Private Investigations these are just some of the questions that can be answered with surveillance and video documentation providing you with positive proof of any child custody problems you may be experiencing.

read more › Comprehensive background checks are often the first tool used by a private investigator to learn about a subject. Background checks reveal criminal history, assets searches, liens and judgments, previous addresses and evictions, relatives and neighbors. This valuable information is used when locating assets owned, internet dating, locating dead-beat spouses, locating a witness, skip tracing, tenant screening, pre-nuptial screening, locating lost relatives and friends, debtors and any other instance where you need to learn more about an individual.

read more › When the suspicion of employee theft arises, Five Points Private Investigations provides our corporate clients with investigations including surveillance, undercover investigations, employee interviews and interrogations. The resulting information can be used to release the employees, and seek civil action or criminal prosecution. Desperate times call for desperate measures. In these tough economic times, employee theft is on the rise. Whether an employee is pilfering from the petty cash box, embezzling money from your bank accounts or stealing merchandise from your business inventory or home, the need to hire a private investigator has never been more necessary.

read more › Five Points Private Investigations can assist employers, claims adjusters, third party administrators, and self-insurers in identifying insurance fraud and proving fraudulent claims. Five Point Private Investigations investigators can conduct or assist in covert surveillance nationwide. Our investigators will supply video surveillance of suspected workers compensation insurance fraud activity, as it occurs, in a non-intrusive manner that respects the claimant's rights to privacy. If evidence of insurance fraud is discovered, this information will be provided to you in the form of video, written reports, photographs and testimony.

read more › Making the decision to hire a private investigator can be difficult, however there are times when it is necessary. A private investigator may be the only resource to cut through the red tape and find out the truth. If you want to learn the facts of: who, what, where, when and why, then hiring a private investigator from Five Points Private Investigations is a small price to pay for peace of mind. When you need to know the facts, let us be your eyes and ears. Five Points Private Investigations services the entire state of Florida and is able to help you on a nationwide level.

read more › Marriage Therapists Weigh in on the Types of Affairs Not long ago, there was an interesting article in the Huffington Post called "6 Ways You May Be Cheating On Your Spouse Without Even Realizing It." Given the nature of our business at Five Points Private. Hometown Hero Hieronymus Bosch - most people call him Harry - isn't a Florida private investigator, he's a private detective in Los Angeles, California. But the guy who dreamed him up, award-winning mystery writer Michael Connelly is a South Florida guy.

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