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Our ability to solve the toughest cases is one reason Barefoot Professional Investigations is the most recommended firm in Charlotte. Providing comprehensive investigation, background checks, surveillance, and identity clearance with integrity and professionalism. From surveillance and criminal defense to witness investigation and counter intelligence, Barefoot Professional Investigations has you covered.

Barefoot Professional Investigations is North Carolina's number one choice in investigative services for almost 30 years. Barefoot Professional Investigations is a full service private investigations agency in Charlotte and can assist you with all your investigative needs. Based out of Charlotte, NC area for almost 30 years, Barefoot Professional Investigations offers extensive investigative services by experienced and knowledgeable staff.

30 years of experience performing surveillance and background checks in Charlotte leads to comprehensive knowledge of investigative techniques and approaches.

read more › The Barefoot Professional Investigations legacy was started over 30 years ago when Jan Barefoot, a Charlotte native, combined the experience she had gained in the legal industry along with her King's Business College degree to begin Charlotte's premier private detective agency; Barefoot Professional Investigations. From their humble beginnings, Jan Barefoot and her team of licensed investigators have grown to one of the largest investigative firms in the Charlotte area, serving major law firms, corporations and thousands of individuals.

read more › Sometimes small changes in a spouse or partner's daily routine has an innocent explanation. However, other changes in habit - frequent and unexpected schedule changes, sudden weight loss or change in appearance, defensiveness over routine questions - can raise suspicions of infidelity. Telling the difference between a mundane change and one that signals a bigger problem can be difficult. On one hand, we want to think the best of those we love, which can blind us to their activities. On the other hand, mistrust, especially when it's rooted in past actions, can leave us suspicious even when there could be an innocuous and honest explanation.

read more › We want our children to have the best environment possible - one that is safe, stable, and nurturing. However, when children are caught in the middle of a separation or divorce, it can often feel as though that environment is hard to come by. Enlisting Barefoot Professional Investigations for private investigation services can ensure that your children's well being is safeguarded and their best interests kept top of mind. Common sense dictates, and research reinforces that children do best when they have the full attention of their custodial parent at the time of visitation.

read more › What you may have seen on the silver screen fails to capture the complexity of witness interviews - the incomplete interviews by law enforcement, the vagaries of memory and changing witness statements, and the difficulty of obtaining corroborating evidence. However well-intentioned they may be, defense attorneys often do not have the experience or specialized knowledge to conduct these interviews correctly. That's why many in the Charlotte area have called on Barefoot Professional Investigations.

read more › When a product doesn't work as advertised, we have recourse. We can file a warranty claim, return the product, or simply throw it in the trash if the sunk cost isn't too great. When you're dealing with a person who isn't what or who they claim to be, however, the stakes - as well as the potential cost and consequences - are much higher. For thousands of individuals, employers, and business owners in the Charlotte area, Barefoot Professional Investigations has helped to verify, or debunk, individuals' identities, saving money, businesses, and even lives in the process.

read more › Computers have revolutionized our lives, touching on our social interactions and every aspect of our businesses as well. However, it's not all cat pictures and spreadsheets; new technology brings with it numerous opportunities for malfeasance and criminal activity - and more ways for someone to cover their tracks, as many individuals and businesses have found out the hard way. Most people don't have the knowledge or resources to tackle this issue head-on, which is why they rely on Barefoot Professional Investigations for Charlotte private computer forensic services.

read more › As technology evolves and our society becomes more reliant upon data and data collection, the threat of being a target of technical surveillance becomes a very real concern for certain individuals. Businesses are becoming increasingly competitive, making industrial espionage a very real possibility in densely populated metropolitan areas where executives tend to live and work. Domestic disputes around infidelity and child-custody often devolve into he-said, she-said impasses, and surveillance is often used in these cases to show wrongdoing of one type or another.

read more › Fraud, computer crimes, embezzlement, and compliance shortfalls are some reasons corporations and other businesses need to find a digital trail. Piecing together these trails of information can lead to the truth you need during your investigation or litigation. If you require digital data to be recovered, a digital forensics investigator can legally help you recover the information. They can also find deleted emails, documents, and other data that a person may not want you to find. Digital forensic investigators can help recover and preserve information that you need for your case.

read more › Barefoot Professional Investigations is by far the most professional investigation firm I have ever encountered. Whether you are working with Jan Barefoot or with one of the other highly skilled investigators on her team, you receive prompt and discreet information gathering of the utmost quality. In addition, Barefoot Professional Investigations works with you to minimize cost and focus resources where they are most needed to gain the highest quality results. At the same time, because of the fluid nature of investigating legal cases, there are times that things must be done on the fly, and the professional judgment exercised by this firm has at times saved valuable information from being lost because of the passage of time or opportunity.

read more › Custody battles can get sticky. Parents don't always agree on what is best for the children or which parent they should live with. If this is your situation, it might be smart to hire a. Witness interviews are a crucial part of any investigation. Witnesses can sometimes be unreliable, and it is up to a trained professional to examine them and determine what information they may. A vital part of any investigation is the witness interview. Witnesses are a key part of any discovery process, as these individuals may hold information crucial to a case.

read more › We are happy to answer any questions about your case by telephone at no charge. Ideally, we attempt to make sure that we can assist you before taking your time to come in and meet with us. Most cases can be initiated by telephone; however, if you prefer to meet with us in person, we are happy to set up a convenient time. Although every case is different, we typically charge an hourly rate for the most common types of cases. We operate from an initial retainer or deposit and then bill against that retainer in full.

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