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Derecho Investigations & Security Consultants Criminal Defense requires trained professionals who have worked both sides of casework in their careers. Derecho Investigations brings decades of experience in criminal justice and law enforcement to the table. Our insight helps win legal battles and has saved those falsely accused of crimes. Trade secrets and confidential business information can only be secured if the people handling it are trustworthy.

Derecho Investigations can investigate internal and external threats to your corporate security. Relationships between employees and others are not always clear. Your company deserves better security. Checking on your spouse is never appealing; however, in today's world it is important to know they are being faithful. Derecho's fidelity investigations are discreet and effective at revealing the facts so you can get on with life.

Our conclusions will relieve your stress. Corporations must secure their sensitive data, complete background checks, and ensure compliance with standards to avoid legal liability.

read more › Ron Mann has devoted his life to service through investigation. His background combines the stellar qualities of discipline, experience, and tenacity to solve even the most difficult problems. The typical private investigator comes from a background of the military, law enforcement or corporate security. Ron is that rare individual who has all three qualifications. Having served as a Commissioned 1st Lieutenant/Armor - OCS, and prior as a Staff Sergeant, Ron Mann has an extensive, successful military career spanning ten years.

read more › Derecho literally means "Right" in other languages. We want to be your right hand when you need support. We are the right investigators, at the right time, to stand up for your rights. Whether you need background investigations, or are accused of a crime, you must have the right team - Derecho. You can be assured that our InDepth services can help solve your investigative and security problems. Derecho Investigations' owner is immersed in the industry, from leading military investigations to civilian service as a State Trooper, he has applied his broad background to a wide variety of casework including homicide investigations, serious criminal defense matters, child recovery, personal protection, site and transportation security, and more.

read more › Whether you've got a pending court date for an extortion case or you're preparing to sue for fraud, you could benefit from the services of a private investigator. Our investigators can discreetly expose information that could help your case. You can count on us to conduct surveillance, recover data from computers or cell phones, interview witnesses and more. We will professionally verify the information you currently have or discover new information which can lead to a legal victory. Every legal issue begins with a solid case review.

read more › Every business has proprietary and trade information that they simply cannot have stolen. Their clients, leads, methods, innovations, procedures are all subject to pilferage. Derecho Investigations is experienced in finding out whether job candidates or existing employees pose a risk to your firm. Derecho Investigations are expert at conducting comprehensive background searches. We go beyond the basics. Just getting online does not equate with the subscription-based companies we use to uncover information about our subjects.

read more › In addition to corporate investigations, Derecho has experience in completing background checks for maids, nannies, drivers, and all types of personal assistants. Since you are going to trust your life, family and livelihood to these individuals, we always recommend getting a complete background check performed on them before employment. As described under our Corporate Matters tab, you will note that we can conduct the criminal background check, profiling and life history checks necessary to confirm or deny what has been presented to you on paper.

read more › The safety and security of the elderly matters. Safeguarding them when they become unable to express themselves, or fearful, because of a new or unexpected living situation, is made more difficult. Sometimes the reason is distance, or inaccessibility, or you are simply unqualified to determine if the standard of care is being met. This is where Derecho Investigations excels. We are experienced in reviewing cases of elder abuse and finding out if your suspicions are correct. The most common type of elder abuse Derecho Investigations uncovers is physical abuse, both infliction of pain and punishment, and also neglect - when staff or providers withhold water, nutrition, exercise, interaction or amenities such as television or computer access.

read more › As old as time itself, surveillance is a specialty which Derecho Investigations handles with delicacy and discretion. We have a variety of ways to follow individuals or groups to determine if they are engaged in illegal or unacceptable activities. Spouses, relatives and teens present the most typical cases for personal surveillance. Often, we find that by following an individual we can determine what types of activities they are engaged in which our client may need to know about. Spouses who claim they do not cheat, drink, use drugs, or gamble are often caught during surveillance breaking their promises or claims.

read more › One of the most accurate methods of determining if someone is following a planned route or straying from one is to engage GPS tracking. Without giving away details of how we operate, Derecho Investigations is one of the most technically savvy companies operating in the state of North Carolina. Tracking spouses, teens and significant others to create a schedule of stops that the client can review. Teens and unfaithful spouses can be notorious for telling a relative they are going to one location and then actually drive to or visit another.

read more › In addition to performing investigative tasks in North Carolina, we are now available for the state of South Carolina. For all your residential, office, warehouse, and industrial needs, please call our toll free national number at (833) 377-4871. Prerequisites for executive protection agents will be graduation from an accredited professional EP training course, proper license from the State of North Carolina Private Protective Security Board or the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice PPS credential under the reciprocity agreement.

read more › These latest abilities can be applied to a wide range of planning and execution for both investigations and security related problems. Both companies, Derecho Investigations and Dignitary Protection & Security Group, will apply lessons learned to all aspects of their work. DPSG is known for its ability to transport, secure, and guide important clients through their day, including executives, politicians, VIPs, and celebrities. Our situational awareness is truly InDepth, far beyond typical bodyguards.

read more › The following are firms with which Derecho Investigations, and Dignitary Protection and Security Group, consistently work to provide comprehensive services to our clients. Carolina Fingerprinting provides comprehensive fingerprinting and identification services, matching prints, removing prints from objects and surfaces, and evaluating crime and civil scenes for prints. Able to testify in court cases. Carolina Window Films installs high quality security film to protect business and homes from vandalism and protection.

read more › Owner Ron Mann is proud to announce that his firm is now licensed to perform all its duties in South Carolina (#D0003819). According to its mission statement: Derecho Investigations assists all those who need investigative support, especially defendants in criminal cases, to ensure their rights are protected, and prevent violations. The average citizen requires our expertise to emerge unscathed. We are ready to serve, with our goal to provide consistently reliable research, accurate site surveys, personal security preparation and support, asset recovery, and resolve domestic issues.

read more › Learn how you can avoid arrest and criminal charges by following these very simple tips. If you are involved in a shooting, whether at your home or in public, you will need to know what to say and do so you are not implicating yourself in a crime. A veteran officer explains this in detail in the video below.

read more › Restaurants have become key targets by mass demonstrations intent on harassing and disturbing patrons and commerce. While peaceful protests are legal, we have all seen the videos where all too often the mob feels emboldened and entitled to attack innocent customers, restaurant staff and management without warning. Attached you will find a printable process sheet created by Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association to help restaurant, and many other business owners, prepare for the possibility of an attack on its premises.

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