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Jan-Lee Detective Agency is a full service agency specializing in domestic and criminal cases, executive protection, personal and business risk mitigation, training, and consulting. We strive for excellence utilizing our industry knowledge, tactical planning, and the most technologically advanced methods.

Our professional investigators, executive protection agents, personal bodyguard agents, and uniformed security officers work directly with our clients to ensure our mission is achieved in a timely, cost effective manner.Your case is our first priority. Human trafficking is the business of stealing someone's freedom for profit. In some situations, human traffickers trick, defraud, or even physically force victims into their service.

Dealing with these challenges requires problem solvers who bring unique abilities and are willing to act. Project Guardian emerged out of a pursuit to make a difference through actions, and inspire change. Project Guardian is a nonprofit organization that collects information and performs investigations, free of charge, to find missing persons or those entangled in human trafficking.

read more › Jan-Lee has been serving North Carolina and beyond since 1978, offering private investigative services and so much more. For over 35 years we've remained up to date with technology and industry best practices to ensure that your needs are met in the most efficient and effective way possible. Working with us for your security needs provides awareness, training, piece of mind and a plan for the safety of your business security, church security, and public / religious figure protection. Safety is our main goal.

read more › In today's sometimes unexpected world, you need a plan. Does your business or place of worship host thousands of people gathering at any given time? Does your business or place of worship hold large amounts of cash? If you answered yes to either of these questions, YOU ARE AT RISK OF BEING TARGETED. If you are responsible for the safety and lives of large groups of people, you need a plan of action. What if a disgruntled former employee enters your building? What if someone targets your operation for theft?

read more › Our detective division launched in 1978 with a full service investigative team, ready to get you the knowledge you need to make life changing decisions. We work directly with our clients to formulate the most effective, tactical plan possible for risk mitigation to protect you and your interests. By using the most up-to-date investigative tools and practices, we are able to operate in a more efficient manner than other agencies with less experience. Our network is far-reaching with partners across the United States, so we're able to manage situations and circumstances wherever your case may lead.

read more › Our executive protection & bodyguard agents continuously undergo extensive training to assess and handle any threat that may present itself, whether in a public or private forum. Our agency has developed a diverse team of trained agents, possessing backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and emergency medicine. Through education and collaboration, we have extended our operational network internationally so that we can provide excellence wherever your case or event needs a professional. Our approach is the belief that the best protection is an integration of tactical assessment and high level, on site security.

read more › Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Security Officers provide a professional presence of authority which encourages a sense of safety for your team through risk mitigation, helping you to conduct business in a safe and much more enjoyable, productive environment. Officers' presence deters criminal activity while also detecting potential risks through patrols and other various duties. Our Officers ensure the client's needs are met and security issues are identified as well as swiftly and expertly handled.

read more › Jan-Lee brings decades of experience in providing pipeline and construction security services to mitigate unnecessary risks that could impact successful operations. Protecting oil and gas construction projects is a critical component to the overall success of the project and company as well as crucial to the country's infrastructure and economy. Our on-site security staff, vehicle check points, gate guards, and perimeter patrols monitor for hazards and unsafe conditions while protecting employees and equipment to reduce/mitigate the risk of operational delays, equipment, theft, and vandalism.

read more › SRT is a dynamic, all-risk, all-hazard, specialized risk-mitigation team designed for immediate response to help you protect yourself, your family, your businesses, and your neighborhood at a moment's notice during an emergency situation. SRT agents come from military and law enforcement backgrounds with many years of experience and are selected by virtue of their enthusiasm, law enforcement expertise, physical ability, and superior judgement in exigent situations. Training is also available for your staff and your community!

read more › Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures (TSCM) is one of many detection and mitigation services offered to individual, corporate, and government clients. Jan-Lee provides very highly trained, detailed agents who utilize state of the art technology to detect, locate, and neutralize the risk from technical eavesdropping methods. Our agents will also identify potential risks from these threats and apply countermeasures to ensure future attacks are prevented. Jan-Lee Detective Agency provides TSCM Site Surveys, TSCM Inspections, Physical Security Analysis, TSCM Consulting, Live TSCM Monitoring, Counterespionage, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, TSCM Training, and Technical Bug Sweeps for our clients.

read more › K9 detection and protection teams have become a valuable asset and crucial element in many environments including military and government use, law enforcement, private security, personal defense, and much more with endless capabilities. Working dogs are selected for their levels of tolerance, focus, drive, intelligence, and acuity and are paired with experienced handlers with military and law enforcement backgrounds. These highly trained, certified teams have proven to be an effective deterrent for criminal and terrorist activities as well as an effective detection resource.

read more › A Notary Public is an official of integrity appointed by state government, typically by the Secretary of State, to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents. Certified and commissioned by the NC Department of The Secretary of State, our notaries have offered professional and accurate notary service in North Carolina since 2003. The following are three requirements for a proper notarization: Personal appearance, Proof of Identification, and Signature.

read more › The State of North Carolina requires this course to obtain the Concealed Carry Handgun Permit and is comprised of eight hours of mandatory classroom training with additional time spent on the range for a simple shooting practical. For PPSB registered Armed Security Officers to carry concealed on duty, you must also have this permit to request the concealed endorsement on your registration. Making the decision to carry a concealed handgun is an important one, and getting the best education available is crucial.

read more › Are you considering the purchase of a firearm? Do you currently have Firearms in your home but are not as comfortable as you would like to be with them? Now you can gain this invaluable information from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule with our e-LEARN seminars! Proper gun safety habits and techniques are a must for both new and experienced gun owners. Every firearm owner should fully understand the responsibility of gun ownership, be intimately familiar with the cardinal rules for gun safety, and have a basic knowledge of the operation and handling of their firearm.

read more › North Carolina Private Protective Services Board requires successful completion of the 16-hour Basic Security Officer Training Course to perform the duties of a security officer in this state. You may choose to attend training prior to application with a licensed security agency which may increase the likelihood of being hired. The standard instructional format is conducted over 2 consecutive days, but scheduling can be customized according to the needs of your company or group. During this time, we cover all nine training topics required by the NC PPSB and more in great detail including both administrative and legal aspects of working as a security officer in North Carolina.

read more › Rem or 5.56 NATO bolt action or semi-automatic rifle in the performance of your duties as an armed security officer in this state. The standard format is conducted over 2 days including both classroom and range time, but scheduling can be customized according to the needs of your company or group. Successful completion of both Unarmed Guard training and Armed Guard training is required to be eligible. The PPSB application packet may require certain documents to be notarized. NOTARY SERVICES may be provided on training days but must be requested prior to your class date.

read more › FITFO Enterprises, Inc. DBA "The Sim Center" and "Jan-Lee Detective Agency" (The Company) does not offer refunds on any training or instruction course if you change your mind or are unable to attend. This is due to limited course capacity as well as our dedication to our team and training partners. The Company may move your course reservation to a different course date with written notice which must be received at least one week prior to the date of the scheduled course. Cancellation notices may not be given by phone.

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