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Worldwide Intelligence Network Thirty years in business, Worldwide Intelligence Network is rated among the Best Private Investigation and Bodyguard Services Company in Los Angeles and New York by "Expertise." The publishers of Vogue and the New Yorker magazines ranked us among The Five Best Private Investigation Companies in America. We invite you to please review our testimonials from 100% real clients.

From Los Angeles to New York, and around the world, we offer superb private investigation services by top private investigators and detectives. The finest lawyers and law firms in the country have relied up upon Worldwide intelligence Network. We invite you to peruse their testimonials. Worldwide Intelligence Network does this by identifying, anticipating, preventing and resolving threats efficiently.

The Worldwide Intelligence Network was incredibly helpful in tackling the issues I faced. Services provided were professionally executed, accomplished in a timely manner, and were as extensive or specific as needed. Having a constant line of communication, a tailored plan to the investigation I required, and a detailed report upon services rendered allowed me the tools necessary to find a solution.

read more › We are ranked among the Best New York City Private Investigators by 'Expertise in 2020 and 2021.' For the past twenty-nine years, we have been providing a full range of Private Investigative Services in New York for the finest Lawyers and Law Firms in New York City, as well as for New York businesses and of course, the General Public. Our New York Private Investigator reputation has grown exponentially over the years due to our highly experienced professional staff of investigators and our invaluable confidential sources.

read more › Worldwide Intelligence Network has been in the media several times, serving as experts in the field of investigations and protection. The following are just a few examples of the media attention we have received. Worldwide Intelligence Network [WIN] provides Private Investigations and Bodyguard Services In Los Angeles, New York and around the world. Worldwide Intelligence Network [WIN] has the distinct honor to have been ranked among the Five Best Private Investigation Companies in the USA by the Publishers of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Vogue magazines.

read more › For the past twenty-eight years, Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing a full range of Private Investigation Services to our clients in Los Angeles, New York, across America and around the world. We are a full service Private Investigation Services Company. Eighty percent of our clients are either repeat or referred clients. We only accept investigative assignments we believe we can achieve the result required by our clients. Conde Nast Publications (New Yorker & Vogue magazines) ranked us among the Top Five Private Investigation Companies in America and the Better Business Bureau rates us A+ for private investigation services.

read more › We understand requiring the services of a Los Angeles Private investigator is not what most folks regularly do. Whatever your reason is, please know we are great listeners, licensed California Private Investigators, and we're here to help you, as we've have helped countless others. Worldwide Intelligence Network has been conducting Private Investigations in Los Angeles for thirty years. Allow us to tell you about our Los Angeles Private Investigation company, which may help you in your decision making as to which LA Private Investigator to select.

read more › For the past twenty-nine years, we are recognized as the "Gold Standard" for Beverly Hills' Best Private Investigators with client reviews to substantiate our exemplary reputation. Worldwide Intelligence Network has successfully fulfilled the investigative requirements for hundreds of our Beverly Hills clients. We owe our superb reputation to the outstanding successes of our seasoned professional Beverly Hills Private Investigators, who discretely and professionally resolved the concerns of our clients to their utmost satisfaction.

read more › We are very proud to share with you that "Expertise" ranks us among the very Best Private Investigators in Los Angeles. When infidelity is suspected, it is very disheartening for a woman and a man. Here at Worldwide Intelligence Network, we genuinely understand how sensitive adultery is. We have been investigating cheating husbands, wives, and significant others for thirty years. Nearly every client seeking our infidelity investigative services asks us, "what happens if the person I suspect is cheating on me finds out you are following them?"

read more › We understand it may be somewhat awkward for you to contact an Infidelity Private Investigator to know for certain if your significant other, husband, wife or partner is cheating on you. Coming to terms with the possibility of betrayal is devastating, heart breaking, and it can also break your spirit. You might be questioning whether it's your imagination. Not knowing the truth is terribly disruptive. Above all else your peace of mind is priceless. Trust is the most important component in a relationship, and to assure yourself that your bond remains strong you should know without a shadow of doubt whether your significant other is being unfaithful.

read more › Are you looking to locate a lost love, an old friend, that special family member, a runaway child or ex-spouse who stopped paying you child support? We have been locating people for the past twenty-nine years with an 95% success rate. We are licensed in California and New York and we have investigative resources across the USA and in sixty countries around the world. To successfully locate someone you must have the legal name of the person you would like is to find. The more information you provide to us the faster we will be able to locate that person.

read more › Our team of Los Angeles Private Surveillance Investigators have been conducting surveillance investigations in Los Angeles for over thirty years. Conducting surveillance in Los Angeles is one of the most challenging cities in America and that is why in-part our dedicated team of surveillance investigators in Los Angeles are ranked among the Best Los Angeles Private Investigators by "Expertise". Overall, Worldwide Intelligence Network is ranked among the Five Best Private Investigation Companies In America by the publishers of Vanity Fair, Vogue & New Yorker magazines.

read more › For the past 30 years, we have been conducting surveillance investigations throughout New York City. Worldwide Intelligence Network's New York City surveillance detectives are absolutely tops in their field. Surveillance is a highly skilled profession requiring years of surveillance fieldwork. Only the very best surveillance investigators are assigned to your case. Their video filming of all that transpires during surveillance is superb. The challenges of surveillance in New York are all too apparent.

read more › For the past twenty-nine years we have successfully stopped stalkers from tormenting our clients in Los Angeles, New York and across America. Our stalker investigation and protection services division has successfully terminated the actions of obsessed stalkers numerous times over the years by securing irrefutable evidence of their unlawful conduct and by assisting law enforcement officers to effectuate an arrest and conviction. The operative word when trying to mitigate the activity of a stalker is "evidence" of which a client must be able to present to us and we in turn must be able to present to law enforcement.

read more › For the past thirty years, Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing the finest caliber of Bodyguard Services to our clients in Los Angeles, New York, across America, and around the world. Our Personal Protection and Celebrity Protection Specialists have maintained a flawless record of safe and secure protection for some of the most renowned entertainers and high-profile clients worldwide. We also offer high-profile Corporate Security, Residential, and Estate Security, managed by dedicated professional Protection Specialists.

read more › For the past twenty-nine years, we have been providing Los Angeles Bodyguard services to a host of clients who are business owners, CEO's of multinational corporations, high-net-worth individuals, theatrical agents, concert managers, celebrities and the public in general with legitimate concerns for their safety due to circumstances beyond their control. We understand how frightening it is to know someone out there is seeking to harm you or your loved ones. Worldwide Intelligence Network's mission is to keep you and your family safe by providing a truly professional Close Protection Agent as we have done for over nearly three decades without a single client ever being harassed, assaulted or injured on our watch.

read more › For the past twenty-nine years, Worldwide Intelligence Network has been providing armed and unarmed New York Bodyguard Services for Personal and Executive Protection. We maintain an exemplary record of keeping every one of our clients 100% safe and out of harm's way. Protecting you, your family, friends, and employees is a responsibility we take very seriously, and we strive to be unobtrusive while enabling you the freedom to concentrate on your personal or business agenda. We are internationally recognized as an elite protection service that carefully selects Bodyguards to meet the requirements of our clients.

read more › Our Celebrity Bodyguard Services Los Angeles, New York, across America and around the world are comprised of the finest armed and unarmed Personal Protection male and female Specialists with years of experience and training. Many of our Los Angeles and New York Celebrity Bodyguards are former Dignitary Protection Agents with the Secret Service and the United States Department of State. Some are former Bodyguards for the Director of the CIA. We are also fortunate to offer our clients former and off-duty law enforcement officers and agents.

read more › Worldwide Intelligence Network is the Gold Standard for the finest Residential Estate Security and Bodyguard Services companies in Los Angeles. We have been protecting high-profile, high-net worth, celebrities, athletes, international entrepreneurs, foreign visitors to Los Angeles, and popular political commentators for the past twenty-eight years. Upon meeting with a prospective Estate Security client, we offer a complimentary Risk Assessment of the estate which includes speaking with all the adult family members and the estate's staff.

read more › Worldwide Intelligence Network's Corporate Bodyguard services, provides New York and Los Angeles Personal Protection, Executive Protection, Risk Management and Executive Threat Management to its High-Net Worth Clients. Many of our corporate Bodyguards are former members of the Secret Service, police dignitary and military protection details who worked in conjunction with US Government personnel. These men and women come from experiences that demanded and fostered exceptional training in armed and hand-to-hand combat plus training in complex psychological tactics designed to defuse threatening situations.

read more › Worldwide Intelligence Network is known as the Gold Standard for providing the highest level of Personal Protection for Executives, Celebrities, Political Commentators, Athletes, High-Profile individuals, and the General Public requiring Close Protection Bodyguards, in New York, Los Angeles, and Worldwide. Anyone receiving a realistic threat toward their safety or the safety of their family can rely upon Worldwide Intelligence Network to protect them with our physically fit male and female Bodyguards many of whom served with the military in Afghanistan and Iraq dealing with very high stress situations.

read more › We are recognized internationally as the Gold Standard provider for select male and female armed and unarmed New York Executive Protection Services. These men and women have met the rigorous requirements for Personal Protection security and firearm training that far exceeds industry standards. Rest assured, the protection agent assigned to you will be bright, highly-skilled, perceptive, discrete, and well-groomed. Worldwide Intelligence Network proudly provides dedicated New York Executive Protection Specialists, many of whom served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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