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Our firm specializes in asset location and recovery, background investigations, insurance claim investigation, matters of fraud, intellectual property issues, and the location of missing persons. Investigative Resources International is committed to providing innovative and effective risk management solutions to our clients. Our firm is staffed by, and associated with, well-educated, seasoned investigative professionals and attorneys.

Expertise of IRI investigators include language skills, global work experience, as well as knowledge and understanding of United States and international law. Global Network We maintain a network of correspondent offices and professional associates in most developed and developing countries. Our international associates include professional licensed private investigators and attorneys with extensive contacts and experience in their respective locales.

Investigative Resources International is a professional private investigation company providing comprehensive investigation and security services since 1987.

read more › Professional, in-depth asset investigations related to individuals, companies or organizations for legal and business purposes. Individual Asset Search Investigations are designed to identify and locate individually or jointly held assets such as real property interests; vehicles, aircraft or watercraft ownership; financial accounts; private collections; business interests; occupation and employment or other income sources; and liabilities such as civil litigation, tax liens, judgments, defaults as well as personal bankruptcies.

read more › An Individual Background Investigation or Personal Background Investigation provides information useful to determine a person's general character, stability and trustworthiness. This investigation will normally ascertain the subject's true identity, name usage, residence address history, associations, business ownership interests, employer or other income sources. In addition, a thorough search of the subject's civil litigation history, criminal background and arrest history can be undertaken within the region the subject currently resides or in counties, states or countries of previous residence, employment or travel.

read more › Investigative Resources International provides investigative support in matters related to the custody of minor children. Fact-finding assignments can determine the background, character, activities and associations of an individual or other relevant facts relating to an individual's fitness. IRI also provides assistance during court ordered visitation periods. IRI will accompany and protect a client during private or public meetings as well as discreetly observe and document these events. IRI investigators are experienced in the location and recovery of children missing as a result of parental abduction.

read more › Investigative Resources International specializes in the investigation of fraud and financial crimes such as insurance fraud, bribery and corruption, conflict of interest, embezzlement, terrorist financing, and money-laundering. Our investigators are experienced in many types of white-collar crimes and investment schemes including securities fraud, pump and dump scams, and ponzi schemes/pyramid schemes. We also provide investigative assistance to individuals or organizations victimized by consumer fraud schemes.

read more › A variety of Forensic Examination techniques are utilized in many of the cases investigated by the firm. These techniques include questioned document examination, DNA testing, forensic pathology, blood stain analysis, and toxicological examination. IRI provides several Evidence Documentation services. These services include latent print development, examination, and comparison; still photography; audio, video recording; written and recorded statements; area canvassing; reconstruction and re-enactment scenarios.

read more › Investigative Resources International is both experienced and effective in the investigation of intellectual property violations. IRI investigators conduct undercover field activity to identify product counterfeiting operations, and other unauthorized activities at the manufacturing, distribution, and retail levels. Investigators will ascertain the identification, background and associations of violators as well as their sources and method of operation. IRI also offers support in the enforcement of court orders.

read more › Reliable, accurate and thorough Legal Statements are obtained and documented or recorded as requested. Investigative Resources International investigators will locate and meet with subject parties, develop a professional rapport and elicit the truth of the matters at issue. Our investigators will pursue Witness Interviews subsequent to a complete review of the known case facts and background. Investigators will evaluate the witness and provide a summary of observations such as physical description, appearance, education, displayed character and other discernible characteristics.

read more › A Locate and Serve Investigation is useful to cost-effectively locate and serve subjects who are not properly identified or whose current whereabouts are unknown. This investigation is designed to properly identify and locate these subjects. Developed information normally includes the subject's permissible identifiers, physical description, current address and/or employment location as well as motor vehicles or methods of transportation. Service attempts are made at the time and location deemed logical or pursuant to your request.

read more › Legal fact-finding, evidence documentation, public records research & retrieval, process service, interviews and legal statements, witness identification/location, background investigations, witness protection, and post trial interviews are some of the many services offered by Investigative Resources International. Our investigators and support staff possess extensive civil and criminal trial and administrative hearing experience and provide responsive, dedicated, and resourceful investigative trial support.

read more › Locate Investigations are undertaken to identify and determine the current whereabouts of individuals (defendants, heirs, beneficiaries, witnesses, property owners) or company representatives (officers, directors, shareholders, executives) sought in connection with legal or business matters. These investigations can also be conducted to identify companies or other legal entities (organizations, trusts) and associated individuals. IRI will execute standard and innovative location techniques on a cost-effective and diligent basis - even when supplied with minimal identifying information.

read more › Investigative Resources International provides Public and Open Source Records Research & Retrieval services. Trained investigators and research specialists will locate, review, summarize or copy selected documents, case files or other information types of interest. Medical Records Retrieval Services are provided to IRI's insurance clientele in support of their ongoing underwriting and claim administration requirements. IRI undertakes fact-finding and verification assignments on behalf of news organizations, producers, and publishers on a nationwide and international basis.

read more › Physical surveillance and counter-surveillance activities conducted by experienced professionals on an individual or team basis. IRI conducts Physical Surveillance to observe and document activities or associations of individuals or groups as they occur. Surveillance may be fixed or mobile; vehicular, pedestrian, aerial or waterborne. Events are observed and documented utilizing still camera photography, videocameras or night vision devices. Surveillance can be staffed with one investigator or a team of multiple agents, dependent on case requirement.

read more › Investigative Resources International's Commercial Locator Service provides professional services to locate missing participants and beneficiaries and similar matters. These investigations are conducted to meet "diligent search" requirements as required by the Missing Participant Program of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) and the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 29 §4050.4 - Diligent Search). Our Commercial Locator Service combines available technologies, investigative research experts and professional methodology to provide a cost-effective and compliant solution to find missing participants and beneficiaries.

read more › Properly tasked investigative research can yield useful knowledge and information for a variety of legal and business concerns. Investigative Resources International provides unique and relevant service in the performance of due diligence requirements. Each Integrity Due Diligence Investigation is tailored to provide findings meaningful to the matter at issue. IRI is recognized for our thorough, exhaustive and well-documented research and investigation. You can also use Live Chat to discuss a matter with an investigator during normal business hours.

read more › Companies concerned with the protection of trade secrets and the mitigation of threats posed by excessive, overly aggressive or illegal competitor intelligence operations will realize many benefits by utilizing the skilled professionals of Investigative Resources International. Our investigators and analysts will develop and implement effective protective measures, threat countermeasures, and response planning programs to enhance the protection of your company's intellectual property, strategic plans, and other valuable information.

read more › Investigative Resources International Investigative Consultants will assist in the development and implementation of security and investigation programs, departments or special investigation units (SIU). We can also support the routine operations of these departments when outside assistance is desired. Our Investigative Training Seminars provide effective instruction in the principles of investigation, investigative methods, analysis and problem solving. Any employee tasked with duties which require investigative knowledge and skill will benefit from professional investigative training.

read more › Asset verification, background investigations, on-site inspections, public and open source records research, and other services are provided to assist in the complex and sensitive processes involved when companies merge or acquire the assets and operations of others. Investigative Resources International will provide timely, accurate and meaningful information to ensure a diligent and successful transition by verification and qualification of corporate assertions, and the identification and exposure of undisclosed liabilities and risks.

read more › Investigative Resources International Protective Services offer a range of solutions to threats commonly encountered during high-risk business activities or high-profile events. Protective services are provided in those matters under investigation by the firm such as stalker crimes, the enforcement of restraining or protective orders, and threats of terrorism. IRI investigators can identify, analyze and respond to threats posed by individuals, street gangs or subversive organizations. Investigative Resources International can develop an appropriate protective program to mitigate identified threats and ensure a safe and undisturbed environment.

read more › Physical plant security assessments, security personnel staffing plans, and incident response planning are services provided by IRI Security Consultants. Comprehensive Risk Assessments and Security Surveys are conducted and subsequently reported in detailed presentations for review and approval. IRI specializes in establishing leading edge security conditions for defense contractor facilities; transportation terminal and warehouse facilities; private estates; as well as military and diplomatic posts.

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