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Beverly Hills Private Investigators For citizens seeking a professional private investigator in Beverly Hills, the unsurpassed expertise, impeccable precision and commitment to unimpeachable results offered by the industry-defining Paramount Investigative Services, stands as the ideal choice.

Competing private investigators and aspiring detectives throughout Beverly Hills not only lack the experience of 20-year investigatory veteran Ken Childs and his team of professionals, but also fail to deliver the steadfast evidence required to withstand rigorous scrutiny in civil, criminal, or public council hearings.

Having devoted his career to the meticulous acquisition of data required by clients' exacting specifications, Ken Childs and his team of investigative professions' work has not only resulted in the financial compensation and restitution of countless individuals, but the peace of mind so vehemently sought by those afflicted by personal injury or emotional torment.

Utilizing the latest in available technology in conjunction with proven field techniques, Ken Childs and his team of investigative professionals at Paramount Investigative Services ensures your utmost satisfaction, without compromise.

read more › With over 20 years of private investigation experience throughout Beverly Hills and across the entirety of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Private Investigators has garnered the experience required to successfully perform any surveillance task. Having worked with numerous celebrities and high-profile clients, our commitment to subtlety and discretion is reflected by our approach to surveillance in Beverly Hills. Primarily focusing on the blight of infidelity in Beverly Hills, our surveillance services are employed by businesses, attorneys and countless other individuals looking for an experienced, licensed and insured private investigator for an array of cases.

read more › Discover the Undiscoverable: In-Depth Data Investigations by Beverly Hills Private Investigators. Private investigators in Beverly Hills often utilize simple, straightforward field work and basic online surveillance techniques to perform their work; however, some surveillance subjects, cheating spouses and individuals aware of their status as the subject of an investigation (potentially due to a fraudulent personal injury of workers' compensation claim) will hide incriminating actions, behaviors and all relevant information from sight - leaving many investigators dead in the water.

read more › Have you ever thought that your husband might be cheating, or maybe had a dream of your husband cheating on you? Infidelity on any level can feel violating and degrading. Even thinking that your husband could be cheating on you can be difficult, especially when you feel as though there's trust within the relationship (even if he's been exploiting that trust to his own benefit, at your expense). While it may be difficult to accept, sometimes following your instincts can be the best start to uncovering the truth.

read more › As the nation's capital for infidelity, it's an unfortunate reality that the majority Beverly Hills residents either have friends and family impacted by cheating, or have experienced it themselves. Modern technology makes cheating easier than ever, and even easier to conceal and cover up. As a result, it's likely your wife has already cheated on you, is toying with the idea of cheating you, dreaming about cheating on you, or making moves to cheat on you in the near future! This may sound alarming and unrealistic, but the statistics speak for themselves.

read more › Unfaithful Wives, Lying Husbands in Beverly Hills - Scandal In America's Most Unfaithful City. Unfortunately, Beverly Hills residents are faced daily with the reality that they may be sharing a bed with a cheating wife or cheating husband. Don't let yourself become the helpless victim. Hire the professional investigators trained to catch cheaters in the act, giving you the evidence necessary to retake control in your life and relationship! Beverly Hills Investigators has decades of experience performing surveillance on everyone from Brentwood businessmen to Beverly Hills celebrities.

read more › Our owner Ken Childs started in the industry performing worker's compensation surveillance and taking statements. Today, the level of difficulty when performing surveillance has changed. We can't simply park across the street and follow someone to work anymore. These days, people are hyper-aware of their surroundings, and have a baseline knowledge of surveillance from their attorneys and the doctors their attorneys send them to. It doesn't help that the claimant can easily research investigations through YouTube videos, books on counter surveillance, and all the information provided on the deep, dark web.

read more › Today's personal injury claims start in the millions of dollars to the TENS of millions of dollars. These aren't the claims from years ago that were a few hundred thousand and rose up to the million. The stakes are much higher than ever, and only seem to continue to rise! According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics: "Some of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits involve legal issues stemming from automobile accident, physician or surgeon medical malpractice, faulty products (e.g., asbestos, tobacco), and slip and fall cases."

read more › With nearly 20 years in the industry and thousands of professional connections, we have been known to consult on how to get desired results on extreme surveillance cases. Keep in mind we are surveillance experts and charge accordingly. If you find yourself backed into a corner and need results, let's talk. With that said, we charge for consulting, scouting, equipment purchase or rentals, and for the implementation of the surveillance. It's all relevant. Consider the time we have put into our expertise and the amount you stand to gain or what you stand to lose if you don't get the desired video evidence.

read more › While an array of investigators serve the Beverly Hills area, finding the right investigator that's qualified to handle your case can prove difficult. Multi-state investigative groups lack the hyper-local expertise needed to efficiently navigate the winding Beverly Hills streets, while former cops adventuring into private investigation as their retirement hobby lack the conviction and subtlety needed to perform surveillance and acquire evidence in a neighborhood where the slightest lapse in behavior could tip-off a subject that they're being followed.

read more › Beverly Hills Private Investigators - Experienced & Professional Investigators in Beverly Hills, California. If you suspect your husband, wife or partner is cheating on you, hire a team of experienced, licensed and insured private investigators to perform the cheating spouse surveillance you need to get the peace of mind you deserve. Don't let a cheater catch you off guard or ruin your life. The best possible outcome of our investigation is that we find nothing at all. Unfortunately, the majority of the time we catch lying, cheating men and women in the act.

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