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Rode Investigations Surveillance is the act of close observation of a subject or subjects and the acts performed. A typical background check includes criminal records, education and employment history, civil records, references, and more depending on the situation and individual. An investigation to find out if a person receiving court ordered alimony payments has begun cohabiting with a new partner, thus terminating any requirement for the investigating party to make future payments.

As a retired NJ Law Enforcement Officer, I understand the importance of confidentiality and discretion when handling sensitive information and situations. I am eager to discuss my services and to see if they are beneficial to you. I will review each case and provide professional advice regarding your options. After retirement I realized that I still had the passion I had as a police officer to help people in need, so I began Rode Investigations, LLC.

We are a Gloucester County based private investigative company offering investigative services throughout the entire state.

read more › Kevin Cleary is a licensed NJ Private Investigator. Mr. Cleary is a retired Law Enforcement Officer, and he created RODE to accommodate his desire to continue helping people via investigative work. RODE stands for "Retired Off Duty Enforcement" and is elicited from Mr. Cleary's work history. His passion for investigative work and desire to help people is what drove him to startRODE and is evident in the results produced. As an investigator he has the knowledge and determination to get the information you request.

read more › Background checks are a useful resource for employers, landlords, litigants and more. Our experienced investigators can provide you with information to help you make informed decisions regarding the individual in question. In addition to providing detailed background information we can take additional steps to verify the information sought through visual confirmation, interviews, etc.

read more › Attorneys realize that outsourcing strategic research and information-gathering to a private investigator is a smart move, regardless of the case they're working on, legal matter they are managing, or clients they are representing. The specialized skills of an investigator supplement their legal work to create a stable case, support their theory, and provide integral details. All work performed by an investigator such as documentation and evidence gathering can be used in court, mediation or negotiations.

read more › The average eviction costs $3500. Historically, screening tenants was only done by large professional property management companies; however, in today's climate everyone should take the steps to really know to who they are renting! Whether you are just beginning to invest in Real Estate or you are a seasoned investor, your property is an asset that should be protected. You should know who you are renting to and if the prospective tenant or tenants are a risk to you or your property. Rode Investigations will provide you with the tenant's past rental history, background, credit scores, any previous evictions, liens, judgments and or bankruptcies.

read more › Workers compensation fraud is costly to employers, taxpayers and insurance companies. This type of fraud can occur in several ways. Employers may also intentionally mis-categorize employees to keep their workers compensation premiums down. For example, an employer might say an employee is office staff when in fact they are performing high risk tasks such as a forklift operator. Our experienced investigators can provide discreet surveillance and investigations to ascertain if fraud has occurred.

read more › Rode Investigation's team of surveillance experts are able to perform undercover and covert tasks utilizing the latest technology and by continuing to be relentless and patient when working on a case. Through utilizing the most up to date video and still camera photography we can provide our clients with HD quality video surveillance and photography. The surveillance success rate for an investigator increases significantly when a client authorizes the time to be extended. Studies have shown that increasing the time from one to two days or even longer allows the investigator to prepare and gather pre surveillance information on the subject.

read more › Whether you are having trouble finding a witness, defendant, client, or you are looking for that old friend, child, or parent etc. Rode Investigations private investigators conduct person locates by utilizing comprehensive research tools and proprietary investigative techniques. Our investigators are trained and highly skilled in locating hard to find individuals. Our methods are creative and we believe in using an "out of the box" approach when looking for individuals that do not necessarily want to be found.

read more › It is now considered an actual sport! Gaming popularity is so great there are game arenas popping up all over the country. Rode Investigations has done extensive research on this subject and has found that not only is Gaming an addiction but it is becoming a prevalent place for online bullying as well as child predators! Due to the advancement and ever-changing ways of technology, we as parents must adapt our approach on protecting our children from potential predators. This approach is no longer just in real life and real-world scenarios, in today's world, we as parents, now have to prepare our children for the "Stranger Dangers" of the online world as well.

read more › Many parents struggle with the stress of not knowing who their children are with, what they are doing, and where they are hanging out. Teens must navigate many different obstacles including peer pressure, drug use, hanging with the "wrong crowd", emotional stress, and much more. Discreetly monitoring your teen's activities has become an increasingly hard task for parents to accomplish. Rode Investigations will help bring to light the inconsistent stories and excuses that your child may be giving you.

read more › I contracted Mr. Cleary of Rhode Investigations on several separate matters to obtain difficult and sensitive information as well as locating a individual for court related matters. At a difficult time in my life, Mr Cleary's professionalism, resourcefulness, attention to detail and sincerity for my needs was greatly appreciated. He was able to locate and obtain all of the information I requested in a very timely manner, accurately, keeping me well informed of his findings at all times. Additionally, he provided highly detailed documentation well received by the court that was key to bringing my case to a positive resolve for my daughter and I.

read more › At RODE Investigations, each case is treated as though it were our own family's case. The lead investigator meets with each client personally before the case begins and plans the investigation with diligence. Once the case is completed, the lead investigator reviews the results with the client, so they understand the outcome and are fully prepared to take the next step with their case. RODE Investigations is proud to serve the state of New Jersey in the following: background checks, surveillance for worker's comp and disability claims, person location/skip trace, employee theft, undercover assignments, infidelity investigations, asset locations, harassment investigations, stalking, cohabitation verification, secret shopping, online game monitoring, social media searches, process services, court document retrieval, employment verification, identity verification, and property ownership verification.

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