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Beacon Investigative Solutions Many of Beacon's senior investigators are former FBI Special Agents or have other law enforcement experience, specialized training and expertise. Beacon's field investigators in each state are supported by our internal investigative team at our corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Our private investigators have testified as expert witnesses in state and federal courts, leading to highly successful outcomes for our clients.

We have a proven track record and will gladly provide references upon request. Beacon is licensed and/or has the authority to conduct business as an investigative firm in more than 40 States, plus the District of Columbia. From Seattle to Miami, from Los Angeles to New York, very few other investigative firms can provide their clients the same breadth and depth of local investigative expertise.

Backed by state-of-the-art technology, Beacon's private investigators provide comprehensive background investigation, asset search, fraud investigation, competitive intelligence, due diligence, accident investigation, criminal/civil litigation support, and surveillance services.

read more › Beacon is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we proudly strive to maintain our A+ customer rating. Working with Beacon Investigative Solutions proved to be a true blessing and invaluable tool to meet my investigative needs prior to several court proceedings. The reports were well organized and thorough and addressed all of the questions I needed answered. I was extremely impressed with the quality of work done on my behalf. Finally, Karen you were wonderful. I appreciate you always promptly responding to my phone calls and emails.

read more › Beacon is continually expanding our industry-leading roster of field investigators with law enforcement, military intelligence, and corporate investigative experience. Typical duties include surveillance, witness interviews, accident scene analysis, theft investigation, asset verification, and acquisition of public records from local courts and state/federal agencies. Compensation commensurate with prior experience.

read more › Asset search and discovery is a highly specialized type of investigation, demanding extensive experience, access and resources. Every case is unique and must be approached as such. Beacon has assisted clients in identifying more than $165 million in total assets in the past five years. Beacon's success rate finding for undisclosed bank accounts (accounts previously unknown to the client) averages 88% based on our last full year of results. Our recent success rate is over 80% for locating stock, brokerage, and retirement accounts.

read more › The investigators at Beacon Investigative Solutions have decades of experience running comprehensive background investigations for corporate, legal, and private clients. For every background investigation, Beacon has the capacity to develop a comprehensive portrait of the subject that encompasses their civil, criminal, professional, educational, financial, and marital history. While other background services rely exclusively on databases and cover only the basics, Beacon digs much deeper. Our local field investigators are supported by the extensive investigative resources of our national headquarters, including access to proprietary sources and technical specialists, such as computer forensics and financial fraud analysts.

read more › Beacon helps corporate clients gain deeper visibility of markets to outpace and outsmart their competition. From pricing models to go-to-market strategies to supply chain management, executives need to scrutinize the strategies of their competitors, scope the environment for emerging rivals, and stay several steps ahead of game-changing innovations and market disruptions. The competitive intelligence practice of Beacon International Group leverages the broad expertise of our investigators, who include former federal agents and law enforcement officers, in addition to seasoned corporate investigators who have spent decades consulting Fortune 500 companies on sensitive and strategic matters.

read more › Beacon Investigative Solutions has an extensive background in corporate investigative services. We have successfully completed hundreds of complex and sensitive investigations for Fortune 500 companies. Whatever the nature of your concerns or the threats facing your company, Beacon can provide highly qualified investigators with the necessary skills and experience to solve your specific problem. Our team includes former FBI Special Agents with anti-money-laundering expertise, corporate security professionals, computer forensic analysts, and competitive intelligence specialists.

read more › Find long lost relatives using Beacon's innovative DNA technologies combined with our comprehensive investigative experience. Our methods can identify an individual, even without any information about the person. Donor conceived: Our technology combined with our investigative experience can locate even anonymous donors. Long lost siblings: We have tracked down many siblings who were separated due to foster care, adoptions or other traumatic events. Dennis Forrester, Beacon's President, has over 20 years experience as a private investigator and has conducted investigations throughout the U.S.

read more › Will your company's next CEO be a mercurial visionary like Steve Jobs or a shrewdly methodical manager like Bill Gates? Does your new prospective CFO have a history of personal credit problems? Why does your top job candidate for Chief Marketing Officer bounce from firm to firm every two years - is it a sign of incompetence or ambition? The majority of investigative firms offering executive vetting and pre-employment screening aren't qualified to address these questions. Their services only scratch the surface: criminal, civil, and bankruptcy searches (generally limited to 7 to 10 years); verification of degrees; dates of employment; title; ending pay; duties; reason for leaving; eligibility for rehire.

read more › Beacon Investigative Solutions specializes in fraud investigations for businesses, insurers, institutional investors and private individuals. Our investigative team is led by a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and includes experts in securities, financial, insurance and corporate fraud, as well as computer forensic analysts and former FBI Special Agents with anti-money-laundering expertise. Our fraud specialists are supported by highly qualified surveillance and field investigators in 40+ states.

read more › Beacon Investigative Solutions provides insurance fraud investigations for major insurance companies. We have local investigators for field interviews and surveillance in 40+ states, as well as experts in fraud analysis at our agency headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Beacon has the experience and resources necessary to bring every fraud investigation to a successful conclusion, including cases that result in criminal prosecution and require coordination with law enforcement officials. We have handled hundreds of mortgage fraud cases on behalf of a leading PMI insurance company, and have extensive experience documenting many other kinds of fraudulent claims through field surveillance, interviews, and analysis.

read more › Beacon Investigative Solutions has extensive experience providing law firms with litigation support for both plaintiff and defendant actions, in federal and state courts throughout the U.S. We can provide references from satisfied clients, ranging from major Am Law 100 law firms to attorneys with independent practices. We routinely assist law firms by locating reluctant witnesses, evasive defendants, and missing heirs in support of civil, criminal, and probate cases. We have an excellent track record with the most challenging kinds of cases, such as identifying witnesses of crimes or accidents who aren't referenced in the police report and haven't publicly come forward with their story.

read more › When you need to find someone - anyone, anywhere, anytime - Beacon Investigative Solutions has the experience and personnel to make it happen. We believe the only acceptable outcome for a locate investigation is a confirmed address and current telephone number. Our services come with a 100% money back guarantee, should the information we provide turn out to be inaccurate. Our services for private clients include locating missing persons, runaways, and long-lost family members. We also provide investigative assistance in adoption cases to adult adoptees who wish to identify and locate their birth parents and other biological relatives.

read more › Beacon Investigative Solutions provides the highest level of professionalism for surveillance investigations through our experienced team of local field investigators. We pride ourselves on providing superior service and up-to-the-minute communications with our clients. Many of our surveillance investigators possess a prior law enforcement background, including specialized training in advanced surveillance techniques, to ensure that even the most difficult cases are completed successfully. All Beacon clients receive login credentials for our secure case management system.

read more › Beacon International Group Inc. d/b/a Beacon Investigative Solutions holds active private investigator licenses and/or private investigation agency licenses in 35 states and also operates in 6 additional states that do not require a private investigators license. Below are copies of our licenses, bond and insurance information, and certificates of good standing.

read more › Beacon works on a retainer basis. After discussing your case in an initial consultation, we will estimate the anticipated time and expense necessary to bring the investigation to a successful conclusion and set the retainer amount accordingly. Payment may be made by check or credit card. We will not exceed the estimated budget - or the amount of the initial retainer - without your prior approval. At the conclusion of the case, we will issue you a detailed invoice itemizing all charges, and any remaining amount from the initial retainer will be refunded.

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