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I'm a licensed NJ Private Investigator, being an active member of the NJLPIA (NJ Licensed Private Investigator Association) I have over 20+ years of experience involving criminal investigations, surveillance, interviews and criminal background checks. My investigators' have many years of experience with cyber-crime cases. I have been practicing as a trial lawyer for almost 50 years.

Recently I asked a friend for a bilingual investigator. He introduced me to Kharis Sepulveda. Kharis is an excellent investigator because he immediately gets working on the assigned matter and he gets results. He has helped me successfully recover monies for clients that I would not have been able to do without his very aggressive help, He found witnesses for me that I was not aware of and then talked them into giving testimony for me.

Additionally, he was able to talk his way onto premises where the accident occurred and to photograph the same without my having to obtain a court order. Those photographs made a huge difference in the outcome of this case.

read more › E-mail Retrieval Internet History Financial File Recovery Chatlogs Recovered Image/Video Files Mobile Phone Files FaceBook Files Hotmail G-Mail Yahoo Files Social Media Is he or she engaging in an affair online? Are your employees using your Internet service to gamble online, stock trade or for pornography? Civilian Active Shooter Consultations Active shooter incidents are a growing concern for schools, businesses and the general public. It is important to have a basic understanding of the dynamics of an active shooter incident in order to better prepare for a potential situation.

read more › Are your employees using your Internet service to gamble online, stock trade or for pornography? Call Sepulveda Inc. today to get the help you deserve from licensed professionals with extensive experience in the industry. I want to thank Kharis and his team for an excellent job finding "my person of interest" which I thought was also my friend. I loaned money 'legitimately' with a signed note and a promise to be paid back and after one year, my friend vanished with no forwarding address. After a short time "my friend" was found, I filed a court motion and was paid in full.

read more › For those that carry a handgun, whether it be a law enforcement officer, security officer, or a civilian with a CCW, it is important to understand that many shooting engagements tend to occur at extremely close range (1 to 5 yards). At these distances, it will be very difficult to acquire an "ideal" sight picture, since you will only have 1 or 2 seconds to respond to a violent encounter. You might not even have the time to bring the gun sights up to your eyes. This class will teach you how to shoot and engage your threat utilizing techniques that will correspond with your natural body mechanics under extreme stress.

read more › Firearms training is essential for achieving shooting proficiency. Knowledge and safety are the keys to success. Whether you are a first time firearms owner, law enforcement officer, security officer or have a CCW, we will offer training programs that will fit your needs! First Time Firearms Owners: It is important for individuals who are new to firearms ownership to understand the fundamentals of firearms safety and the basic techniques of shooting. Current Law Enforcement Officers/Private Security Professionals: It is important for active law enforcement officers & private security professionals to maintain a high level of proficiency with their respective handguns.

read more › Intro: Alpha welcomes the Nation to episode #210. How to contact us RaiderCop. Com and Join us on, our social media accounts, MEWE, Winkin, Clouthub, Gab, Facebook, Instagram, Rumble and Parler. You can find us @RaiderCop @RaiderCopNation or @RaiderCopPodcast. Alpha, talks about what is happening with the lunatic leadership of Delta Airlines, Coca Cola, & Major League Baseball MLB, why support these goofs. Word of the Week: Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

read more › Intro: Alpha welcomes the Nation to episode #189. How to contact us RaiderCop. Com and Don't forget to contact with us on social media: MEWE, Wimkin, CloutHub, Parler, FaceBook. This episode take you down road to political gun control correctness and the level of mental illness in the Dems heads. The Hearties list coming along, and can be found on the website: Raider Cop Nation. Word of the Week: Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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