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Private Investigator, Infidelity Expert, Bill Mitchell Accepts Assignments Worldwide to Serve Extreme Investigation Needs. Bill Mitchell, America's Best Known Private Investigator, Best-Selling Author, and a frequent guest of network TV and media outlets has based his Private Investigative Agency in Greenville SC.

Mitchell Reports has a proven record of accomplishment; saving insurance companies millions in fraud claims, unraveling seemingly impossible civil and criminal cases, solving thousands of infidelity assignments and successfully reuniting scores of lost loved ones since 1961.We strongly felt something was wrong in our youngest daughter's marriage. A friend encouraged and suggested Bill Mitchell as a private investigator.

From our initial consultation, we were impressed with Bill's knowledge and experience in the field. We hired his help and within a week our suspicions were confirmed. Bill's intuition and skill of surveillance were thorough and most professional. We appreciate his prompt communication and collaboration with us during this time.

read more › Mitchell Reports was founded by former FBI Special Agent, Bill Mitchell, Sr. in 1961. At that time, the agency was headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ. In 1978, Bill Mitchell, Jr. joined his father and helped grow the agency to its current, nationally recognized status with the release of his book, "The More You Know" in 2004. Since that time, Mitchell has become a nationally known infidelity expert appearing on the Dr. Phil Show, NBC Today with Matt Lauer, CBS The Early Show, Fox News Hannity and Colmes Show and many others.

read more › Suspect an employee of running their own business on your time in company vehicle? Drivers making extra "personal runs" without permission. Salesman staying home while claiming to be working the field? Spouse disappearing and you must know the truth? Suspect a claimant of working under the table? All these scenarios demand action and professional assistance from a qualified investigative agency. Our private investigative firm has a legacy of delivering fast, reliable and quality surveillance services.

read more › Can you use an independent and objective service in your next case? We provide valued insights during the planning, discovery, implementation and trial phases. We understand what it takes to collect facts that either prove or disprove a claim, tort or wrongdoing. We "go the extra mile" in all cases. Each assignment is very important to us and success drives us every day - and has since 1961. As an attorney you know that building a solid legal case requires experience, planning, execution, training and professionalism to assemble a winning strategy.

read more › Have your suspicions of a cheating spouse turned your world upside down? Stay Calm. Be Smart. If you suspect your spouse is having an affair - or at least contemplating one - it is highly likely you are correct. For the last five decades, Mitchell Reports has handled sensitive and challenging cases just like yours. All consultations are confidential and free. Let us help you get the proof you need to move forward and put your life back in order. I found out my spouse was seeing someone after being married for over 20 years.

read more › Hire with confidence! Mitchell Reports provides thorough pre-employment screening solutions when it comes to hiring decisions. We offer you several levels of service by customizing suites of online screening solutions. Mitchell Reports takes the guess work out of verifying the information provided by applicants, volunteers or prospective business partners. Mitchell Reports is an information network aggressively focused on assembling the most powerful set of records in the country. You will have access to this data and able to make decisions within days - not weeks!

read more › Insurance fraud, phony workers compensation, slip and falls, or personal injury claims need to be investigated. Suspicious fires, accidents, defective product claims, thefts and more have been our specialty since 1961. Over the last five decades Mitchell Reports has investigated thousands of insurance claims and saved our clients millions. Investigating claims is what we do best! We get it. Our approach? It's simple. We establish a mission statement with our clients, identify a workable budget, and then begin rapid deploy our team.

read more › Child custody is the most important responsibility you will ever face. Understanding how a divorce changes their future is vital. Why let a court decide their fate without making your case that they are safe and in a loving environment after you part ways? Let's face it, not all parents doing a great job. In some cases, they are left alone, abused, mistreated, used as pawns, and even neglected. The safety of your children is paramount. If you believe your kids may be in danger during a custody visit by willful acts, overt neglect, abandonment or even simple carelessness - you need proof!

read more › Turn your passion for private investigations into a career. Taking photos and research are what you love to do. Did you know you can turn this passion into a career? It's not as difficult as you might think. To produce a visually compelling image, a private investigator needs more than creativity. You need to have working knowledge of civil and criminal investigation, report writing, surveillance, insurance fraud, undercover operations, skip tracing, photography, camera and technical skills, and a thorough understanding of the subject to be successful.

read more › Selected for being incisive, informative, provocative, or heartbreaking, each book presents a compelling idea, expressed at its natural length. Written by a successful experienced private investigator Bill Mitchell who has solved in excess of two thousand infidelity cases, The More You Know is the complete guide to recognizing, uncovering, and surviving a cheating boyfriend or mate. We all know someone who has a cheating spouse, but gossip does not make an epidemic. Through this book you will come to see from actual case file stories and interviews with nationally respected authorities - powerful facts about marriage and thoughtfully designed action plans.

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