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Upstate Private Investigators Upstate Private Investigators, LLC. is a team of licensed private investigators in Anderson SC that will handle your investigative needs with professionalism un-matched by others. All investigations are conducted ethically and objectively. We obligate all of our resources to each investigation to allow for the best possible conclusion. All results are based on facts and never an educated opinion.

Individuals: We have helped the entire Upstate SC region with personal service beyond compare. Matters such as these require the attention that only we can give. You need the professionalism and due diligence we offer in times like these. It's important to realize we've done this for years, and know how to handle your personal needs from adultery investigations to child custody investigations.

read more › Upstate Private Investigators in Anderson SC has more than 25 years experience. We understand our clients' urgency for privacy when dealing with sensitive material that commands a private investigative agency's assistance. People want to work with someone they trust. Each case requires unique personalized attention. After knowing the facts, we proceed with your investigation as quickly as possible so the conclusion creates peace of mind, no matter what the findings may be. Please review our list of investigative services.

read more › Our client's cases are confidential, and we take that confidentiality seriously. Additionally, we give each case personalized attention. You are not just a number when you call us or walk in the door. Once we meet for the initial consultation and get the facts of your case, we start working on your case as soon as possible, giving you peace of mind, regardless of the findings. We believe three key traits are what you should look for first in a private investigator; honesty, dependability, and professionalism.

read more › If you are dealing with issues related to child custody, working with a private investigator to conduct a Greenville child custody investigation could be extremely beneficial. Skilled investigators like Upstate Private Investigators may be able to uncover information that could make a big difference in your case. Fighting for your rights when it comes to the custody of your children is important. By hiring a private investigator who has previous experience handling cases like these, you can often improve your chances of getting a successful outcome in your case.

read more › Private investigators play a vital role in aiding Greenville criminal defense investigations. Putting together a strong case that has a high probability of the accused getting acquitted is a process that demands a lot of support for the entire defense team. The process of establishing reasonable doubt is never easy. At Upstate Private Investigators, we are committed to helping defense lawyers gather the necessary evidence needed to establish reasonable doubt for their clients. Our investigators will even reach out to key witnesses gathering the relevant information required.

read more › Upstate Private Investigators is a Greenville private investigation and detective firm with a professional team of licensed and private investigators highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of a Greenville domestic and adultery investigation. Adultery and infidelity investigations can help determine whether a spouse or significant other is committing adultery or being unfaithful in a relationship. When it comes to establishing whether a partner is cheating there are numerous methods we use to uncover the truth and prove that infidelity or adultery is taking place.

read more › When it comes to Greenville employment background checks, context is one of the most important elements. Take the example of a merger involving two international companies. Background checks will play a critical role and investigators should be given ample time, which can sometimes be weeks. In a scenario such as vetting new tenants, the scope of the background checks involved will be considerably narrower than that required for the company merger. At our company, we have a team of professionals that specialize in investigating individuals, organizations, or companies, of any size and diversity.

read more › Digital forensics basically involves preserving and simplifying the process used in data collection. Upstate Private Investigators has a team of experienced private investigators committed to giving you the security and results you require. When there are computer crimes and digital dilemmas, time is of the essence. The most integral step to be taken first in this whole process is establishing a trail. We work on resolving any digital mishap that has the potential of wreaking unfathomable depredation on evidence for criminal and civil cases.

read more › At some point, every employer experiences employee theft at the workplace. A lack of know-how and the complex nature of such cases mean that most employers leave these occurrences uninvestigated. With a growing number of organizations struggling to cover the cost of such occurrences, as a result of today's challenging economic conditions, there is an ever-increasing need for workplace investigations. The misuse of employer resources without direct permission is considered to be the main definition of employee theft.

read more › Upstate Private Investigators offer Greenville GPS investigations and vehicle tracking to assist with the tracking of a subject. It helps in identifying the location of a subject and the time for which they were at a particular place. This technology helps in establishing the pattern being followed by the subject. Investigations involving GPS technology are sensitive in nature, and we ensure that we are always in compliance with the local regulations and laws when using such technology. Our Greenville private investigators are capable of using this technology to help you across Upstate South Carolina.

read more › At Upstate Private Investigators, we work with clients coming from all walks of life, individuals as well as businesses and various organizations. You should always take the protection of your business or of your family one of your first and foremost priorities. This means you have to get to know everyone around you. Polygraph testing is a great method to investigate suspicious people or shady circumstances. The polygraph testing consists of connecting the individual to a special polygraph machine.

read more › Almost half of the marriages in America today end in divorce. Unfortunately, most of these marriages get ruined since one of the spouses did not realize something about their partner's past life that could have been brought to light before committing to marriage. Greenville pre-marital background investigations are an effective way to find out if your soon-to-be marriage partner has been honest about their past life, and whether there are things they are hiding from you. Whenever you need to know something about your soon-to-be spouse's past life, Upstate Private Investigators can connect you to a skilled private detective in Greenville who is specialized in such types of background checks.

read more › A Greenville process server refers to a professional who is tasked with delivering legal documents to any party mentioned in a legal proceeding. Generally, process servers are often private detectives near Greenville or their employees. Process servers require a comprehensive understanding of the laws (local, state, and federal) that may apply to the process of delivering legal documents. It is also essential that they understand the difference between documents that can be delivered via mail and those that need to be hand-delivered.

read more › Always trust your gut. If your instincts are screaming that something isn't adding up, then the odds are that it isn't. Your intuition might be telling you that your spouse is not faithful, or your employees aren't as loyal as they would lead you to believe. Whichever the case, you will need to collect evidence of the misconduct - concrete proof that can support your case in court. If you suspect criminality or any wrongdoing, you can count on our experienced and highly-skilled private investigators at Upstate Private Investigators to conduct Greenville surveillance for you and help you acquire the much-needed evidence that is admissible in the courtrooms.

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