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Lauth Investigation International When it comes to your personal or corporate life, you deserve facts, not fiction. We are a private investigation firm that is committed to using verified databases and a catalogue of skill-sets to bring intelligence to businesses and private citizens. Our private investigators are trained to approach every case with objectivity and diversified methodology.

What makes us better than the competition is a proactive and diligent approach consistently focused on customer satisfaction. A private investigator can use their independence and diverse tool chest to exhaust unexplored leads, uncover new evidence, or identify new witnesses. Our personal services are designed to empower our clients by us finding the truth through fact-finding, surveillance, and open-source intelligence.

We provide detailed reports and expert recommendations to give our clients clarity in their personal crisis. A private investigator is the perfect multi-tool for your law firm. Our background check and surveillance services are invaluable to the attorneys we serve.

read more › Fortifying corporations and individuals with facts to make crucial judgements in their lives. We apply appropriate industry knowledge & methodology to your crisis in pursuit of the truth. Lauth Investigations International is a family owned and operated private investigation firm providing solutions to corporations, attorneys and consumers for more than 30 years. The Lauth team of dedicated, loyal and fact-finders investigators provide results you can have confidence in when making strategic decisions in a complex business and personal world.

read more › Lauth Investigations International specializes in complex corporate, financial, and personal investigations worldwide. We serve corporations and private individuals in Indianapolis, Indiana and throughout the nation. Lauth Investigations International is comprised of military veterans and professionals with diverse backgrounds and the expertise to respond to your crisis quickly and efficiently. Lauth Investigations' CCA program is a specific service for corporations and organizations where we evaluate your internal operations from top to bottom, identify and uncover problems to provide expert solutions.

read more › Hiring a private investigator for your personal crisis is the first step towards getting the critical context you need to make complex decisions. For many Americans, their conception of a private investigator includes things like unsettling surveillance, documenting a cheating spouse's movements, and film noir. The reality is that a private investigator carries a flexible skillset that can be applied to multiple areas of your personal life, depending on the private investigator's practice and specialty.

read more › From family heirlooms to corporate decor, Lauth's investigators know that value is subjective. Let us protect what is valuable to you. When it comes to Art & Jewelry Theft, how important is your case to the police? Even the most equipped and vigilant police department must prioritize casework-a triage in which violent crimes are placed at the forefront daily operations and receive the most resources from jurisdictional law enforcement. Crimes concerning only the theft of personal property like jewelry, art, electronics, and other valuable items are usually moved to the back burner.

read more › When it comes to background checks, you need a private investigator with access to verified information and the experience to put that information in context. No matter where you are located, Lauth private investigators can connect you with the background check intelligence to make crucial decisions. Background checks can provide peace of mind in both our personal and corporate lives. There are many open-source intelligence websites that claim they can get you personal information on individuals for your purposes, but none can stand up to the fact-finding of a private investigator.

read more › Lauth Investigations International is dedicated to providing families with answers in the unsolved homicide or death of their missing loved one. An unsolved murder is not just the absence of justice for the victim but also the absence of closure for the family of the victim. Such a violent incident leaves families reeling and desperate for answers from police. Even the most competent police departments hit a wall in unsolved homicide case. Witnesses disappear, evidence is mishandled, or the trail just goes cold, and the victim is forgotten.

read more › At Lauth, we empower our clients with comprehensive business intelligence so they can improve their business from within. A corporate culture audit is a program that examines the internal policies of a corporation or organization, how those policies are enforced, how they effect the employees, and how those employees relate to each other as a result. If the corporate culture in a company is good, that positivity is baked into the internal operations, employees feel valued by their organization, and therefore will remain engaged and invested in maintaining productivity.

read more › Corporate Theft Investigations are an investment in the future of your business. Corporate Theft Investigations can identify the thieves in your midst and protect your assets from exploitation and fraud. Employee theft and embezzlement in particular can be devastating by virtue of internal knowledge. Left unchecked, this type of embezzlement not only hurts your bottom line, but can become a malignant presence in your corporate culture. Through due-diligence and collaboration, we provide corporations with the information they need to stop employee theft, fraud, and other forms of theft.

read more › When your business is the target of an internal or external fraud, you deserve a fraud investigator who will leave no stone unturned in exposing the culprit of the crime. Fraud & forgery crimes are two crimes that pose the largest long-term risk to a corporation if they go on undetected. From email scams to insurance fraud, fraud can be the wound that lets your corporation slowly bleed out. Don't allow your business to be exploited by financial crime. With Lauth's fraud investigation services, you can expose misconduct in your midst.

read more › A non-compete agreement is meant to protect trade secrets and prevents other companies from getting a leg-up in the competition. When a former employee steals your company's trade secrets, it's time to stand up. Non-compete violation investigations are a prudent way to ensure your trade secrets are not at risk. From brand protection to theft of industry secrets, Lauth is dedicated to using diverse resources and due-diligence to fortify our clients with our non-compete investigations. We investigate claims of non-compete violations for you so you can focus on growing your business and empower you with information to make crucial decisions.

read more › A violence or threat assessment for your workplace is one of the best investments you can make for your business. A violence or threat assessment not only protects your employees from imminent risks, but also prevents financial losses from theft, violence, and litigation. Workplace violence is on the rise, and that means leadership must be vigilant about identifying potential threats within their business. With Lauth's violence & threat assessment services and professional intervention, you can rest easy knowing your business and your employees are protected.

read more › White collar crime is one of the most devastating types of corporate fraud within a busniess or organization, because it is often perpetrated by the leadership with the most internal power and influence. The more power the perpetrator holds, the greater the fraud. In this way, the calculable potential losses associated with white collar crime could exponentially grow to seven figures, both during the misconduct and as a result of it. At Lauth, we believe our due-diligence extends from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top, and that means holding executives accountable for their fraud.

read more › Workers' compensation is an important piece of the corporate structure that assists an injured worker in getting the care they need to get well again. These benefits ensure that employees can return to work in top-notch condition. However, when an employee abuses workers' compensation benefits, it is a violation of the contract set between employer and employee. Profits are eroded and compensation insurance premiums go up. Just like FMLA fraud claims, workers' compensation investigations must be triggered by a reasonable suspicion that the employee is intentionally defrauding their employer of benefits by claiming injury on company time.

read more › As a professional, attorneys constantly have spinning plates in the air. Each case deserves its own specialized attention and approach, which can be difficult when the caseload is high. There are hundreds if not thousands of documents that need to be reviewed, witnesses that need to be interviewed, and on top of all that, the emphasis on case law. It's a demanding job that demands the correct tools. Many attorneys turn to the expertise of a private investigator to provide support in investigation.

read more › When it comes to your client's freedom, you cannot afford less than the best. A criminal defense case deserves a solid foundation comprised of diligent fact-finding and comprehensive intelligence. Criminal defense always stands against the tall order of law enforcement and the system, leaving a defendant with need for a good criminal defense attorney. That criminal defense attorney should not only have a sophisticated grasp of the law, but also have the very best multi-tools in their pocket to build your client the best defense.

read more › Harassment and discrimination investigations can be triggered by a myriad of intersecting issues in a multitude of environments. Harassment and discrimination can take place on the job, in the home, and under the radar. They generally carry a high level of scrutiny on behalf of investigating parties who must have the diverse experience to sift through they-said, they-sad narratives and get to the truth. That's why harassment and discrimination investigations need a seasoned private investigator to independently document and expose these types of personal or workplace harassment and discrimination.

read more › When it comes to the personal or corporate crises in your life, you need the best intelligence on your side to help you make crucial decisions. In order to see the full picture of an individual's assets, you have to initiate a comprehensive asset location investigation. Asset location can be tricky if you don't have the right investigative tools at your disposal. That's why a private investigator can be the ideal professional to give you the full picture of someone's assets. When engaging in an asset location investigation, make sure you have the Lauth brand of due-diligence on your side.

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