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All In Investigations Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, we are private investigators operating with resident agents in numerous US cities, and in over 70 countries worldwide. Formed in 1960 by former FBI agents, our firm is a private full-service company presently staffed by former Indianapolis Police investigators and government agents, as well as current police department detectives who assist us off-duty.

In addition, our organization includes numerous professional private investigators with expertise in the various fields necessary to ensure that both large- and small-scale cases can be coordinated from our Indianapolis office without leaving any aspect unchecked. By coordinating the work of field operatives, specialists and research professionals, our operations managers prepare comprehensive and thorough reports to provide our clients with reliable facts so that they can make informed decisions.

Each of our clients is unique and brings with them a special situation to be investigated that might include any number of variables which could require one or more methods of investigation.

read more › We are an international private investigations company based in Indiana with resident agents in numerous US cities, as well as countries across the globe. All in InvestigationsAll in Investigations. As an international private investigations company, we have local operatives in over 70 nations worldwide while managing the casework from our headquarters based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Investigations can be initiated through in-person or telephone conferences, or by online correspondence. Inquiries are always welcomed by our staff of Indiana investigators and we are prepared to assist individuals, law firms and organizations in assessing their needs.

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read more › Attorneys, corporations and individuals rely on for definitive results in every type of legal matter. For obvious reasons, background research is a standard component of all types of investigations, and is considered essential as a preliminary tool used in determining subsequent goals and/or approaches. As an emotionally uninvolved third-party, we are in the position to maintain focus on the client's objectives without loosing sight of what is important to the case. It is unfortunate, but true, that in matters of embezzlement, the burden of proof falls upon the victim, who must undertake initial research in order to determine if such a crime has occurred.

read more › I am happy to recommend All In Investigations to my follow attorneys. Over the years All in Investigations has found witnesses no one else could find, serve papers no one else could serve and given me the ammunition I needed to win some very important cases. Sometimes I wonder if Paul Drake works there. Call Us to Get Started: Provide us the facts of your case and expected outcome. We will provide you with an estimation of costs. We will create an Agreement for Services to include, if required, an Attorney Client Privilege Clause.

read more › All In Investigations is a team of experienced private detectives which has been performing skip trace services since before many of our competitors were born. Having entered the world of missing person or skip trace investigations long before computer databases were available, we developed the methods, resources and contacts necessary to locate even the most difficult to find fugitives. Therefore, we are not limited to searching database records to skip trace like many other modern private detectives; we can fall back on our traditional 'gumshoe' methods.

read more › Where did they come from? Why are they here? What is their history? These are common questions, and for obvious reasons. Background research is a standard component of all types of investigations, and is considered essential as a preliminary tool used in determining subsequent goals and/or approaches. Unlike other firms which offer background research investigations, avoids marketing basic 'one-size-fits-all' services because they can ultimately limit the quality and quantity of information available.

read more › Prior to commencing investigations in child custody matters, it is essential that a solid strategy be initially developed. Based upon lengthy experience in child custody cases, recommends that all relevant laws and circumstances be fully examined in order to devise the most effective course of action without jeopardizing the client's legal suit. It is always strongly urged that our efforts be coordinated with the oversight of the attorney who will be presenting the case in court or mediation. Because families are actually being divided in child custody investigation cases, the emotional factors can often cloud the significant legal aspects involved in such investigations.

read more › If your objective is to determine the financial picture of an Individual or a Corporation, it behooves you and your Client to obtain as much financial information as possible. The following is a path to discover assets, hidden and known with current balances, account history, and updated balances on any given day. Our experience, quality and reliability and turnaround times are the best in the business. Our financial researchers have degrees in financial services and/or training in forensic fraud.

read more › As our name suggests, is able to perform the basic and related services for all Indiana process server matters, both domestically and on an international level. Acting simply as process servers, we take creative steps to verify a subject's address and availability just prior to our service attempt. Thereafter, we follow up the verification with an appropriate approach as we affect service. We generally obtain a digital photo of the individual served as additional proof of service. With the exception of out-of-state or international cases, process service attempts are generally made on a flat-fee basis; however, it is frequently requested that our servers perform initial efforts to locate a particular subject before attempting to serve papers.

read more › The majority of all investigations conducted by are undertaken with the understanding that the results may be used in court. However, some situations require our detectives to work in full initial co-operation and co-ordination with a client's attorney. Many times, our agency receives assignments directly from law firms, with little or no contact from their client. In addition, our investigations are commonly performed under the direction of legal departments for large corporations in cases that span the globe.

read more › The most commonly performed litigation research services are those conducted on behalf of plaintiffs or civil defendants wherein simple fact-finding and evidence gathering investigations are undertaken. It is well-known that private investigators assist attorneys in matters such as divorce, child custody, accident and injury. Investigations may initially seem simple and localized, but after following leads generated from preliminary inquiries, cases can occasionally evolve into matters of an international scale.

read more › Working under the direction of attorneys in most instances, we frequently investigate to determine the history of harm caused in relation to certain products, or we often research to locate additional potential claimants. Many times, ordinary insurance or personal injury investigations can evolve into product liability cases when we present our conclusions, which may include a recommendation for subrogation, for instance. Like other cases involving litigation research, will gather the relevant facts as instructed, but delve further by researching consumer complaints and investigating the background of a particular product.

read more › The nature of workers compensation assignments varies, and understands that our clients' needs are different, depending upon whether they are investigating for fraud, subrogation, or AOE/COE purposes. During the last four and a half decades, our interview and sub rosa services have been utilized in a variety of applications for our legal, corporate and insurance clients. Our rich experience with workers compensation fraud investigations has enabled us to develop a sense of a case's character from the time of its predication.

read more › Insurance companies from both the Life and Health, and Property and Casualty arenas consistently refer their adjusters to for the investigation of suspected fraudulent claims. Having worked with insurance companies for over 45 years, we are familiar with the nature and purpose of all varieties of claims investigations. While determination of claims fraud is typically the primary purpose of initiating a private investigation, understands that this is not always the insurance adjusters' intent. We are the preferred service provider of investigations among insurance companies because of our understanding of the full claims process.

read more › While it is primarily insurance companies who utilize the death investigation services of, we are also commonly consulted by private individuals regarding suspicious death claims. Former Deputy Marion County (Indianapolis) Coroner and longtime Indianapolis Police Department homicide detective, Jon Layton, has been instrumental in catapulting our reputation for outstanding success in the investigation of both contestable death claims and suspicious death claims. His reliance on proven scientific approaches, as well as his well-developed instinct as a former police homicide detective benefits all parties interested in conducting any sort of death investigation.

read more › Not all disability claims are workers' compensation-related, and understands how this fact can make a difference in terms of our approach, and our client's budget. Most significantly, we realize that fraud is not always the focus of disability claim investigations. When initiating disability investigations, it is important that we know if the claim is new, or if fraud is suspected so that we can devise the appropriate approach. These efforts are intended to either document or eliminate suspicious factors which might be evident when a claim is initially filed so that the claim adjustor can make an informed decision.

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