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Intermountain Integrity Investigations Personal Security Detail (PSD) and Executive Protection is no longer the privilege and prerogative of governments and the wealthy. Intermountain Integrity Investigations can provide the same level of professional service as off-duty police officers at a far less expense to the customer. Intermountain Integrity Investigations is proud to offer the experienced services of lead private investigator E. Christian Warmsley.

All charges were dropped against Geoffrey Vaughns once the truth was brought to light by our investigation. I can say without hesitation that Chiristian is remarkable in his abilities. Not only is he professional and thorough, he made sure that I was always updated and aware, completely through the whole investigation. I would highly recommend him and his services.

I have recommended Christian's investigative services to others and will continue to do so. He has shown great care and concern for this case and has gone well out of his way to make sure all aspects of it are handled properly.

read more › Undoubtedly, many are kept from the truth because they do not know where to look. Do not accept a guilty plea without examining all the evidence and facts! Our investigative team is trained in the latest investigative techniques, forensic data and computer analysis, witness locate and interviews, and evidence collection and preparation. We work closely with your attorney to uncover, locate and prepare the truth in your defense. We have walked in your shoes and know the challenges you face. All charges were dropped against Geoffrey Vaughns once the truth was brought to light by our investigation.

read more › Preparing for a civil case is not only lengthy, but will no doubt be costly and time consuming. The more work and preparation you do on your case, the less you will pay in attorney fees. Too many cases go to court without proper evidence or preparation on your behalf. Don't make the mistake of assuming your attorney knows all about your case and will spend weeks gathering evidence prior to trial! If you find yourself in a civil suit, the searching, gathering and preparing of evidence is up to you.

read more › Employment verification, Employee back ground checks, Rental background verification, Criminal history, .These are now at your fingertips. With the current state of economy, it is important for the employer to hire the right employee for the job. Employers are receiving hundreds of resumes from unemployed workers and it's important for employers to make the hiring process efficient and cost effective. Intermountain Integrity Investigations has the experience and the tools to offer its clients completed comprehensive background reports within hours or days.

read more › The private investigative firm Intermountain Integrity Investigations provides surveillance services for protection and documentation. Don't let a cheating spouse get you down. We like to stop cheaters. If you need the photographic or video documentation to confirm your suspicions of a cheater, let us help. Want us to investigate your Workman's Compensation Insurance claims? We provide the highest quality of video surveillance and very detailed reporting that suits the format you need. Don't pay out money to claimants that are cheating you.

read more › Personal Security Detail (PSD) and Executive Protection is no longer the privilege and prerogative of governments and the wealthy. PSD's are commonly known as close protection detail, executive protection detail and VIP protection detail. The growing need for quality professional security services is becoming more and more common at every level of our social and business connections. Intermountain Integrity Investigations provides a unique approach to PSD's using techniques that combine not only extensive agent training, experience, strategy, state-of-the-art technology and industry knowledge; we also bring agents with indepth investigative skills and experience along with exceptional interpersonal and conflict de-escalation skills.

read more › Geoffrey Vaughns, a young college student and football player, was wrongfully accused of some very serious charges. As a result, his scholarship was put on hold, putting his whole life and future in jeporady. We are glad to report that due to our investigation, the truth was brought to light, all charges were dropped and this young man is now currently back in school. We would like to offer our congratulations on a 100% acquittal of C. Jones. It was a very long and hard fought case, but innocence prevails.

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