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Executive Solutions Worldwide ESW maintains an operational stable of intelligence specialists (private investigators) and personal security specialists (bodyguards) in several metropolitan cities including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale. Additionally, our international capabilities include South Africa, Columbia, Mexico, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Israel.

Whether your matter is of legal, personal, or corporate nature, ESW can provide you with the solutions you deserve. Please take a moment to look through our suite of services. The Men and Women of Executive Solutions take immense pride in their extensive service careers in the Military, Law Enforcement, U.S. Government, and Private Sector. We bring this experience, knowledge, and passion to serve, to all of our clients.

read more › The core of what we at Executive Solutions do is protect your most valuable assets. Our brand exemplifies our commitment to this. The twin olive branches of our logo demonstrate our dedication to peaceful resolution of conflict through risk mitigation. The Globe represents our worldwide capabilities with experience in the United States, Latin America, South Africa, and the Middle East. Finally, the layer of spikes around the globe represents our ever vigilant pledge to protect what means the most to you.

read more › Timothy Cash has almost two decades of experience in providing security and investigative solutions to a variety of clients. After graduating from high school Tim joined the Marine Corps. When he returned home, he entered law enforcement where he attended various courses with a focus on special operations and community relations. After five years full time, Tim gave into his desire to be an entrepreneur and started his first company providing personal security. Post 9-11, he went on to complete contracts with the newly formed Transportation Security Administration as a master instructor in checked baggage screening.

read more › At Executive Solutions we believe that protection without disruption is our primary function. We take a strong proactive and preventative approach to mitigate the risk of incidents occurring. We understand that our clients depend on us to protect their families, homes, businesses, or organizations with discretion and professionalism. In doing so, we provide exceptional peace of mind to our clients. The value of knowing that you and your most prized assets are protected is priceless. Today's ever-changing world demands a personal protection specialist that is at home in any environment, from the boardroom to Baghdad.

read more › The contract uniformed protection officer is an ambassador of your company, an extension of your brand. They provide a visible deterrent to crime and a readily accessible response to critical incidents. Executive Solutions' Uniformed Protection Division prides itself on providing our clients with the most professional and knowledgeable officers available. Executive Solutions will provide you with armed, uniformed, or plain clothed protection specialists. We tailor our services to your needs by providing scalable security solutions.

read more › Executive Solutions only hires highly trained and experienced intelligence officers/investigators. This experience has been earned in places all over the world and working for various Government agencies, law enforcement, and private companies. We believe that this level of experience translates into the most professional service available in the market for our clients. We also strive to maintain cutting edge technology in the surveillance and intelligence analysis arena. Our intelligence officers have specialized knowledge over multiple disciplines and the ability to integrate various products to provide a total intelligence solution.

read more › If you've never used a VIP travel concierge before, you are probably asking yourself "Why does a security company need a concierge and travel agent?" Travel is such an amazing and global experience that our vision is to provide a service that is full of that excitement and extends into creating an unsurpassed travel experience for you. Whether it's a relaxing vacation in the sun, a trip that involves your favorite activities, or visiting one of the natural wonders of the world, we will tailor a trip that is right for you.

read more › The 60 hour Dignitary/Executive Protection Course is the first module in a series of courses designed to prepare individuals for a career in the protection industry. This program is a blend of classroom and hands on instruction. The course culminates in a field training exercise where students will conduct a protective operation and be graded on their ability to appropriately mitigate risk and adapt to dynamic situations. Upon successful completion, the student will be certified by the Association for Professional Security Contractors as a Dignitary Protection Specialist.

read more › Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) provide an ideal platform for a range of security, videography, and surveillance applications. In the past, helicopters have been an important source of support to teams on the ground. However, they are expensive and can take time to be ready to assist. Our UAV Asset is a quicker, more cost-effective, and just as successful alternative. They can be fitted with high definition video, still cameras, and thermal infrared imaging systems for night operations to provide remote and live monitoring 24/7.

read more › According to the American Society for Industrial Security, between 1992 and 1995, breaches in corporate security rose by 323 percent thus affecting the knowledge capital of many established firms and damaging newly created entrepreneurial ventures. It is impossible to place an accurate number on the amount of illegal eavesdropping that is currently going on, simply because for the most part in goes on undetected. These illegal surveillance operations go on unnoticed day in and day out until they have gathered all the information needed and by then it is too late.

read more › Private super yachts and mega yachts are a pirate's treasure chest. Pirates view your floating asset as a soft target with the potential for a great reward. This exposes you and your family to various threats including kidnapping for ransom, theft, hijacking, murder, or vandalism. Private yacht owners and crews face increased piracy threats around the world, including many popular ports in the Caribbean, off the coast of Florida, the Mediterranean, Mexico, the South Pacific, Singapore, Maldives, Africa, Gulf of Suez, Oman, Aden, or the Arabic Sea.

read more › Global energy sector development of resources and delivery of product presents extensive security concerns to companies. Often times the development of these resources is conducted in previously undeveloped and socioeconomically depressed locations. The risk to the personnel and assets in place ranges from Eco-terrorism, murder, kidnapping for ransom, to vandalism and destruction of critical infrastructure. Executive Solutions Worldwide has experience in providing companies with risk mitigation techniques to increase safety and security of personnel and facilities globally.

read more › Aging populations, chronic/lifestyle diseases, emerging-market expansion, and treatment and technology advances have generated an expanding need for the development of life saving drugs, technology, and procedures. This need has also generated an expanding field of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical technology companies. Within this competitive marketplace, continued research and development is required and at often times socioeconomically distressed locations around the globe. The need for companies to not only secure their personnel, but the products they develop is a requirement.

read more › The insurance industry market continues to face significant challenges due to Insurance Fraud continuing to become a growing national problem. This is a result of higher premiums and fewer resources for the legitimately injured. From Fraudulent Workers Comp Claims, bogus homeowner claims, and false injury reports from auto accidents. Our qualified investigators are prepared to assist through complex investigative techniques and surveillance. Executive Solutions Worldwide provides a reliable and effective investigative team to help ensure losses are minimized and fraudulent activity is properly identified.

read more › In the post 9/11 era, Aviation Security has taken center stage and continues to capture attention as Aviation Security Professionals strive to stay two steps ahead of the "bad guys". Executive Solution has extensive experience in the design, implementation, and delivery of aviation security programs. Several of ESW's high level Staff helped design and deliver training to the newly formed Transportation and Security Administration helping to train over 25,000 TSA Screeners. Executive Solutions is uniquely qualified to assist the Aviation Sector in developing and delivering training to existing security forces.

read more › The Internet has thoroughly changed our world in its short life. It connects people that before would never have been connected. In many ways, this is a positive thing. In some, though, this creates a problem. Political parties are now able to extend their reach far and wide beyond their borders, gaining global supporters with just the use a computer. This has led to greater risks for government officials and those aligned with the government. Government officials are leaning more on private intelligence and security firms like Executive Solutions Worldwide for support in ensuring the safety of political parties, government assets, and dignitaries.

read more › It's no surprise that financial leaders have found themselves as the headline makers for many years. This attracts unwanted and negative attention, at times, to their endeavors. These exposures have resulted in significant risks to the institutions themselves, their leaders and families. As a result many financial institutions have initiated proactive security programs to combat these new risks, understanding they can't secure their clients assets if they can't protect their own. At Executive Solutions we take a strong proactive and preventative approach to mitigate the risk of incidents occurring while maintaining high-levels of safety, security, customer service and building management.

read more › The 60 hour Dignitary/Executive Protection Course is the first module in a series of courses designed to prepare individuals for a career in the protection industry. This program is a blend of classroom and hands on instruction. The course culminates in a field training exercise where students will conduct a protective operation and be graded on their ability to appropriately mitigate risk and adapt to dynamic situations. Students will practice motorcade operations in a slow and methodical operation to ensure safety and complete understanding of vehicle positioning for maximum defense of protectee.

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