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As the menace of cybercrime increases, so does the call for our highly trained cyber investigators. Let our experienced private investigators bolster your case by obtaining the critical evidence you seek. Our experienced private investigators know how to track and capture the actions of a cheating spouse. Time is critical in missing person cases, and so is having our experienced private investigators on the trail.

Our veteran private investigators know how to navigate the corporate world with real-world experience. Our experienced private investigators can play a crucial role in your quest for child custody. Critical situations warrant the services of our highly trained technical surveillance countermeasures team. Southern Recon Agency, LLC has been rated the as one of the best private investigators in Orlando, Florida.

It doesn't get any better than that. We are a full-service company with an elite team of highly trained private investigators and an unrivaled reputation for providing first-class investigative results for individuals, law firms and corporations in Florida and across the country.

read more › Nobody likes being cheated on, but many still have to face it. While finding out about your partner's disloyalty may be deeply unnerving, it's also important to be aware of the truth. Ignorance of the red flags can lead you into an emotionally dangerous and draining situation. It's better to spot the signs early and mentally prepare yourself for a bad ending. In any case, ignorance isn't bliss for long when it comes to relationships. However, you can't easily spot such development in many cases.

read more › Southern Recon Agency, LLC provides advanced litigation support and investigation services for attorneys. Our highly experienced team of Licensed Private Investigators is complete with Technical and Communication Security Specialists, Cyber Investigation Specialists, Forensic Examiners, Former Law Enforcement Officers and an our in house Legal Counsel. Our company supports law firms and their clients by providing private investigation services for attorneys and technical security for internal and external communications, information and data.

read more › There are many reasons to conduct Product Liability Investigations. In most occurances, the product is implicated in some variation of litigation due to the perceived inability to live up to the product's expectations or guarantees, personal or property damages, health hazards and fraudulent misrepresentation of the product(s) itself. To successfully bring lawsuit against any manufacturer, Product Liability Investigations are critical to providing the attorney's with all of the facts concerning the liability issues, in a manner that is acceptable and presentable in the court of law requiring all product liability investigations to be conducted exclusively by specialized licensed private investigators.

read more › Covert Surveillance is usually the cornerstone in the majority of Private Investigations. Our experienced private investigators have collectively worked thousands of Surveillance Investigations and have been able to surreptitiously photo and video document indisputable evidence that can make or break most of our clients cases. Proper use and implementation of Covert Surveillance is often the most effective if not the only option when documenting an individual's movements, activities, whereabouts, habits and personal contacts.

read more › A complete & thorough Business Due Diligence Investigation is the critical first step taken before committing to any investment, merger, acquisition or business opportunity in Orlando. Even if you think you know the person very well, if considering a new partnership, joint venture, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, purchasing a business or even a personal loan, a comprehensive due diligence investigation is vital. SRA is centrally located in Orlando, Florida and provides Expert Due Diligence Investigations throughout the state of Florida.

read more › Many of challenges employers face in today's global marketplace can be prevented by an efficient background screening program along with periodic background investigations. Effective use of initial and ongoing background investigations is critical to the profitable operation of any business. Our job is to utilize comprehensive background screening to filter out as many unknown dangers in the hiring process as possible. Every business owner, manager or HR professional has to make critical decisions about potential and current employees in a limited amount of time.

read more › In order to know if you are dealing with a trustworthy company, you need to know what their customers are are saying about them. I have worked with Southern Recon on several investigations. He is an excellent investigator who always gets the job done no matter how complex or dangerous the situation. His fees are very reasonable and he usually puts in more hours than he gets paid for in order to make sure he does a professional job. I highly recommend Southern Recon Agency. Matt provided me with superior service.

read more › SRA helps empower individuals to take back their ability to control their Personal Privacy through our advanced Invasion of Privacy Investigation techniques and establishing effective safeguards against any future attacks. Our team of expert invasion of privacy investigators can identify any intrusions or attacks against your personal privacy and will assist you in securing your personal information and property to prevent any of these attacks from taking place in the future. According to the 4th amendment, all people are guaranteed "Protection" from Invasion of Privacy which is described as the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.

read more › If you have been dealing with Harassment or Stalking or anywhere in the State of Florida, the good news is that We can help you get your life back! Most of our Stalking Investigations have revealed 2 things, If you think you have a Stalker. You are Probably right! And the vast majority of Stalking Investigations have revealed that the same types of people are usually the perpetrators. Our vast experience in successfully handling Stalking Investigations has shown these types of people to be the most common threats in stalking or harassment cases.

read more › How can you tell if your cell phone is hacked, cloned, monitored or remotely tracked? The answer for 99.9% of Americans is that they cant! Stalkers, Identity Thieves, Cyber Terrorists, Sexual Predators, Pedophiles, Foreign Entities and Private Investigators have been able to freely access cell phones to track their exact locations, access secure & personal data and info and obtain unfettered access to their financial information. If someone has open access to your phone then they have access to every area of your life!

read more › Cyber-crimes are becoming an increasingly common threat to businesses and individuals throughout the world. Our experienced cyber investigation specialists are unmatched in tracking down hackers, product counterfeiters and cyber criminals for a wide range of corporations, celebrities, law firms and individuals. To Date, our Cyber Investigators have successfully worked over 1000 cyber investigations making our team one of the most experienced in the United States. While it is true that Cyber security is one of the fastest growing concerns in the field of cyber investigation, it is also true that if some one wants to get into a certain infrastructure or system, they will find a way in.

read more › Are you confident that your home and business are secure? In our technologically advanced world, you may be a victim of illegally placed covert video and audio eavesdropping devices. Both your personal and business privacy can easily be compromised in your home, corporate office and vehicle. You need to take affirmative steps to insure your sense of security, hard work and ideas are protected. The experienced technicians at SRA can help you regain and protect your privacy anywhere in Florida. SRA has highly trained Surveillance Detection specialists equipped with the most advanced TSCM (technical surveillance countermeasures) equipment available.

read more › SRA is well known for our ability to successfully solve Identity Theft and positively identify of the perpetrators so they can be turned in to the authorities. Solving Identity Theft can take a great deal of resources, time and expertise. It involves experienced identity theft investigators who can trace and follow the paper trail along with Cyber Crime and Computer Forensic specialists as the majority of this theft is done online and can be nearly impossible for the untrained and unequipped to trace.

read more › Aggressive investigation and surveillance will minimize your exposure to fraudulent claims. Headquartered in Orlando, Our team of experienced fraud investigators conducts interviews, undercover operations, background research and covert surveillance to provide the framework for deciding the validity of most Insurance Fraud Investigations. The private investigators at SRA have advanced expertise in conducting fraud investigations throughout Florida and has a proven track record of producing definitive evidence resulting in winning or losing a potential multi-million dollar claim.

read more › Our Elderly Abuse Investigation specialists are unmatched in the efficient and discreet monitoring and detection of abuse. Sadly, nursing home abuse, elderly abuse and neglect cases are very common. SRA Investigators have participated in numerous such cases for almost 20 years. Southern Recon Agency leaves no stone unturned, utilizing covert video surveillance, undercover operations and "boots on the ground" investigative techniques to obtain the critical evidence necessary in any case where a elderly person may be at risk.

read more › Southern Recon Agency is on the cutting edge of Technical Surveillance & Monitoring via GPS tracking, hidden cameras and digital surveillance procedures and technology. By utilizing this advanced technology we are able to covertly track exact whereabouts and record video of people, assets or property 24 hours a day. Technical Surveillance utilizes real time satellite GPS Tracking units, covert video surveillance and other state of the art equipment that works round the clock in any condition. Every situation is different and contrary to popular belief, neither hidden cameras nor GPS units are one size fits all.

read more › There are many reasons to conduct a Missing Person Search. You may need to locate a runaway teenager, a dead beat parent who owes years in back child support, a witness or defendant. We have a remarkable history of successfully finding our target individual (Missing Person). Centrally located, our licensed Florida Private Investigators are specialized and dedicated to locating missing people regardless of the reason. SRA has specific expertise in "tough to locate" Missing Person Investigations in Orlando and all across the State of Florida.

read more › Background Checks can provide you with reliable information based on someone's verified personal history and can be used as an important investigative tool in numerous situations. The evidence gathered from extensive background checks allows you to base important decisions on real facts and actionable intelligence instead of emotional or gut feelings. These types of private investigations can vary from the basic or cursory level to extremely comprehensive, penetrating and in depth investigations depending on your specific objectives based on your needs and budget.

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