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Capital Protection & Investigations When you choose Capital Protection & Investigations, you will receive the high-quality and effective private investigation services that you need and deserve. As a former NYPD officer, Michael Frassetti has the skill set necessary to verify and document the truth. His mission is to provide each client with superior investigative services. As such, he will act professionally and discreetly every step of the way.

Each investigation that he takes on is performed with the utmost confidentiality. Additionally, he treats each of his clients with respect and understanding. He is motivated to perform the highest level of investigative and security services in order to ensure your satisfaction and overall safety. Contact Michael Frassetti at Capital Protection & Investigations today to help uncover the evidence and find the truth you're looking for.

At Capital Protection & Investigations, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Michael Frassetti prioritizes the satisfaction of his clients and genuinely cares about each case he takes on.

read more › Capital Protection & Investigations, provides a full range of private investigation and protection services. Founder Michael Frassetti, started out as a police officer with the New York City Police Department. Michael worked in the NYPD's Intelligence Unit and the United Nations Dignitary Protection Unit. His work as a law enforcement officer was honored with many commendations, including the distinguished Police Officer of the Month Award. Michael became a State of Florida Certified Law Enforcement Officer in 2006.

read more › When you are in need of private investigation or executive protection services in Tampa, Charlotte County, Hardee County, Manatee County, or Sarasota County, enlist the help of Capital Protection & Investigations. The agency offers the skills Sarasota private investigator Michael Frassetti, a former NYPD law enforcement officer. Discretion, professionalism, ethics, and results are all at the forefront of Mr. Frassetti's priorities when handling any case. A private investigator is someone whom any individual or group can hire to carry out an investigation that involves a matter of personal concern.

read more › Most people get their romanticized notions of private investigators from the movies-so what do PIs actually do? Whether you need to obtain the identity of a person or company, conduct background checks on potential business partners, locate lost property, verify workers' compensation claims, investigate a suspicious death, or see if your spouse is being forthright with you, a private investigator can assist you. Michael is a former NYPD officer who is willing to travel to you. He can supply you with a complimentary case evaluation to help determine whether or not his services are the right fit for what you need.

read more › Alimony is "spousal support" paid to a former spouse. When a couple separates or divorces, they will typically make an alimony agreement to determine which spouse will provide the other with financial support to. The spouse must then fulfill the alimony requirements according to the agreement. Even though you may have agreed to an alimony plan initially, it is common and understandable to feel as though the divorce terms are no longer fair as time goes by. You may feel as though you are paying too much in spousal support, considering a change in your former spouse's living circumstances.

read more › Nothing is more heartbreaking than the suspicion your spouse or partner may be cheating on you. Living with this kind of unsolved paranoia can quite quickly take a toll, and our Sarasota infidelity investigator at Capital Protection & Investigations can help you put your mind to rest by uncovering the truth. Whether it is a traveling husband, a wife cheating on a spouse, or something similar, hiring a PI to follow someone who is suspected of being unfaithful is a way to find the answers to urgent questions.

read more › Following a divorce or break-up, one of the most contentious issues two parents can seek to resolve is that of child custody. If you are convinced your child's other parent is not suitable for having custody of the child but need concrete proof, look no further than our team at Capital Protection & Investigations. Our Sarasota child custody investigator, Michael Frassetti, understands how difficult a divorce proceeding is and can help to ensure that the best interests of you and your children remain protected.

read more › Many people assume, incorrectly so, when facing a trial or litigation, that the lawyer handling the case will gather all the evidence necessary to win. However, lawyers can only work with what they are directly given or have access to, and many firms will not conduct thorough investigations. This is why it is essential to enlist the services of a Sarasota private investigator from Capital Protection & Investigations. When so much can hang in the balance of a court decision, you shouldn't take chances or trust anything to fate.

read more › Surveillance services involve the art of watching someone in order to document their contacts, activities, and whereabouts. It can provide you with information about the individuals in question while allowing you to maintain a relationship of trust with them. Oftentimes, Michael Frassetti can perform reconnaissance on anyone, from people's spouses to caretakers and even employees. When you break the law with regards to surveillance tactics, not only can you face harsh penalties, but also any evidence you acquire will be deemed invalid in a court of law.

read more › If you are planning on entrusting someone with a great deal of responsibility, such as a new job, and you want to ensure that they have represented themselves honestly, a background check can help to uncover the truth. With a Sarasota private investigator aiding you, it is possible to get a comprehensive look into any individual's background. Capital Protection & Investigations is here to listen to your needs and discover the information you need to know in an efficient, discreet, and professional matter.

read more › In the United States, it is estimated that over 90,000 people are considered missing at any given time. If a loved one disappeared under mysterious circumstances, or you simply need to track someone down who you've lost touch with, getting a skilled private investigator to look into the matter and help you locate that person can yield the results you are seeking. Capital Protection & Investigations has a history of success with locating missing persons by using a variety of techniques and drawing from numerous resources.

read more › If you need assistance gathering evidence or looking into a criminal case, Capital Protection & Investigation can help you. When law enforcement investigations produce little to no useful information in a criminal case, a private investigator can prove useful where they are not. We are here to help attorneys straighten out the important details of a criminal case, so they can move forward with their goals with the answers they need. Gathering useable evidence can be effective for either criminal defense or for looking into a crime from the prosecution's angle.

read more › Does someone owe you money? Are you considering filing a civil lawsuit, such as a personal injury claim, but aren't sure if the defendant is collectible? Do you suspect your ex is hiding assets you are entitled to? These scenarios and others, such as contesting a will, are excellent reasons to have an asset search conducted. At Capital Protection and Investigations, Michael Frassetti can help you identify any hidden assets, from motorcycles to vacation properties, from stocks and bonds to property records.

read more › There is a wealth of information on social media these days. Whether you need to locate a missing person, prove an employee violated company policies, or discover if your ex is doing anything that would jeopardize your children's welfare, Michael Frassetti can help you. A public record search can tell you about past accidents, injuries, and arrests. Social media can tell you about an individual's relatives, interests and places they like to frequent. This information can provide you with the necessary material to begin surveillance, an asset search, etc.

read more › If you're an insurance company, family, friend, or other interested party seeking answers about someone's death, Capital Protection & Investigations, L.L.C. can help. Sometimes criminals involved in fraud assume the identity of a deceased individual. For a variety of reasons, a person may even stage their own death. Our skilled private investigator can help track down the facts and determine the truth. There are few things more distressing and heartbreaking than the death of a friend or loved one.

read more › At Capital Protection & Investigations, we aim to help clients fight for the truth they deserve, even if this means putting it to the test. Private investigator Michael Frassetti is a former police officer who worked in the NYPD's Intelligence Unit and the United Nations Dignitary Protection Unit. As a result, you can trust that he knows his way around investigation law and is committed to discovering the truth - one method of which to do so is the polygraph test. Whether you have questions about or seek to conduct a criminal polygraph, PCSOT, pre-employment test, or infidelity polygraph, we can help you.

read more › Are you seeking protection from a security service you can trust in your time of need? Upscale armed security has become a necessity now more than ever, and we at Capital Protection & Investigations have quickly become the number one choice for protection and investigative services in the Sarasota and Tampa areas. Not only do we offer our excellent services for all of your private events, we are also capable of protecting you at public venues and occasions. Some of the areas we offer our protection include conferences, upscale parties, VIP entertainment events, places of worship, corporate events, and more.

read more › If you are in need of personal protection for any reason, including Corporate Security and House of Worship Security, Capital Protection and Investigations can help you. Licensed private investigator Michael Frassetti is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a former NYPD officer, Michael Frassetti has firsthand knowledge of potential risks and extensive experience on how to keep individuals safe. Whether you are a celebrity, CEO, government official, or other high profile / high net worth individual, he can work to ensure that you and your family remain safe at all costs.

read more › Our VIP security services are designed to be an all-inclusive safety plan for any client who requires an elevated level of security in their personal or private life. Celebrities, government officials, business elite, exclusive club owners, athletes, and others may find themselves requiring security services that are tailored to their unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you need a single bodyguard present or you require a fully armed protection unit, Capital Protection & Investigations are here to serve.

read more › Your safety is a necessity 100% of the time, which is why we provide protection services that go where you go. Our Capital Protection & Investigations founder and protection officer, Michael Frassetti, has experience as an investigator and a police officer. He worked in the New York City Police Department's Intelligence Unit and United Nations Dignitary Protection Unit, so he has the knowledge to identify and handle anything that poses a threat to you and your family. No one should ever have to feel unsafe.

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