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For matters of criminal defense in which freedom is at stake, count on our professionals to serve you. Get to the truth with lie detection and truth assessment services from trained specialists. Carry and operate a firearm safely with a Concealed Weapons or Class G Security license course. Justice Investigations provides some of the best and most effective surveillance services available.

Justice Investigations is a private investigative agency in Florida dedicated to providing the finest in thorough investigation solutions. With a focus on solid results for your cases, our full-service agency is staffed with highly trained, experienced former law enforcement detectives. We provide investigative services in the areas of Orlando, Tampa, Naples and the Heartland of Florida.

Since 2010, our management team has carefully selected and established a staff of seasoned investigative professionals that possess extensive training and experience from years of handling the most complex investigations within their law enforcement careers.

read more › Criminal Defense and Mitigation Investigators provide one of the most important roles on a criminal defense team. Our investigators will verify and validate the information contained within the prosecution's case. Our team of investigators has the experience and training to assist the defense in identifying errors, omissions and truthfulness within the state's case. Our defense investigations will ensure that all proper procedures were adhered to during the police investigation. With skills developed over years of conducting interviews, our investigators speak with each witness to establish the value of information, personal character and credibility, along with their recall of events.

read more › In both criminal and civil investigations, finding the truth is paramount to getting justice for all parties involved. Justice Investigations offers lie detection services and truth assessments for cases in Orlando and all over the state of Florida. The results of these tests and assessments can help you get to the facts of a case more quickly. Our lie detection solutions use the latest in state-of-the-art technology, combined with the skill of highly trained, experienced technicians. Most commonly our services are used to assess the truthfulness in situations of suspected infidelity, employee theft, gaming fraud, contest compliance, and other issues.

read more › When a someone new enters your life as a romantic interest, child care / babysitter, home services contractor, or business associate you want to be sure they are of solid character and background. Our team of background research professionals will assist you in making a better decision with our experience and resources in examining current, relevant information. We provide more than just an online background report as we will dig deeper into the subject matter to provide a clear understanding of what the information is and how it is associated with the individual being researched.

read more › If you looking for firearms license training near you, reach out to us today. Our gun safety classes give students - from Bradenton to Orlando and beyond - an understanding of the mechanical operations of a firearm and teach them how to how to handle it correctly. This section of the course covers applicable portions of Chapters 493, 775, 776, and 790, of Florida's Statutes, as well as civil and criminal liability issues in connection with the use of firearms. This portion of the curriculum will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical operations of a firearm and how to handle firearms safely.

read more › Clients from all over the state of Florida trust us to handle their background checks and surveillance needs, and you can too. Count on our team to deliver the facts you need to protect yourself and your business interests in Orlando, Miami, Tallahassee, or anywhere else in the state. We're a premier provider of investigative and other justice system-related services, and advise clients on criminal, civil, and domestic cases to help mitigate the related risks. Justice Investigations provides some of the best and most effective surveillance services available.

read more › Civil litigation and domestic investigation are two very important areas of work for us. Justice Investigations works to uncover the truth in all we do, whether you're concerned about a spouse's infidelity or fighting a civil case in Orlando. Our team works across Florida to get to the bottom of every case we're given. Whether your case is over a concern for a cheating partner, a child custody issue, teen problems, or any other family-related difficulty, we've got you covered. We have family specialists and can handle any family court investigations.

read more › The private investigators at Justice Investigations deliver in-depth, detailed investigative services throughout Orlando and all of Florida. Each investigator brings their own unique experience, skill, and training to our company to deliver quality results quickly. Our goal is to provide fast, detailed results at an excellent value for our clients to ensure they enjoy the justice that everyone deserved in any case. With a mission to conduct comprehensive, highly detailed investigations at a great value, we keep our fees competitive and reasonable.

read more › I could not love working with these people more. The work they do is so thorough and makes a huge difference in the cases at our firm. They have helped our attorney get not guilty verdicts on separate murder and armed robbery life felonies with their top-notch investigative work. This firm is like family to me. As a lawyer I have used them on countless cases, even cases involving cutting edge scientific evidence and they were able to deliver and help prepare me for intense depositions of the opposing sides forensic computer experts which lead to a successful conclusion in the case.

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