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Dustin Grate is the owner of Grate Detections, LLC, with the ability to conduct any type of investigative needs to include Private Investigations, Process Serving and Private Patrolman. We are also able to conduct Mobile Drug Testing, coming to you we can conducting Drug tests for Pre-Hire, Post Accident, and Reasonable Suspicion by way of urine and hair testing along with 80 - hour alcohol testing.

Dustin has classes in Criminal Justice, POST Certificates and classes dealing with Psychology studies. He has a continued education from the University of Nevada Reno, Western Nevada College, and Truckee Meadows Community College. Background checks and pre-employment background checks are normally performed by private investigators for the purpose of getting the truth about a subject's history or background.

Private investigators in Reno are skilled in getting the records that are buried in the court system. Many states, and counties such as Washoe County in Nevada, are what is known as a "non-reporting" state.

read more › The private investigators at Grate Detections in Reno and Las Vegas are developed to be specific for individual needs. We have trained teams in all divisions that we offer for investigative needs. The Criminal Defense Team is designed with years of criminal defense experience behind them. With certifications as expert witnesses in almost all jurisdictions in Nevada Courts we will provide exactly what you are looking for. A fully developed Surveillance Team. Trained by Senior Investigators and monitored to make sure that the specific needs are met for the client's needs.

read more › Don't get caught using an "on-line data base system" or get stuck with a staffing agency that claims to background check your employees. Most Staffing Agencies are NOT licensed Investigators and do not check ALL the local or nationwide courts but only run personal or employee information through a "database" system and hope for a "hit". Grate Detections makes sure that does not happen, we physically hand check ALL local courts and make sure all Non-Reporting Courts are also hand checked. Nevada is a NON-REPORTING STATE.

read more › Not answering the phone, especially when you know they should be available, whether at home or office. Suspicious internet activity. Have they quickly closed or deleted screens when surprised by your appearance? Is their internet history constantly deleted?. Evasiveness - often after being caught in small lies, a cheating spouse begins to take steps to avoid further exposure of other lies they might have told you. Since a long list of untruths can be difficult to impossible to accurately remember and keep straight, unfaithful individuals try hard to avoid any possibility of exposure altogether.

read more › Grate Detections offers fast process serving services any day of the week, including holidays, after hours, and rush services. As experienced professionals, we wont "just try it one time" like the other guys. Our attempts will be completions not 3 attempts and send you an affidavit. Our rates will beat the others call for prices too low to list. When important documents need be served, don't rely on the amateurs, call the professionals. Grate Detections will be your premier source for all your process serving needs.

read more › Asset Searching is a very fine art when you are looking for assets that "don't exist" any longer because the other party has them "hidden" where they "think" they are safe. We have the ability to search out almost any asset to include but not limited to, Bank Accounts - Local, Nationwide, Brokerage. Grate Detections will attempt to locate assets in financial and real estate holdings; automobiles; boats; aircraft; real property; stocks and bonds and cash asset. Any tangible items that could be considered an asset we will do our best to locate and confirm.

read more › Accuracy comes from reading the test kit correctly and Reliability is being able to prove it. The Results you deserve Generate, transmit and store high quality, drug screen result forms. Manage all past drug screen results from your library Monitor inventory and place orders Set up new users, locations, clients and donors Generate reports and export your data. Negative repost with details Non-Negative initial screens Invalid/Non-Compliance reports Lab confirmation and MRO integrated [optional].

read more › Surveillance and counter surveillance. We will provide the answers that you are looking for. If you have a workers comp claim, or any type of insurance claims and believe some type of fraud is being committed during these difficult economic times. When the fear of infidelity becomes a part of your life and you need answers, let us provide the truth that you are seeking. We can capture evidence using sophisticated equipment real time GPS tracking, bugs, video, photography and much more to get the job done.

read more › Grate Detections will be conducting security consultation in three primary core areas; threat assessments, security program overview, and soft skill training. All services can be scaled and custom tailored to client specifications, but it is our intent to provide a broad level overview of each of the aforementioned core areas. Threat assessments will be conducted in cooperation with host property and will likely include; physical examination of property, testing of doors and windows, key control inquiry, local crime rate statistics, open source intelligence threats, and staff interviews.

read more › The investigators at Grate Detections are highly trained in multiple areas of investigations so they are able to benefit the attorney and the client. When an attorney is able to depend on the investigator to get factual and useful information that can be used for the defense or prosecution of a case, it can be the difference between freedom of life or life without it for the client. This allows the attorney to focus upon the case at hand and not the research that needs to be done, or locating a witness that is pivotal in a case.

read more › Dustin Grate was formally a partner and owner of Spencer Investigation LLC. With the rapid growth of Grate Detections LLC doing Mobile Drug Testing, Dustin formed Grate Detections LLC with Private Investigations and Drug Testing to combined both entities into a one stop shop for investigations and drug testing. Google review are under "Grate" Detections LLC(reviews are summations from Google Reviews.) I worked with Grate detections and I am very happy with how this team didn't give up on finding needed information.

read more › Private investigation, what is it? Investigations are conducted by professional licensed individuals. Don't get caught up in the "online data base" game. There is nothing online that is going to take place of a private investigator with experience to locate what you are needing. Investigations are made of facts, or should be. We are fact finders and will only report facts back to our clients. Sometimes facts and evidence of the investigation are not what you want us to locate but it is what we are going to provide.

read more › Clayton Steinberg: He is our Director of operations for Las Vegas. He has over 20 years of experience in the military, defense, and security sectors. After leaving the military, Clayton worked for the Department of Defense as well as various military contractors. He is proud to have served as a USAF Ammo troop, a career field commonly known as the proverbial "black sheep" of the United States Air Force. Clayton held a Top-Secret security clearance during his tenure with the DOD and JT4, a division of Raytheon.

read more › We have been Vetted by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board for Private Investigations, Process Serving, and Private Security (PILB 1782). We are also cleared to do investigations, process serving and security by the BSIS in California for Security and Private Investigations (PI 188095). Private investigator Dustin Grate saw an opportunity to expand growth and services by selling his partnership with Spencer Inv. and offer a great deal more for clients. This expansion opportunity rapidly took off, spinning the name Dustin Grate into Grate Detections LLC.

read more › We provide the best Pre Employment screening available in Nevada. With the Private Investigators Licensing behind our years of experience in Law Enforcement, we are offering what NO other agency can offer. Grate Detections LLC, DBA Priority1 is the ONLY private Investigation firm with the ability to have Finger Printing as yet another option in leading the industry in what we do. We are able to conduct Pre Employment Screening on a level untouchable by any other Private Investigative agency in Nevada, or any other Pre Employment Screening agency.

read more › The Criminal Defense Team is designed with years of criminal defense experience behind them. With certifications as expert witnesses in almost all jurisdictions in Nevada Courts we will provide exactly what you are looking for. We specialize in Criminal and Civil Defense cases. Certified in a multitude of courts as an expert witness for investigations. We have completed multiple Death Penalty, Murder, Attempted Murder, Sexual Assault, Attempted Sexual Assault, Rape, and many other high-profile cases.

read more › Because, we feel it is important to give our clients what they are looking for. If you would like to know more about how to receive free background check or drug test please contact Grate Detections. We are in full compliance with FCRA and offer background checks to be completed in days not weeks. With licenses in Nevada (1782) through the PILB and California (188095) we offer much more in depth backgrounds than any other firm. Please feel free to reach out to our firm anytime. We are available 24/7/365.

read more › Do you need a Mobile Notary Service? How about Mobile Drug Testing? Private Investigation? Sometimes one of the hardest things to find is a notary when you need one. We provide in office and mobile notary services for anybody. We are a full service Private Investigative Company, Mobile Drug Testing with Mobile Notary service. WE are licensed and bonded, always looking out for our clients and willing to go the extra mile to notarize your documents. Private Investigation is all about helping others.

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