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Professional private investigators have multiple responsibilities, and the skills and training to execute them. Our investigative team has decades of experience investigating cases for organizations and people to Discover the Truth. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will show you the difference it makes to work with the most professional private investigator agency in Las Vegas.

95% of the domestic cases we investigate result in confirming that the spouse is cheating. If you need more information to make an important decision, the Elite team of private detectives is on your side. Find out what you need to know with a free consultation from the leading private investigators in Las Vegas. Background checks, spousal surveillance, assets research and missing persons searches are just a few of our areas of expertise.

Keeping up with the costs of doing business means knowing what you're up against. Elite private detectives specialize in corporate investigative services, including: insurance fraud, surveillance, witness and missing person searches, attorney services and support, pre-employment background checks and more.

read more › Jon Girard was Amazing with helping my family locate where my niece was. Not even 24 hrs and i had the information i needed. Thank the Lord for these men and women that work for people like us that ate in need and have tries every Avenue and thought they could help but nope John was the only one that really helped me and my family. Please use them. This just made my month. Finally my niece will be coming home. I called elite investigations to get help with some security footage and spoke with the owner.

read more › Elite Investigations private detectives specialize in obtaining actionable evidence in difficult cases. Whether it's spousal surveillance, background checks, premarital or predating investigations, assets research, civil and criminal records research, electronic detection and countermeasures or a missing person search, Elite Investigations' Investigators can help solve your problem. You can't be too careful these days with the people you allow to get close to you. Taking precaution with new people in your life is not just about protecting yourself from a broken heart.

read more › There's more to trust than blind faith and when that trust is compromised, life as you know it can change. You have a right to know if your spouse, mate or lifetime partner is unfaithful and Elite Investigations has the right team to help. Our specialized private investigators are trained professionals, who can gather the facts you need to make an informed decision about your future. At Elite Investigations, we make your problem our problem. The investigation our private detectives conduct on your behalf will work within your budget and your comfort level.

read more › The days of accepting someone's claims about their past purely on their word are over. There is simply too much misrepresentation to make an informed decision without double checking. In these cases, the initial client interview is particularly important in order to determine what the investigative needs are. Many individuals represent themselves as private detectives and investigators, but in reality, they are just brokers of data. Why pay $49.99 or $149.99 for a simple report of possible matches that costs as little as $7.00 to obtain?

read more › In a perfect world, we could accept everyone at face value, secure in the facts they have presented, without ever having to question or second guess.but in the real world, we cannot rely on the kindness of virtual strangers. Your good intentions may not be reciprocated, in which case the sooner you know who you're dealing with the better. Premarital and Predating Investigations begin with the basics. Elite Investigations will investigate an individual's past by researching court records and documentation in the states where they have resided.

read more › It is always wise to obtain a fair and accurate financial picture when considering any arrangement where money is at stake. Many friendships, marriages, and business partnerships have been destroyed as a result of having been based on misrepresentations. Over several decades, we have repeatedly refined and improved our asset search techniques. We use trusted and secure local resources. Our data sources can find records all over the world. Our sources are always vetted and frequently tested in order to ensure accuracy and complete detail of assets.

read more › Considering how easy it is these days to fake a resume or omit the truth, running a civil and criminal records search can be a very affordable form of insurance to make sure someone is telling the truth. In any kind of relationship, it's easy to let down your guard because you want to believe someone is telling the truth. We can help you be sure.

read more › If you are divorced and are receiving or seeking child support from your ex, we can assist in obtaining evidence that your former spouse is currently working or hiding a second job from the court system. Through a combination of surveillance and in-house research, we can determine if there is unreported income that you can document and enforce in court.

read more › Elite Investigations has vast experience in locating missing loved ones, lost relatives, old school friends, past romantic acquaintances and even those that you might have a civil judgment against. The ability to locate individuals who have disappeared or otherwise cannot be found hinges primarily on information that has been developed, such as name, date of birth, social security number, relatives' names, and any other background information, including career information, and previous geographic location.

read more › The high-tech gadgetry available to the general public today means you can be increasingly vulnerable to intrusions of your privacy. Extremely sophisticated spy equipment, hidden recording devices, GPS tracking units and computer spyware can all be used against you without your knowledge. Elite Investigations has an experienced team of experts capable of conducting comprehensive bug detection services for your home or vehicle. Do-it-yourself equipment is also available. DID YOU KNOW? 4 out of 5 surveyed people unknowingly had spyware or adware programs running on their computers.

read more › We live in a world where individuals employ illegal tactics to find out inside information. If you have reason to believe that your home or vehicle has been bugged, or your home computer has spyware installed, we can detect foreign devices or software and uninstall them. Bug sweeping is a very technical procedure, and we can ensure that your home or vehicle is free of recording devices.

read more › When you entrust someone to care for those you love, you have a great deal at stake. The technology available today means you no longer have to leave the safety and well being of those you hold dear to chance. Time lapse recorders and hidden cameras can watch over your elderly relatives or children to make sure their caregivers are doing the job they've been paid to do. Make sure the nanny, the nurse or the cleaning ladies aren't taking advantage of your trust. At other times, a visible show of surveillance can be a deterrent, when letting potential vandals or thieves know they are being watched.

read more › When conducting surveillance on a spouse or partner, the Investigator will first determine the best schedule for surveillance with you. Once on surveillance, all visible activity will be recorded on videotape. Should your spouse or partner enter a public location, such as a bar or shopping center, covert videotape will be obtained where possible. The Investigator will also document all activity that is observed and can supply you with a copy of the video, as well as a formal written report. No need to worry about our investigators coming into close contact with your spouse, as we have disguises and covert equipment that are impossible to spot.

read more › You are also welcome to print a PDF version of a detailed information form, fill in the required information by hand and fax or mail it to us. Of course, we are always willing and available to obtain any information from you over the telephone, if you desire (Toll free: 866-GO ELITE or 702-897-8473). Confidentiality: Elite Investigations agrees not to release or otherwise divulge any information supplied herein, and that all information given shall be held confidential.

read more › Disability claims are some of the most costly insurance expenses that companies can incur. At Elite Investigations we know how to discover whether a claimant is truly unable to work or whether their claim may be fraudulent in nature. As Las Vegas' premiere disability claim investigator, Elite Investigations is fully equipped to handle all disability claim investigations. Our investigations are the most comprehensive, thorough, and technologically advanced that you will find in Las Vegas. Due to the complicated and time consuming nature of disability investigations our trained investigators will often do surveillance for several days in a row.

read more › When an individual attempts to make money through insurance transactions by deceiving others, it's insurance fraud and it takes many forms. Annual costs on a national basis are estimated at more than $120 billion, but the effects can be felt very tangibly right here in Nevada. Elite Investigations has experience, discretion and the leading investigative tactics and team in our market. We know what to look for and have methods that can reveal possible fraudulent behaviors that, over time, will have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

read more › With years of experience in worker's compensation fraud cases, we are able to provide companies with the peace of mind they search for. We use various types of surveillance techniques to catch fraudulent activity, and bring these people to justice. Hours of video has been recorded on our worker's compensation cases, and we take pride in the hard work we put into them. There are many red flags that should be investigated when suspecting worker's comp fraud. Identification is the first step, and the second would be to contact a private investigator.

read more › It's both an art and a science to locate individuals who have disappeared (either intentionally or otherwise). In these cases, Elite Investigations must work closely with the client to develop the most comprehensive background possible. The building blocks of information that can contribute to a successful Las Vegas missing persons search include but are not limited to the subject's name, date of birth; social security number; names of relatives; career info; previous residences and any other clues which may be available.

read more › At Elite Investigations our surveillance teams are comprised of highly trained professionals, well versed in tactics and regulatory compliance. Extensive training is given in order to avoid entrapment, misrepresentation, trespassing and invasion of privacy. Our corporate investigators are extremely capable and fully-equipped to obtain powerful and incontrovertible video and investigative reports. With more than 20 years of surveillance experience, you can rest assured that Elite Investigations will handle your information gathering needs with discretion and a level of expertise that ensures full admissibility of all findings in any court of law, should that be required.

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