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SIA Investigations We offer a friendly, seasoned, knowledgeable and results oriented staff with over 50 years experience. Our arsenal of resources can assist you with most local, national, or international basic or complex needs. A polished ability to listen is essential to assessing the spirit of your need. We offer superior communication skills that are trained to grasp your circumstances and treat your need as if it were our own.

Once we identify your time line, leads, objectives and deadlines we propose targeted solutions with a complete respect for your budget. We put your puzzle together and bring your darkness to light so you can make an educated decision through the pain and confusion. Our local, statewide, nationwide and international roster of licensed investigator specialists offer you full service litigation and investigation support.

We have decades of experience with infidelity, child custody, cohabitation, fraudulent injury claims and service of process surveillance cases. Additionally, if you are in need of finding a local, statewide, national or international "deep pocket" to collect on your judgments or evaluate suit worthiness due to low policy limits we encourage you to call for our free evaluation.

read more › Our seasoned investigation staff is proud to have over 50 years of investigative experience, serving attorneys, insurance carriers, businesses and private parties from all over the world. We offer a staff of police trained experts recognized and licensed as experts in their specialty fields. Their skill sets include but are not limited to research and collection of public and confidential data; document experts; locating missing persons and witnesses; interviews and the collection of witness statements; locating hidden assets and liabilities; basic and/or extensive background investigations; court support document retrievals; and process serving on evasive defendants, witnesses and/or debtors.

read more › Are you an attorney who has a client that has accident liability clearly on their side? Is the claim adjustor strong arming you to settle for less than your client deserves? What do you know about the defendant's personal assets? Is there a deep pocket of assets that need to be calculated in your due diligent formula to accept a contingency case, or negotiate a low-ball settlement offer? Do you have a judgment that needs to be satisfied but don't know anything about the debtor? Was the judgment entered years ago?

read more › If you own or run a business, knowing about your competition's activities can benefit you immensely. Business intelligence is not only for Fortune 500 companies: all businesses, including yours, can profit from running background checks on their competitors. Our Business Background Checks will help you make better business decisions, be it when selecting new suppliers, or when you're evaluating a new customer or potential partner. SIA Investigations licensed investigators can search databases available only to the investigative community and obtain critical information that will enable you to enter new business relationships with confidence.

read more › Because all job descriptions are not the same, one background screening method does not fit all. Do they have any history as a plaintiff or defendant in a civil action against a former employer? Have they been checked for past worker's compensation claims? Are they a felon or a sex offender? If your accounting department candidate is struggling financially with bankruptcies, tax liens and judgments why would you want to have them control the purse strings of your business? Who have you entrusted the life and welfare of your children to?

read more › But do you really know as much about them as you should - before you allow them so completely into your life, home and finances? Are there red flags that concern you about their criminal history? Could you be exposing your children to a violent felon, domestic violence and/or sex offender? Employers routinely order background checks on prospective employees. They do so as a matter of course, because they want to be sure that the people, they're allowing access to their businesses are as they're representing themselves.

read more › Your children mean the world to you. So, child custody disputes are sad, anxiety-producing and horribly gut-wrenching. Depending on the case, evidence of what is happening to your kids when the other parent has custody and/or visitation is almost impossible to obtain. Who is the other parent exposing your child(ren) to? Do you know if they are a violent felon with a domestic violence and sex offender history? You need facts of unfit parenting on time-stamp video footage. Why? Because time stamp video footage does not lie.

read more › There could be any number of reasons why you need to prove your former spouse is living with someone. Maybe they have a new partner moving in that might not have the best interests of your child at heart. Perhaps they are now living and being supported by their new partner - which means your alimony payments can be reduced, or even eliminated. Is your spouse's new romantic interest having overnight stays under the same roof as your child? What do you know about this person? Could they be a violent felon with a domestic violence and sex offender past?

read more › If you suspect that your computer has fallen victim to a security breach, the best place to turn is a private investigator with a background in computer forensics. At SIA Investigations, we employ state-of-the-art techniques and software to locate and eliminate any cyber threat to you, your business, or your family. We also conduct vulnerability assessments to pinpoint areas in which your computer may fall prey to future cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals are everywhere, and could well already be using malware, viruses, spyware and even hacking to acquire and misuse the information in your computer.

read more › Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), or bug sweeps, uncover illegal surveillance devices, unknown technical surveillance devices, and identify security weaknesses. Today, almost anyone can easily and cheaply acquire surveillance devices and use them to invade your privacy. While there are a lot of surveillance countermeasure service providers, it is essential to use a trained, qualified investigator. Their use of electronic surveillance detection can give you confidence that your privacy is protected.

read more › In this evolving age of technology, new and improved surveillance devices are available for a wide variety of environments. Do you need visible cameras outside? Or maybe a wireless camera with wide angle night vision, motion activated disguised as a rock? Are you looking for something that can interface to your cell phone to alert you when motion is detected? Do you need a wireless camera disguised as a teddy bear that can move from room to room? How about an alarm clock, or a smoke detector? Regardless of your need, shop no further, we have what you are looking for.

read more › You might think that a private investigator would have no role in a criminal investigation. Why bring a private detective in on the case? Is it even legal to do so? The answer to the first question is simple: law enforcement is not infallible, nor do they always have the time and manpower to investigate a crime they might not consider a high priority. If you are the victim, however, solving your crime is of the highest priority to you, regardless of how the police view it. If your desire is really to get to the bottom of things, you need someone investigating on your own behalf - and that someone would be a private investigator.

read more › It's a dangerous world out there. Is your job or personal life taking you into areas you feel threatened? Are you being stalked? Do you feel you need armed or unarmed protection from a professional who is trained to observe your surroundings and thwart potential physical attack? Do you need an expert to assess and evaluate vulnerabilities in your lifestyle, routines, scheduling and activities? Executive protection need not only be for the rich and famous. There are times in life when most people could use a bodyguard or some other protection strategy.

read more › Fraud is sharply on the rise and the methodologies and techniques of crooks has evolved into a cutting-edge sophistication in this digital age. We have successfully handled a wide variety of cases, using the full range of investigative techniques, methodologies and complex strategies at our disposal. Our arsenal can offer undercover operations, video surveillance, accident reconstruction, witness statement retrievals, polygraphs and a wide range of state-of-the-art electronic weapons to combat claims against your business or you personally.

read more › SIA Investigations is well versed in the locating of missing person, commonly known as skip tracing. E have over 50 years of experience solving missing persons cases of all varieties, finding persons in all walks of life and in seemingly every imaginable location, whether they have permanent, transient, or homeless status. Although law enforcement does investigate missing persons reports, they simply lack the resources to pursue fully every person who has gone missing. Moreover, only a small proportion of missing adult cases fall under the purview of the police or FBI.

read more › We are networked with more than a half dozen registered process servers in our roster rotation in every county of California. Because of this reach we can offer local rates on all non-rural area assignments. Our process servers are among the most knowledgeable and skilled in the state. We have a local, statewide, nationwide and international reach and we understand that each state and country is bound by their own civil codes of procedures that regulate the rules of their roads. Whether your legal documents are filed in California and need to be served in Florida; or the documents were filed in another state that need to be served in California we have you covered.

read more › Public records research and retrieval is a tedious - but essential - part of preparing your case for trial. Investigations, our team can handle this onerous task for you. We are skilled at knowing where, when and how to look for records, and can complete the job in a fraction of the time someone outside the investigative community would require. Regardless of whether your case file you need researched is one volume or a construction defect case with 250 volumes we have the experience to know where to look for a specific needle in the haystack.

read more › The amount of information that can be gathered from a thorough search of a person's social media is enormous. Because most people aren't always careful about what they post - some people can be astonishingly sloppy - social media can often paint a comprehensive picture of where a person was, where the person is now - and with whom. It can also provide clues on a person's character and culture. Because people are who they hang out with or a "product of their own environment" many of their friends posts will offer you insight into the world in which they exist.

read more › We can interview your witnesses and take their statements. Our skilled interviewers have been extensively trained in evidentiary law and take the strictest care so that any statement they take will be admissible in court. To set up an interview and statement retrieval, we would need to get a general idea of the spirit of what you are hoping to achieve. A brief summary of why this person is important to your case and their relationship to the chronological events leading up to their involvement can be very helpful.

read more › There are many reasons why a business or an individual might need to set up an undercover operation. In the case of businesses, undercover operatives can be highly useful in identifying and substantiating reports of such activities as employee theft, sexual harassment, gang activity and fraudulent workers' compensation claims. For individuals, the undercover private detective can be essential to investigations of everything from infidelity to fraud. Undercover work can often be one of the most effective tools at the private investigator's disposal because it represents real time lifestyle, activities and behavioral patterns.

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