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Atlantis Private Investigations As a private investigator, or private detective, our practice includes civil litigation, missing persons, insurance fraud, financial crimes, child support and safety, asset checks, personal background checks, due diligence, and more. Michael's intelligent yet compassionate approach to sensitive investigations is refreshing. It's rarely a happy time when one seeks out professional help of this sort, but Michael takes time to listen and he cares about his clients.

The nose of a blood hound, he goes above and beyond for you. He is not money hungry but was kind and fair, rare these days. He even took my call at 7-45 pm and saw me the next morning. An overall impressive experience. Thank you Sir! I was looking for a PI who could help me with a family law issue I was having. I wanted someone who was experienced, and could offer services at a reasonable price.

Mr. Braa did an excellent job getting the evidence I needed, he was efficient and answered all my questions, keeping me informed at all times.

read more › Atlantis Private Investigations began as the Atlantis Detective Agency in 2010. Originally a simple partnership between a former military police officer and a trial attorney, Atlantis offered concierge-style services throughout California. It became clear right away that the field of investigative research needed a client focused approach - it was simple: Ask the client what they need, offer a path to fulfill that need, and then back it in writing. Written estimates became the standard practice and continues to distinguish Atlantis from other investigative firms.

read more › As private investigators, we have handled scores of infidelity or "cheater" cases. The signs are not difficult to spot. A change in drug or alcohol usage - spending more time with friends who use drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse is a major factor when it comes to possible infidelity. Similarly, changes in sexual behavior. Variances in sexual behavior or noting that your partner is coming home from work freshly showered. Again, these are just some of the factors. Any of these signs by themselves are not cause for alarm, but if there is a pattern emerging or a noticeable change in behavior, then it is possible you have a cheating partner.

read more › A "missing person" is simply someone you cannot find. It may be a friend from high school, an old flame, or something compelling and urgent - like a runaway child. We have worked in cooperation with law enforcement, other private investigators, and family members to find missing people. We assist lawyers in locating debtors and deadbeats. We help families find lost heirs and adopted siblings. And when the call comes in that a child is missing, a loved one did not come home, or a student away doesn't answer the phone - we are there.

read more › Throughout the dissolution process, questions regarding the division of assets, relative income of each partner, a partner's ability to earn, changing support calculations, cohabitation after separation, and child welfare remain relevant. We are a trusted resource in collecting, evaluating, and disseminating the evidence you need to help you and your family as you move forward. Our licensed private investigators understand the law and the rules necessary to get the evidence we obtain into court.

read more › Our investigators have worked on criminal and civil lawsuits, helped businesses prosecute embezzlers, vetted employees and assisted in the arrest and prosecution of criminals. We believe that a private investigator should be more than just a gumshoe. That is why every investigator utilized by API is cross-trained in a specialty; such as surveillance, intelligence, criminal justice, electronic forensics and jurisprudence. Located in Fresno County, we serve the Central Valley of California. Our investigators are renowned for finding missing persons - even when they do not want to be found.

read more › Locating assets is a little bit of art, aided by technology, and governed by imagination. Identification of ownership of real estate, safety deposit boxes, bank accounts, stocks & bonds, or alter-egos is an important first step in preparing an asset analysis. However, to get the entire picture of an individual or entity's ability to respond in damages e.g. We perform asset investigations throughout the United States, U.S. territories, and customer specified overseas locations. We have provided forensic asset reports for large corporations, major insurance companies, and law firms in anticipation of litigation or attempting to collect judgments.

read more › A Trusted Provider of Background Research, Self-Vulnerability Analysis, and Opposition Research. There is a reason that the Federal Government utilizes 17 different intelligence agencies (that we know of). Chances are your company already uses a form of intelligence in its day-to-day operations; it is commonly referred to as your marketing strategy. Demographic information is collected, evaluated in the context of your product or service, and then disseminated in the form of an advertisement. With advances in technology, informational databases, and an explosion of accessible surveillance mediums, the number of reliable sources of information continues to grow faster than our collective ability to utilize these tools.

read more › Surveillance for a private investigator is a dangerous occupation because it causes one to focus on the vehicle being followed while driving in and out of traffic lanes whilst trying to take video. Inadvertently you might drive through a stop sign or red light and wind up receiving an awfully expensive traffic ticket. Our advice is never attempt surveillance on your own and don't ask a friend or relative to do it for you. Your best course of action is to retain the services of a licensed and professional private investigator and make sure they carry proper liability insurance and that they have state of the art video equipment.

read more › Private investigators are used by Public Defenders, District Attorney's, & some private Attorneys. District Attorney's enjoy an overabundance of investigative services from law enforcement to their own private investigative staff. If you have been accused of a crime and have a Public Defender, then you might get a little time with an investigator depending on the severity of the crime and whether the Public Defender decides it will do any good. It is unquestionable that the best criminal defense begins with a well trained Private Investigator.

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