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JKE Texas Private Investigations Operated by retired FBI Agents and Certified Fraud Examiners, JKE Texas Private Investigations is a group of seasoned legal and private investigators, deeply committed to serving your investigative needs. Our agency brings an unrivaled depth of experience and passion to our client's litigation process. Our specialty is complex fraud and litigation cases, and we work with you to solve your problem.

Based in Dallas, JKE Texas Private Investigations is a group of seasoned legal and private investigators, deeply committed to serving your investigative needs. JKE Texas Private Investigations is the only PI firm in Texas whose investigative staff is entirely comprised of retired FBI Agents. The firm's owner, James (Jim) Ellis, is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a retired FBI Agent with 29 years of high level complex investigation experience.

Jim and JKE Texas' core principal is Integrity, and it is demonstrated in all of their work. We specialize in all types of business and personal fraud and litigation services, but we are well suited to handle any type of investigation from simple surveillance investigations to more complex fraud and embezzlement cases.

read more › The legal investigators at JKE Texas have years of experience of actively working all stages of the litigation process. From running investigations, to the filing of a legal action, to the presentation of the matter in a trial before a jury. We are exceptionally qualified and eager to help you deal with the arduous tasks of preparing for litigation. When you decide to use JKE Texas, you get a company that brings with it unparalleled experience and success in the litigation process. We are more than seat fillers, our investigators work as an extension of your legal team to provide the services you require.

read more › Fraud is a personal crime. It happens when someone you trust and know violates that trust and decides to harm you. Fraud is committed on businesses by employees, vendors, and customers. Fraud is committed on individuals by family, friends, and business acquaintances. No matter the circumstances, it comes as a huge shock and too often leaves the victim feeling devastated and not knowing what to do next. JKE Texas Private Investigations is a team of retired FBI Agents and Certified Fraud Examiners who are skilled at handling fraud cases; even the most complex financial fraud investigations.

read more › Asset searches are a critical element of many individual and business-related private investigations. The importance of this task, however, does not correlate to its ease. An asset search is a time-consuming process that can yield a great deal of frustration. Ultimately, the success or failure of an asset search depends on the qualifications and capabilities of your private investigator. Whether you're looking for hidden assets from individuals or commercial entities, our team of investigators can help you track down assets across multiple legal jurisdictions.

read more › Our comprehensive background investigation services are designed with our client's needs in mind. Rather than running a database check and re-branding the information as a background check, our team of experts runs persons of interest through several investigation database services and compiles only information pertinent to our client's needs while discarding the information that is either outdated or irrelevant to the investigation. Small businesses, attorneys, and corporations all use our services.

read more › JKE Texas Private Investigations starts a skip trace by collecting as much information about a "skip" as possible, including financial records, job applications, and phone traces to start developing an area for the search. A skip is leaving all obligations or debtors to flee. Our team of investigators has developed a level of resources throughout the years to enable us to find virtually anyone! We use time-proven professional investigative techniques, interviews, and top-of-the-line databases to help us locate someone - oftentimes in hours - when others have been searching fruitlessly for years!

read more › If no one pays attention to the theft, the employee may strengthen their scheme and begin to build up a network of accomplices to assist in the theft and hide the scheme from upper management. We understand that theft from employees is something that can destroy a company. We also understand that when you discover an employee is stealing from your company, the first instinct and of action is to fire the employee. In our experience, firing an employee you suspect of stealing does more harm than good.

read more › At JKE Texas Private Investigations, our investigators understand the pain and stress associated with doubts or uncertainty about someone involved in your life. Along with the pain and anguish of "not knowing, " comes the risk associated to personal assets, financial interests, child custody, and social implications that could hurt your family or friends. Our surveillance investigations are designed to give you answers. Request a free consultation, our team will work to understand all the causative factors that may drive your doubts.

read more › You will hear back from us within one day. If you need immediate assistance, and you would like to send a direct email to our founder, you can do so by sending an e-mail to - James@jketexas.com - we will respond to your e-mail as quickly as possible. Please understand that we will only discuss case information with our clients, if you have any questions about the status of your case, we are not able to respond to that over this message form. We hope that we can be of assistance to you. If you have any questions, and want someone to listen, JKE Texas Private Investigations is here to give you results.

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