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At Sky Investigations LLC we pride ourselves on offering top notch private investigation services to clients throughout the State of Texas. We serve over 500 clients annually and are rated the top Private Investigation firm in the entire State of Texas. Whether your situation involves insurance fraud, background check, child custody, or divorce our reputation is our currency.

Perception is everything in business; so, all of our licensed investigators have to complete additional rigorous training on top of being licensed to practice private investigations in the State of Texas. The diverse backgrounds of our staff allow us to offer more services at the best possible price. We truly are a one-stop shop for your private investigation needs; so, hire us as your Texas Private Investigator you won't regret it!

Whether you are a law firm, insurance company, or just someone needing private investigation services we have you covered. You think someone is listening? Don't think KNOW with our state of the art equipment and very skilled technicians we will be able to uncover the tiniest of devices.

read more › Sky Investigations LLC started from a single conversation one day. What ensued in that conversation was the idea of wanting to venture into a career that would provide an adventure. Now we are here and the adventure is still going strong today. We are blessed to be able to offer our services to the community since we realize we are helping each customer in a positive way. Sky Investigations LLC is made up of a very dynamic team with differing backgrounds. This diversity allows us to provide a vast array of services to the community.

read more › If you own your own law practice or are an active practicing lawyer then you truly understand how paramount evidence is in the court of law. Let us conduct your Texas Private Investigation and provide you with the evidence you need to win your case. Have you ever heard of Enron? Financial fraud can be the demise of any company. We have top notch experts that have worked circumventing fraud for some of the largest companies in the world. Don't let your company become the next Enron. Pay your bills on time and all of a sudden you are finding out you are getting denied for a line of credit?

read more › So you have that gut feeling your spouse is cheating on you? Well, you know the sane follow your instincts. This is actually the most common practice for private investigators and consumes at least 75% of our actual workload. Proof is key in these situations and our goal is to provide you with just that! We have the most comprehensive background investigations that are available today in the field of private investigation. We have access to the best databases in the world that only law enforcement and private investigators can have direct access to this level of sensitive data.

read more › When you are talking anything mortgage there is typically large quantities of money involved. Don't let your client collect what they are not entitled to by cheating the system. Hire us as your Texas Insurance Investigator today! So you think a worker could be the boy who cried wolf? Workers compensation fraud cost employers millions of dollars annually. Don't let these employees take advantage of you by their sheer greed and laziness call us today and start your free consultation! You have a suspicion that a client's death was not accidental?

read more › One of the main tools for most professions is technology this is no different for a Bug Sweep Technician. We have the best surveillance devices on the market today allowing us to perform even the most sophisticated of private investigations. With our low frequency scanning technology we can find the smallest of covert devices. If there is a hidden camera compromising your security it is likely we can pinpoint where the device is hidden. The founder of our company has over 20 years of Computer Security experience and is a Certified Ethical Hacker.

read more › Having being trained by a former CIA Intelligence Officer in interviews and interrogations we have you covered. If you think an employee is up to no good let us do an in-depth investigation coupled with a one on one interview to uncover any hidden truths. As your Texas Corporate Investigator we are confident that you will be presented with top-notch service! Fraud can destroy a company especially at the corporate level. Don't let the corporation you represent become the next Enron and be the front page of tomorrows newspaper.

read more › Whether it is a missing child, loved one, friend, or someone that owes you money we are professionals at tracking people down. Finding a missing person can be a rewarding endeavor. Allow us to find a missing person for you are looking for today! It is not uncommon for young adolescence to up and run away after a disagreement from a parent. Let us find your child and don't hesitate on this because in these cases time is of essence. Wanting to reunite with a good high school friend or needing to find a family member that no one has heard from for a while?

read more › I had this gut feeling my husband was cheating. I chose to hire Sky Investigations because upon visiting their site I compared their site to others in the area and after the phone consultation I felt very comfortable moving forward and hiring them for business. They were able to provide me with definitive proof that my husband was cheating. They come highly recommended! I wish I had known about this company sooner than later. I had hired another private investigation company prior to hiring Sky Investigations and this company was very unprofessional and not able to delivered as they had promised.

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