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Hodson P.I., LLC is a trusted, professional and respected investigative solutions firm based in California but serving internationally. Our investigators and work product has been tested in court and proven to be an asset in any trial. Justin D. Hodson, CPI and his team of investigators uphold the benchmark of professionalism in the field. They will obtain the best results possible.

Our job is to supply you with the information you need to ultimately save money and to bring a resolution to your case. We know what is needed. Upon completion of all of our investigations, you receive a detailed report and other evidence that is court ready. I have had only positive experiences, Hodson P.I. is helpful and I appreciate their proactive thinking during cases.

I am perfectly happy with Hodson P.I. I know when I send an assignment to Hodson that they will get done or at least do everything possible to complete an assignment. - C.B. Investigative Solutions is lead by Justin D. Hodson. Mr. Hodson is a world-renowned professional private investigator.

read more › Hodson P.I., LLC, team members are a group of highly skilled, highly-educated individuals with well rounded life experience. Each member of our team has been recruited through a rigorous selection process and then personally trained for six months by Justin Hodson. When contracting an investigations firm, we feel it is important to know the key players working on your case. Our team members have had selective screening including full comprehensive background investigations. Further, our team members go through an exhaustive probationary phase while being trained.

read more › Hodson P.I., LLC is a licensed, professional private investigations firm serving all of California. Hodson P.I., LLC is an approved, and licensed Limited Liability Investigations Corporation. Our coverage area is the entire state of California, with services in other select States and Countries. The firm was founded in 2003 by world-renowned private detective Justin D. Hodson, CPI who has been conducting investigations since 1999. Justin Hodson has equipped a team of private investigators who diligently serve our clients needs.

read more › When selecting a Private Investigator it is important to make a diligently and fully vetted selection. Every investigator is different. It is just as important to make the right choice in investigative services. Hodson, P.I.'s employs a highly trained and educated staff to help you with any investigation. We are a comprehensive and fully integrated investigations firm with Licensed Private Investigators to handle each specialty. Our firm is headed by world-renowned private detective Justin D. Hodson, CPI who has been conducting complex investigations since 1999.

read more › Thank you for your interest in our investigations firm and for requesting a quote. Our private investigators will review your information and contact you via email or phone with an appropriate estimate. Please indicate below if you would like an investigator to call or email. All of the information you provide is 100% secure and confidential and will be handled accordingly. We thank you again for requesting a quote from our investigations firm. Once submitted you will received a response from one of our private investigators within 12-24 hours.

read more › Social Media investigations is an area of expertise offered by many private investigators that requires more than just a simple understanding of Facebook and Twitter. This area of expertise is not new to Hodson P.I., LLC. Our investigations firm has been using the internet and specifically social networks for our client's investigations for over a decade. Our highly trained and board-certified social media and internet investigators can find and capture the information you need for your case. Whether it is a workers' compensation case, personal injury, civil lawsuit, or child custody case, our investigators will capture the information you need.

read more › Court Ready Captures is a developed a proprietary process to capture and preserve online and social media evidence. This is much more than a standard simple screen shot. Hodson P.I., LLC has perfected the art of searching for an capturing online evidence. You will supply our firm with links to online profiles, videos, photos, and sites. We legally and ethically capture and preserve online evidence that is supplied by you to our firm. You will be supplied with a report, a court ready capture with preservation files and metadata information.

read more › Social Media Sweep and Online Sweep is a basic sweep for social media profiles and online presence. This search is done if you do not know of any social media profiles or online sites. Our office will provide you with a basic report of found social media profiles and online presences. Our investigators do not examine or analyze the found information. However, our investigators will provide you with a comprehensive and professional Social Media report. Our investigator's are certified social media analysts and experts.

read more › Surveillance has been used for thousands of years to collect information and verify the truth. Due to our vast experience, our investigations firm can provide you with a calculated plan that will supply you with an estimate of the length of your investigation, all possibilities that could occur during the investigation, the estimated overall averaged cost, and a detailed map towards your goal. Justin D. Hodson, CPI is an expert in mobile and stationary surveillance who has tackled many challenges in this type of investigation.

read more › Investigations is also a registered process servers agency. Our California Registered Process Servers can serve statewide and in other select areas. We specialize in Hard to Serve or Evasive subjects. If you have a standard serve we recommend that you contact a regular process server or attorney service. We handle evasive and difficult to serve cases. Our process servers can handle any service of process in the state of California. Our firm has been serving the public and legal community since 2003.

read more › A background check investigation is essential to provide information about the individual of your investigation. If you are an attorney, party in litigation, individual or business and need to know more about the opposing side, witness or any individual, we can help. It is vital to have the upper hand in your case. Information collected through a background check will provide you with the power to make decisions. Hodson, P.I. conducts background investigations to develop information on litigation history, criminal history, their mode of living, their social networking presence and other public records.

read more › Locating people is not as easy as one might think. In this day of age, many believe a simple internet search will locate the person they need to find. This is not true. Many online searches spew old or wrong information. Sometimes that information is over two years old. At our firm, we use resources that are not publicly available. Using our resources and investigative skill, we have a high rate of success in our locate investigations. At Hodson P.I. we recognize that every locate investigation is different and should be handled differently.

read more › Our investigators specialize in personal injury investigations. If it is Subrosa surveillance, witness interviews, or scene documentation, our experts will fully document the facts in your investigation. Our investigators are trained in all areas of personal injury investigations. Hodson, P.I. is where clients come when others have failed. Surveillance - Our experts will set up a plan and goal to collect all of the facts in your personal injury investigation. Our investigators will verify addresses and other information to make sure you have the most updated information on the subject of your investigation.

read more › Hodson, P.I. offers Workers' Compensation Investigations. Our goal is to provide our clients with a superior and diligent workers' compensation investigation. Our experienced and trusted licensed investigators will be able to provide a detailed and thorough investigation report. Our investigators are experienced in subrosa surveillance, AOE/COE, and subrogation. Our expert surveillance investigators are all licensed professionals. Our surveillance investigators have all worked 100's of surveillance assignments and are ready to provide you with quality results.

read more › One of the most difficult things you can go through is the process of investigating your loved one. Our firm understands how difficult this process can be. Our firm will guide you through this difficult process. We specialize in infidelity investigations. Infidelity Investigations or "Cheating" investigations can be a complex process. It is vital that you hire an investigator who has experience in these types of investigations. World renowned private detective Justin D. Hodson, CPI personally handles all infidelity investigations.

read more › Child Custody Investigations - Our firm can help you develop information in your child custody case, for your 730 evaluation or any family law investigation. Our expert family law investigators can conduct a discreet and thorough investigation that can help your case. The following are a few examples of the hundreds of cases we have worked in the past. Often the opposing side will lie about financial information, current employment and currently living arrangements. The other side will do thing to limit the support liability.

read more › Our firm provides a full array of theft investigations for businesses. Our lead investigator, Justin D. Hodson, CPI is an experienced theft investigator with over a decade of loss prevention and theft investigation experience. Specializing in employee theft, Justin D. Hodson, CPI can assist in simple to complex investigations. Conducting a theft investigation can be a time consuming task and may take patience and a knowledge base that most private investigators don't have. Hodson P.I. Investigative Solutions has proven itself over the years as a reliable and trusted investigations firm, helping business track and manage theft.

read more › If the subject of your investigation is outside of the United States or travels abroad, we can help. Hodson PI has an extensive network of experienced professional international private investigators across the globe. We have managed several investigations where the person of interest traveled outside the country on business or moved outside the U.S. to work or attend school. Contact us so that we can discuss your case. Justin D. Hodson, CPI is a world-renowned international private investigator that has personally conducted investigations in several countries.

read more › If party died in a claim or case, Heirs-at-Law investigation will be a good way to determine claim or case exposure. In these cases, are objective is to find the next of kin of the deceased individual and determine who their family members are. Once we determine and validate their family members and if they are married and if they have any children, we have assisted the insurance companies so that they can distribute the settlement to their rightful heirs. Our investigators run various background reports, and locate birth, death, and marriage certificates to use as evidence for the Heirs-in-Law cases.

read more › Pricing an investigation depends on many factors. These factor can range from the type of the investigation and the complexity. Each case is different and no final total or end cost is the same. At Hodson P.I. Investigative solutions we can provide you with an estimate of cost. The majority of the time our investigation cost is below or at the estimated quote supplied to the client. Our office works directly with the client and never goes over an agreed amount. All costs are in writing and there is never any surprise or hidden costs.

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