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We use both experience and formal graduate level education in Criminology, Law, Psychology and Forensic Behavioral Science to serve our clients at the highest professional level. Investigative Services L.L.C's investigative team uses both experience and education to effectively solve investigative issues in an effective and professional manner. Each case is unique, therefore the cost of services varies.

For ongoing services such as surveillance, locating a person, civil investigations and criminal investigations, the hourly rate is $179.00 an hour. Short term or research investigative cases, will be charged a flat fee, in order to fulfill the needs of the client. Allow us to access your situation in order to provide a quote that will provide a successful resolution to your case.

Confidential private investigation services are exactly that, "CONFIDENTIAL" our clients are the only persons privy to the information we obtain. As our client your anonymity is maintained throughout our investigations ensuring you peace of mind.

read more › Investigative Services L.L.C's investigative team uses both experience and education to effectively solve investigative issues in an effective and professional manner. Though most Private Investigative firms have investigators who have years of experience, most of them lack the formal education needed to provide an analytical approach for their clients. At G.A. Tucker P.I. Investigative Services L.L.C., our investigators not only have several years experience in Law Enforcement, but also hold Master's Degrees in Criminology, Legal Studies, Education and Psychology.

read more › Surveillance is used to describe the covert observation of places, people and vehicles. Private investigators and law enforcement agencies use surveillance tactics to investigate allegations of illegal or unethical behavior. Our private investigators gather as much evidence and information about the individual under surveillance before beginning the investigation. A private investigator should always be hired when considering surveilling an individual. There are many risks that are involved that private investigators take into account and take all the necessary precautions.

read more › It is important to conduct background checks when pursuing the truth about someone's past as well as identifying criminal records, marriage certificates, vehicle registration, social media activity, as well as the individuals the subject is affiliated with. This information is beneficial for building a defense, strengthening a case, and uncovering the truth. Private investigators have access to databases that provide information that is usually unavailable to the public. The biggest misconception we encounter is that individuals believe the information they pull from various websites will provide the same content as our resources.

read more › The identification and assessment of risks is a form of private investigation. Often one of the most difficult activities for an organization to perform independently, risk management investigations are best outsourced to an experienced private investigations team. Professional risk management investigators are able to identify potential deficiencies and vulnerabilities in security and safety without disturbing the work and efficiency of your company's day-to-day activities. Risk management investigations make it possible for businesses to uncover threats that are focused on them, their operations, and future.

read more › We employ a team of veteran law enforcement professionals who specialize in threat assessment. With our extensive experience, we provide customized service modules to adapt to a multitude of workplace and school violence prevention needs. We are committed to developing a prevention program to protect the interest of our corporate & educational clients, their employees, students, and facilities. A threat assessment is the evaluation and assessment of the intentions of people who could pose a threat to an organization, how they might cause harm, and their ability and motivation to carry out the task.

read more › A child custody investigation examines the child's well-being and treatment in an objective manner. We will assess the treatment of a child by the parents in question and present this information to the court with a report. During a child custody investigation, we will conduct surveillance to get a better idea of how the parent treats his or her child when he or she does not know about any monitoring going on. If a parent is concerned that the other parent is unfit but may have difficulty showing this to the court, we can help.

read more › If you suspect that your partner is cheating, they probably are. Statistics show that wives who suspect their partners of cheating are correct 85% of the time, while husbands who suspect their partners of cheating are correct 50% of the time. The overwhelming stress may urge you to try to take matters into your own hands and investigate the matter yourself. This approach is ineffective due to the fact that the added pressure on your partner will lead to them becoming more closed off and secretive.

read more › Due to an Attorney's profession, they are constantly handling multitudes of clients. Each case is unique and needs to be handled with specificity and priority, which can be difficult when the caseload is high. Cases consist of hundreds of documents that require observation, witnesses that require interviews, as well as the emphasis on case law. Since the nature of being an attorney is often accommodated with the responsibility of accomplishing demanding tasks; Many attorneys reach out to private investigators in aims of providing support in the investigation.

read more › We provide insight into how jurors will perceive key issues, evidence, and testimony, enabling you to select the jurors most likely to become your advocates in deliberations. This is accomplished by using our proven forensic behavioral science techniques that uncover the factors that motivate jurors' decision-making, create and test persuasion strategies, and ultimately provide you with the strategies that will spark jurors to lean toward your client. On trial day, your case will be solid, persuasive, and powerful.

read more › We provide insight into how jurors will perceive key issues, evidence, and testimony, enabling you to select the jurors most likely to become your advocates in deliberations. There's a reason our clients trust us. We help them validate their Strategy, Story, and Witnesses. Using our proven years of trial experience, we uncover the factors that motivate jurors' decision-making, create and test persuasion strategies, and ultimately provide you with the strategies that will spark jurors to lean toward your client.

read more › Profiling is the recording and analysis of a person's psychological and behavioral characteristics in order to predict their capabilities or future actions. Profiling helps narrow down subjects in criminal investigations but also deems to be very helpful when applied to various private investigative cases. The more clues and behavior a person exposes to the public, leads to a better analysis and prediction of their ritualistic behavior and/or habits. Profiling can be extremely beneficial to private investigative cases.

read more › In most cases, it is absolutely necessary to hire a private investigator in a missing persons case. The private investigator will dedicate a predetermined amount of time to the case in order to provide full commitment and dedication. The investigator works closely with law enforcement and can be an asset in the investigation. Unlike law enforcement, a case going "cold" will not prevent further effort to identify the missing person. The time frame can always be extended until the family of a missing person is satisfied that all leads have been exhausted.

read more › The purpose of a civil investigation is to collect evidence, data, and any supporting materials that provide content for a civil legal matter. The case in question can range anywhere from a car accident to insurance fraud. Both sides of the case find it extremely beneficial to compile information that can be utilized to build a case or refute claims. Attorneys often outsource to their local private investigators due to our connections, skills, and resources. In a civil investigation, we can take several approaches and offer various services to solidify your defense.

read more › Hiring a private investigator for a criminal investigation is beneficial in collecting and gathering evidence of a crime to build a case. A private investigator can aid authorities with the beginning stages of the investigation. Investigators can look into the background of the accused and try to uncover who truly committed the crime. The authorities in various parts of California are constantly busy with new cases and sometimes are also understaffed. In order to build a case and a solid investigation, it is wise to hire a private investigator to gather the information and evidence that would deem helpful to authorities.

read more › G.A. Tucker PI Investigative Services LLC are cyberbullying expert witnesses who are specialists with this new form of bullying that takes place by using electronic technology, such as cellphones and smartphones, computers, and tablets, along with communication tools that include social media sites, text messages, chat groups, and websites. Cyberbullying can take the form of harassing text messages or emails, rumors posted on social networking sites such as Facebook, and embarrassing or unflattering pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.

read more › Some of these problems could include fraud, theft, or abuse that occur in a person's own home. Depending on your specific case, there are different types of investigation that your domestic investigator could use; domestic surveillance, background checks, Undercover or covert operations, computer forensics, public record and information research, and people locate. Domestic investigations are about protecting your home. If you are concerned about the safety of your possessions or loved ones for any reason, whether it's an abusive family member or threat of an intruder, a domestic investigation will retain evidence of wrongdoing and prevent any future crime.

read more › Stalking is the unwanted pursuit of another person, whether a stranger, acquaintance, or current or former intimate partner, and includes repeated harassing or threatening behavior toward that person. Stalking is a crime that can cause tremendous fear without physical injury, yet one that can also be lethal, and it is a very effective tactic used by domestic violence abusers to maintain power and control over their victims. A stalking victim is usually overwhelmed by a state of agitation and apprehension; our specialized staff are used to deal with those victims, they reassure and drive them to the most appropriate investigation intervention.

read more › G.A. Tucker PI Investigative Services provides forensic linguistics consulting to attorneys, human resources and security teams. We support civil and criminal investigations for plaintiffs, and defense attorneys. We provide analysis concerning human resources, security, reputation management, and insider threat in multinational corporations, small businesses and sole proprietorships. Testimony from G.A. Tucker PI Investigative Services has a strong track record of being admitted as scientific evidence in US Courts.

read more › Counter Intelligence in terms of private investigative services can be utilized to infiltrate false information, or documentation that can negatively impact a person's life, company, or organization. As private investigators we are able to analyze situations and groups of people to detect patterns and identify any suspicious behavior. Allow GA Tucker PI to identify any threat to your company, organization, or your life in general. Many have trusted our team and can testify for the exceptional services that we provide.

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