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Driscoll Investigations A full service private investigation agency offering a wide range of confidential investigative services to individuals, businesses, insurance companies and law firms throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We offer a full range of services to suit your needs and budget. Whether your concerns involve marital infidelity or criminal defense, we have the experience, knowledge and resources to resolve your problems expediently and professionally.

We can help with: Criminal Investigations, Civil Investigations, Child Custody and Support Investigations, Infidelity/Divorce Investigations-Surveillance, Missing Persons, Background Investigations, and Asset Searches, Executive Protection, Armed Couriers and Escorts, Witness Locater, Vulnerability Assessments for Buildings, Workers Compensation, Slip and Fall/Personal Injury-Surveillance.

I have used Driscoll Investigations in countless criminal cases and am always pleased with the results. Driscoll Investigations are always available and go above and beyond to accommodate the task required.

read more › Owner, Dennis J. Driscoll, is personally involved in all cases. Dennis became a licensed private investigator after retiring from the Boston Police Department. As a Police Officer for over twenty years, Dennis investigated a variety of criminal and non-criminal matters. He is very proud to bring his knowledge, experience and professionalism to the public as a private investigator. Our team of experienced private investigators can offer an assortment of investigative services to help you in any way possible.

read more › Driscoll Investigations, Inc. is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a CPCS and CJA vendor. We work with attorneys to get the information and evidence needed so they can build the best possible defense for their clients. Driscoll Investigations, Inc. has proven to be instrumental in the outcomes of many criminal cases at trial. This includes the acquittal of many defendants and the dismissal of many cases. The combination of our extensive background research services, our interview techniques, and our communication skills have enabled us to achieve successful outcomes.

read more › Whether you are looking for a lost loved one, an old buddy, a biological parent, a witness or someone that owes you money, Driscoll Investigations, Inc can help you locate them. Using the most current resources available, Driscoll Investigations, Inc. can locate the hard to find witnesses or the missing person. We utilize the most updated databases available, the internet, social media and the registry of motor vehicle to assist us in locating the individual. We confirm all our results with extensive investigative inquires.

read more › Infidelity is most likely one of the most painful and devastating things that could happen to an individual. In America today, over 50% of marriages end in a divorce. Undoubtedly, infidelity plays a role. It destroys families, careers and friendships. The first step in dealing with a partner's infidelity is to gather all the facts and information. Infidelity can turn your world inside out, leaving you feeling hurt, vulnerable and powerless. Unfortunately, once someone suspects infidelity, more often than not, their suspicions are proven to be correct.

read more › If you are getting a divorce or have been divorced and are in the process of litigating child custody, Driscoll Investigations, Inc. can help. If you believe the other parent has been abusive or neglectful of your child, we can help you get the evidence you need to prove this. We can also document alcohol or drug use and determine if your spouse is employed or not which will help with determining child support payments.

read more › Driscoll Investigations, Inc. offers a wide range of professional, confidential and discrete services to individuals, attorneys, businesses and organizations. We utilize the newest technology to obtain photographs and video documentation of activities. Agents will utilize covert equipment when necessary to document activities in public settings like restaurants, bars or any other type of social gathering. Through our determination, diligence and attention to detail, we will get the information needed to discover the truth.

read more › Workers compensation fraud is a major crime in America today. These false claims cost companies millions of dollars each year. Driscoll Investigations, Inc. will conduct surveillance to document a subjects daily activities. We are frequently able to document the subject working at another job, doing yard work or home repairs, playing sports or engaged in other strenuous activities. At the completion of the surveillance the client will receive a detailed written report documenting the surveillance.

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