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MTS Investigations provides discreet Bug Sweep services to detect hidden camera and audio devices for Corporations, Municipalities, Schools, Residential and Rental Properties, as well as Vehicle Bug Sweeps and Cell Phone Forensics. MTS Investigations provides families with discreet Investigations into Infidelity, Custodial Concerns, Cohabitation, Financial Records, Missing Persons, and Maritime Surveillance, as well as TSCM/Electronic Detection of Hidden Cameras and Audio Devices, and Cell Phone Forensics.

MTS Investigations provides discreet and confidential services in Surveillance, Employee Terminations, Executive Protection, TSCM/Electronic Device Detection ("Bug Sweep") and Cell Phone Forensics. MTS Investigations provides both Personal and Executive Protection to assist and protect clients from harm during employee terminations, death threats or civil situations where a uniformed officer may feel aggressive.

MTS Investigations has the experience and proven methods to provide you with the information and documentation you need in surveillance, workers compensation, witness locate, statement taking, and accident scene photos/mapping (LOCUS).

read more › For two decades MTS Investigations has effectively conducted discreet investigations, surveillances, protective services, and TSCM / electronic device detections (known as "bug sweeps") for corporations, attorneys, insurance companies, the private sector, and other investigative companies with high quality results. Our commitment to excellence, integrity and confidentiality is the basis and our philosophy for yielding high success rates for our vast range of clients, which includes individuals, athletes, celebrities, politicians and royalty.

read more › Trusted by corporations, the public and Private Investigative Agencies across the country in counter surveillance and investigations by providing quality solutions to meet your needs. We are experienced, the owners and operators of the equipment, and the direct link you need during a time that you and your clients are most vulnerable. Come to the Company that the industry and the public call when they need answers.

read more › MTS Investigations has been providing families with expert and discreet Investigations for two decades. Our high success rate and reputation in the industry are the reasons MTS Investigations is highly sought after for our services in surveillance, infidelity, custodial exchange, missing person, background checks and electronic device detections, including cell phone forensics. MTS Investigations is one of the few agencies in New England that provides open water surveillance and dive services. During the unsettled times of separation or divorce, the welfare and safety of your children may be at risk.

read more › If there are concerns of your child's safety, their environment or the company they are with, let MTS Investigations provide you with answers you need through discreet surveillance, GPS tracking or interviews. We can also provide surveillance and protection during custodial exchanges to record and protect you and your children, and provide testimony in legal matters if called upon. During the unsettled times of separation or divorce, the welfare and safety of your children may be at risk. Do you feel like your partner or spouse is being dishonest regarding their earnings or savings?

read more › MTS Investigations has experienced through various investigations how easy it is for someone to install spyware on your cell phone from anywhere around the world. Simply opening a text message can install harmful spyware and allow someone to spy though your cell phone. Spyware can track your location; listen through a phone's microphone and record your conversations, calls and meetings; and access your camera on a phone all in real time. It can retrieve text messages, emails and steal photos and videos without your knowledge.

read more › MTS Investigations can provide you with undercover surveillance and investigate your concerns. Our investigators will blend in with your establishment and appear as patrons while gathering the necessary information that you are looking for. Whatever your needs are, we have the method and equipment for performing a discreet and professional surveillance. During an Employee Termination it may be necessary to have extra safeguards in place to prevent a situation from escalating. As a corporation or business owner there may be a time when additional oversight of your staff becomes necessary.

read more › As a corporation or business owner sometimes the additional oversight of your staff may become necessary; an employee may not be performing to their ability; taking advantage of your company and policies resulting in theft or misuse of time; or maybe you have an employee that is out of work as a result of injury or illness. These scenarios can cost companies time and money. Let MTS investigations perform the appropriate investigation to match your needs. Our professional investigators can operate undercover within the workplace, perform a "mystery shop", interview employees or witnesses, or obtain discreet video surveillance outside of the workplace.

read more › In today's unpredictable world there may come a time when you need to have extra protection. MTS Investigations can provide assistance and protection to you, your employees or your clients during employee terminations, death threats or civil situations. MTS Investigations can provide armed and unarmed protection services during daily activities, travel or a special event, as well as the protection of your property. We can create an environment where our plain-clothes operatives would blend in to your company's surrounding, and provide you with armed or unarmed services.

read more › MTS investigations has been providing the visual aid that helps understand and process the information provided by a claimant. This can make it easier to visualize the layout, conditions and actions at the time of accident. MTS Investigations experience has provided this service to numerous companies, saving them on settlements and legal expenses. Do you need photographic evidence of an accident scene, or measurements and layout of the scene? As an appointed Constable, MTS Investigations can provide you with constable and process services for your criminal and civil needs.

read more › If your case involves a marine situation, MTS investigations is one of the few agencies in New England that has the ability to provide water surveillance with our own boats or perform a recovery dive by one of our certified divers. These services include investigations, underwater damage photos, lost items or vandalism. When you need to locate a vessel, conduct a surveillance, or perform an underwater recovery, let MTS provide you with answers that others simply cannot. Do you need photographic evidence of an accident scene, or measurements and layout of the scene?

read more › During the tense and emotional times of a separation or divorce, a person's actions or statements may cross a line, making it uncomfortable or fearful during the exchange of custodial visits. MTS Investigations can provide discreet surveillance and documentation as well as personal protection during custodial exchanges for the emotional welfare and safety of the parties involved. Do you need photographic evidence of an accident scene, or information regarding the layout and measurements of the scene?

read more › Private Investigators offer many types of services for individuals, attorneys, insurance companies and businesses. Some types of services include surveillance, the detection of illegally hidden audio and video devices, locating missing persons, background and financial record checks, investigating fraud, claims, etc. Sometimes we are hired just to provide closer and peace of mind. There are many reasons why one would want to hire a private investigator. They can provide valuable information and documentation regarding adultery, a divorce or alimony hearing, or a custody dispute.

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